Johnson and Johnson

TERM PAPER For STRATEGIC OPERATION MANAGEMENT Submitted by: ANALIZA T. CEDILLO BSBA 4-1 (OM) Submitted To: Prof Avila JOHNSON & JOHNSON COMPANY INTRODUCTION * The Aggregation supports the United Nations’ Millennium Development Goals to advance the bloom of mothers and accouchement in developing countries. As a founding sponsor, Johnson & Johnson helps barrage the United States’ aboriginal chargeless adaptable bloom service, accouterment bloom advice via altercation letters for Pregnant women and new mothers. * They are the world’s sixth-largest customer bloom aggregation There are the world’s better and best assorted medical accessories and Affection Company. * They are the world’s fifth-largest biologics company. * And the world’s eighth-largest pharmaceuticals aggregation * Johnson & Johnson was a better aggregation that caring the apple and connected backbone they connected abutting and to managing they Business. * They accept added than 250 operating companies in 60 countries employing about 129,000 people. Our worldwide. * Johnson & Johnson Ancestors of Companies assignment with ally in bloom affliction to blow the lives of over a billion bodies every day, throughout the world. HISTORY: Johnson & Johnson,126 years added than a aeon caring. Its alpha on 1886 with the three brothers, Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson and Edward Mead Johnson, begin Johnson & Johnson in New Brunswick, New Jersey, U. S. 1901, is a Part of its charge to aboriginal aid, Johnson & Johnson publishes the aboriginal Aid Manuals, application authentic best practices from arch physicians. 1910, James Wood Johnson takes over the administration of Johnson & Johnson until 1932. The aboriginal beyond operating aggregation opens in the United Kingdom was on 1924. And they aggrandize to Mexico and South Africa. On 1932, Robert Wood Johnson II. He begins administration of Johnson & Johnson. Known as General Johnson, he transforms the Aggregation into a all-around decentralized Ancestors of Companies. 1963-1973, Beneath Chairman and CEO Philip B. Hofmann's leadership, operating companies barrage new treatments for schizophrenia, ancestors planning and claimed care. Also, 1963 marks the aftermost year that JOHNSON'S® Baby Powder is awash in tins. They advertise affairs to body our new Apple Headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and anatomy a public-private affiliation to abate the city. 2002, William C. Weldon becomes Chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson, alone the eighth being to advance the Aggregation aback its founding. Beneath his leadership, the Aggregation enters new ameliorative areas such as HIV/AIDS, and bloom and wellness. 2011, They celebrates 125 years of caring and looks to the abutting 125 years of transforming affliction for patients, consumers and communities about the world. In the year of 2012, Alex Gorsky is appointed Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Johnson. As alone the seventh CEO in our history, he continues a bequest of leadership. Aggregation Overview Johnson & Johnson's charge to avant-garde bloom affliction articles has resulted in connected banking performance. The Aggregation has 29 after years of acclimatized balance increases and 50 after years of allotment increases. Johnson ; Johnson, through its ancestors of companies, employs about 129,000 bodies accepted and is affianced in the accomplish and auction of a ample ambit of articles in the bloom affliction acreage in abounding countries of the world. Johnson ; Johnson's primary interest, both historically and currently, has been in articles accompanying to bloom and well-being. Johnson & Johnson was organized in the State of New Jersey in 1886. Johnson & Johnson is organized on the attempt of decentralized management. The Executive Committee of Johnson & Johnson is the arch administration accumulation amenable for the cardinal operations and allocation of assets of the Johnson & Johnson ancestors of companies. Johnson & Johnson's operating companies are organized into three business segments: Consumer, Biologic and Medical Accessories and Diagnostics. A Accumulation Operating Committee, composed of managers who represent key operations aural the segment, as able-bodied as administration in specialized anatomic departments, oversees and coordinates the activities of calm and all-embracing companies accompanying to anniversary of the business segments. However, in band with the assumption of decentralized management, chief administration groups at U. S. and all-embracing operating companies are anniversary amenable for their own cardinal plans, as able-bodied as the circadian operations of those companies, and anniversary all-embracing aggregation is, with some exceptions, managed by citizens of the country area it is located. HR/MANAGEMENT Johnson ; Johnson Cardinal Framework They accept that in serving. those who advertise their product, they serve himself. Foundation The Cardinal Framework starts with Credo, the adviser to advice cross way through challenges and opportunities. From Credo, there Aspiration emerges – by caring, one being at a time; they are advice billions of bodies about the apple alive longer, convalescent and happier lives. Cardinal Planning/Principles From the foundation they body a different affectionate of a set. They based on a bloom care, Aboriginal they focus on managing for the continued term. Second they accomplish beneath a decentralized administration approach. And again do all this through a different ability that ethics and fosters the development of people. Executive administration of Johnson ; Johnson, with the abutment and approval of the Board of Directors, has set the axiological cardinal administration of the Aggregation to abide a broadly-based animal bloom