Each Journal charge be at atomic 3 paragraphs long, but you are acceptable to address as abundant as you would like. These entries are meant to be chargeless writing, but you should alter afore submitting, actuality abiding to use able book and branch structure.  To adapt for the Journal Action Assignment:  If you accept not done so already, booty the “What Type of Amusing Change Agent Are You?” online quiz. Consider the Learning Resources you advised this anniversary on amusing change, and anticipate about your own perspectives on the topic. Review the questions that follow. Then, set a timer (on the stove, on a clock, or on your phone) for 10 minutes. You should plan to absorb that 10 account aloof autograph after stopping. Once you accept accomplished your timed autograph activity, you may abide autograph to accomplishment your thoughts. Also, be abiding to alter your final access afore appointment to ensure you are annoyed with it. Review the Academic Autograph Expectations Checklist to adviser your autograph and revising. By Day 7 Complete your Journal access by answering the afterward questions in a 10-minute timed autograph exercise: What was your aftereffect from the “What Type of Amusing Change Agent Are You?” quiz? How able-bodied do you feel this describes you? What is one breadth in which you appetite to change or enhance your focus on absolute amusing change?

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