Journal #6

  Journal #6— Ethical decision-making Journal #6— Ethical decision-making Think of two bodies about whom you feel absolutely adequate and at affluence (My mom-Carol and husband-Al)…write bottomward their aboriginal names.  Then anticipate of two bodies whom you cannot angle and who accomplish you feel challenged and/or angry(Valencia/close associate/compulsive cheat and Jeffrey/old supervisor/he was a micro manager)…write bottomward their aboriginal names as well. Now, amuse reflect on these four bodies about whom you feel at ease…how are they “like” or “unlike” (my bedmate and mom accept the aforementioned zodiac sign, which is a Scorpio and accept a addiction to anticipate a like) you…how to do or don’t they attending like you, ascendancy viewpoints agnate or antithetical to yours, etc.?  Write bottomward your thoughts. Are these bodies in your amusing circle…?( Jeffrey is not in my amusing circle, due to no best alive calm and accepting personality conflict.  He additionally displayed feminine characteristics)Why or why not?  What if these bodies were audience of yours?  In which way do you anticipate you would act/react to audience who claiming your angle and/or authority?  What would be a able (Ethical) advance of action?  How do our aggregate processes in chic analyze to the action you acclimated in your accomplished ethical dilemma?  What accept you abstruse about ethical accommodation authoritative that would accept been accessible in abyssal your dilemma?  What accept you abstruse about your own access to ethical reasoning?  What are your strengths and what challenges do you apprehend to accept in ethical accommodation authoritative as you commence on your able life? Please acknowledgment all questions from a Amusing Work perspective.  Must be APA architecture and 1 to 2 pages.

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