Journal Article Critique Assignment

In this assignment, you are to alarmingly apprehend and appraise a bookish article’s strengths, weaknesses, and contributions to the abstraction field. Learning how to appraisal a account commodity has several benefits, including advancing you for publishing in the approaching and befitting you accepted on the abstruse in your acreage of study. The applied appliance is developing the adeptness to attending at assay aural your alignment and industry with a knowledgeable, analytical eye.  The University of the Cumberlands (UC) Library subscribes to abounding journals and provides you admission to adapted collections to abutment this assignment. Application the UC Library, locate and assay the afterward peer-reviewed articles: Flory, J. A., Leibbrandt, A., Rott, C., & Stoddard, O. (2021). Increasing Workplace Diversity Evidence from a Recruiting Experiment at a Fortune 500 Company. Journal of Human Resources, 56(1), 73-92. CAN YOU PLEASE CHOOSE THIS ARTICLE. THIS IS THE LINK: Hill, A. J., & Jones, D. B. (2020). The Impacts of Performance Pay on Teacher Effectiveness and Retention Does Teacher Gender Matter?. Journal of Human Resources, 55(1), 349-385. Doris, A., O’Neill, D., & Sweetman, O. (2020). Does Reducing Unemployment Allowances During a Recession Reduce Youth Unemployment? Evidence from a 50 Percent Cut in Unemployment Assistance. Journal of Human Resources, 55(3), 902-925. Kawano, L., & LaLumia, S. (2017). How Income Changes During Unemployment Evidence from Tax Return Data. Journal of Human Resources, 52(2), 418-456. Banerjee, S., & Blau, D. (2016). Employment Trends by Age in the United States Why Are Older Workers Different?. Journal of Human Resources, 51(1), 163-199. Aizer, A., Stroud, L., & Buka, S. (2016). Maternal accent and adolescent outcomes: Evidence from siblings. Journal of Human Resources, 51(3), 523-555. Following your review, accept one commodity from this list; alarmingly appraise the article’s strengths, weaknesses, and addition to the abstraction acreage application the outline beneath as a guide: Cover page The awning folio will include: Articles Title and Author (s) Name of Account (s) Date of publication Your name Executive Summary Abridge the cogent aspects of the absolute article, including: The all-embracing purpose and accepted breadth of abstraction of the article. The specific botheration actuality addressed in the study. The capital allegation of the article. Literature Review Briefly abridge the all-embracing capacity presented in the Abstruse Review. Was the abstruse assay applicative to the study, accepted and thorough? Were there gaps in the abstruse review? Data Analysis Identify the alignment used: qualitative, quantitative, mixed? Was the called alignment adapted for the study? Why or why not? Did the abstracts assay prove or belie the assay questions? Explain.  Results/Conclusion In this section, you will abode the following: Describe the article’s appliance to the acreage of knowledge. Outline the strengths and weaknesses of the article. Be specific. Based on the article, what approaching assay do you anticipate needs to be able in this area? What are your key credibility and takeaways afterwards allegory the article? Proper APA in-text commendation charge be used. The assay is to be word-processed bifold spaced, not beneath than two pages, and no added than bristles pages in length. Paper breadth does not accommodate the awning page, abstract, or references

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