Journal #1 Social Justice

  In general, all account entries for 157SL charge be: A minimum of 550 words and a best of 750 words. Calculate and account your chat calculation at the top of the page. Do not accommodate the alert in your word count. Complete. Your account admission must sufficiently abode the alert and/or the appointment requirements. It should present a abundantly developed altercation application the appropriate resources. Clear. You should present an altercation that logically progresses from one point to the next. Your claims should be able-bodied authentic with good/strong affirmation from able sources. Correct. Your account admission should be accurate. It should be chargeless of errors, whether in reasoning, grammar, typography, etc. Compelling. To accept a brand of "excellent," your account admission should go above artlessly “checking off the boxes” to present arguments, insights, and/or reflections that are absorbing and reflective. Ideally you should demonstrate a abysmal and/or atypical compassionate of the material. This week's alert on Amusing Justice, Politics & Activism is: As acclaimed in an beforehand 157SL chic session, amusing amends can be authentic as: Fair administration of wealth, opportunities and privileges aural a society;  Fair and according analysis irrespective of wealth, race, class, gender, ethnicity, adoration etc. and  Ensuring admission and befalling for all, abnormally those in greatest need, 1. With this analogue in mind, call an archetype of a LACK or ABSENCE of amusing amends that you accept empiric either at your account site, in your community, in your life, or in the news. Explain how this instance constitutes a lack/absence of amusing justice. What affairs led to this situation? What applied accomplish could be taken to restore amusing amends in this situation? 2. Call a accurate archetype (whether from claimed experience, observations, or history) in which activism has been auspiciously active to accompany about amusing justice. Why do you anticipate activism was acknowledged in this instance?

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