affliction aggregation for the consumer, biologic and medical accessory and affection markets. Strategic planning is guided by the ethical attempt embodied in Our Credo, accumulation our bodies accepted abaft a set of accepted ethics and accouterment a connected admonition of the Company's responsibilities to all of its constituents. With over 250 operating companies amid in 60 countries throughout the world, Johnson & Johnson is organized on the assumption of decentralized management. Anniversary all-embracing aggregation is, with some exceptions, managed by citizens of the country area it is located. Chief administration groups at U. S. nd all-embracing operating companies are anniversary amenable for their own cardinal plans. On an on-going base throughout the year, at affairs of the Board and Committees of the Board, administration of the Aggregation and Board associates altercate the cardinal administration and above developments of the Company's assorted businesses. The action is an interactive/on-going chat which provides the Directors with acumen into the activities and administration of the Company's businesses. Accounting/Finance Department Accumulated Babyminding The ethics embodied in the Credo adviser the accomplishments of the bodies of the Johnson & Johnson Ancestors of Companies at all levels and in all genitalia of the world. They accept done so for added than 60 years. These Credo ethics extend to our accounting and banking advertisement responsibilities. Administration is amenable for timely, accurate, reliable and cold banking statements and accompanying information. Such as: * Advance a well-designed arrangement of centralized accounting controls. * Encourage able and able accumulated babyminding from our Board of Directors. * Continuously analysis our business after-effects and cardinal choices. Focus on banking stewardship. Accounting Controls The professionally accomplished centralized auditors biking accepted to adviser arrangement of centralized accounting controls. This arrangement is advised to accommodate reasonable affirmation that assets are safeguarded and that affairs and contest are recorded properly. The centralized controls accommodate self-assessments and centralized and alien analysis reviews of operating companies, which concludes "Management's Report on Centralized Control over Banking Reporting," printed in Annual Report. Johnson & Johnson is guided by the ethics set alternating in Credo, created by General Robert Wood Johnson in 1943. Credo and the attempt accept been alloyed into the bolt of the Company. The ethics articulate of Credo extend to accounting and banking responsibilities to Johnson & Johnson shareholders and investors. The Johnson & Johnson SWOT: Strengths * Accepted sales accept developed 14% advertence a able position for the all-around group. * The business archetypal acclimatized by Johnson and Johnson fundamentally uses the adjustment of ambitious ethics in adjustment to absorb an bend aural the bazaar place. Alive with accelerated accurate notions Johnson and Johnson advance a assorted amplitude of botheration analytic techniques in adjustment to claiming the accepted convenance and capitalize on advance through arising markets which enables associated growth. * The use of absolute offices alive as standalone units provides the befalling to advance concepts with cultural considerations which can prove important aback demography a artefact to all-around markets. Weaknesses There is accretion burden aural biologic markets to abate prices in band with medical budgets and advance apparent expirations to ensure all-encompassing programmers are adapted aural analytical aisle movements. * Challenges accept been faced aural Johnson and Johnson area a abridgement in the bazaar appeal for key articles has been identified; some of these articles were branded and accept been replaced by all-encompassing programmers at the end of apparent time lines. * Centralized weakness beyond the industry and not abandoned to Johnson and Johnson would be the akin of annexation and counterfeiting of drugs managed through centralized personnel. Opportunity * Whilst the contempo accretion of Pfizer Customer Healthcare will act as an befalling in its own appropriate to advance advance for the alignment through another routes there is the added amount capitalized through the acknowledgment on advance which will be accomplished 12 months afore plan absolution funds aback into the basal line. * Johnson and Johnson accept accent new developments in pharmacy articles with bristles ability authoritative analysis which provides the befalling to abound the absolute artefact portfolio. Development into new functions of medical accessories and affection will accommodate new markets to access which will aftereffect in business growth. * With the development of WTO rules to anticipate the availability of bargain all-encompassing drugs there is the befalling to abate the akin of absent accumulation due to all-encompassing addition as patents run out. Whilst this will aid Johnson and Johnson area they own the cast area they are attractive to capitalize on introducing all-encompassing drugs to bazaar this cardinal will become a hindrance. Threats About aural the capital biologic companies there is a aerial akin of antagonism for the generics markets area patents accomplishment and it is the aboriginal to access area success will about be determined. * Technological developments with bio-tech concepts will potentially move the acceptable biologic methods out of the bazaar abode in the continued appellation although there is an economical altercation that this anatomy of development can be absolute to run alongside acceptable methods and accompaniment as against to replace.

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