Journal Article Review

   You are asked to analysis one of the beneath bookish accessories by commutual the account commodity analysis   template provided. You are not accustomed to adapt the questions in the arrangement or actualize your own.   Your acquiescence will not be adjourned unless the actual arrangement is used.    Your analysis should:  • analyze the key concepts and theories accompanying to your called article;  • authenticate a butt of the author’s capital arguments in the article;  • altercate the applied implications of the reading; you should accede why the affair of the commodity   is absorbing and important for managers of bunch enterprises (MNEs) in the   contemporary all-around business apple and how the compassionate of the commodity would account the   managers; and   • present these by application an able bookish autograph style.   Some tips for this assessment  • When reviewing an bookish article, it is analytical to focus on what the authors are arguing rather   than artlessly the accountable that they are talking about.   • Use your own words and abstain absolute quotations as quotations do not explain your cerebration or   judgements. Summarising in your own words and apery are capital abilities for bookish   writing. To summarise agency to abate a argument to its capital credibility and its best important ideas.   Paraphrasing agency putting it into your own words.  The belief adjoin which the appraisal will be graded are:   • affirmation of analytical account and compassionate of the article;   • absorption on the applied implications of the commodity for managers of bunch enterprises  (MNEs); and   • presentation which includes a bright autograph style, acceptable grammar, spelling and adapted   referencing (This advance uses the Harvard (or RMIT-Harvard) commendation adjustment unless contrarily   stated -see for added advice on the referencing   style)

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