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Siemens Home and Appointment Advice Devices LLC JOB ANALYSIS INFORMATION FORM Job analysis: Administration Accountant A.    Authoritative Locator The afterward fractional authoritative blueprint identifies the position and locator of Administration Accountant for the Siemens Home and Appointment Advice Devices LLC. Functionally, the Administration Accountant (MA) provides all the centralized advice abutment for appropriate and cardinal accommodation authoritative at every akin of administration (Atkinson, Banker, Kaplan & Young, 2001). He belletrist to the Chief Banking Officer, calm with the crabbed equals: Chief Marketing Officer, the Chief Assembly Officer, amid alternative admiral of the company.  Figure 1 Organizational Locator of Administration Accountant Especially accent in the ever-changing ambiance in the accomplishment industry breadth Siemens belong, the position of Administration Accountant (MA) is an basal provider of analytic advice to administration on such areas as, but not bound to the afterward aloft functions:  (a) account alertness and implementation, and achievement assay which consists of acceptable the assorted managers of the accession identify, admeasure and administer the assets all-important to accomplish its assemblage goals and objectives, (b) acquirement and amount administration which determines specific administration accounting strategies that maximizes the organization’s assets breeding and ambition costing trajectories (Atkinson et al, 2001), and (c) cardinal planning and consulting which is a basic of administration accounting that integrates all the qualitative and quantitative factors to map out the admonition appear the continued term, (Garrison & Noreen, 2004) Anthony & Govindarajan, 2003). In added anatomic detail these consists of the: (1) acceptance of the activity-based account administration that utilizes a zero-based projections based on targets; (2) Banking assay to actuate the operating adeptness and capability of every advantageous articulation as able-bodied as in aggregation, abnormally the assembly administration (Gibson, 1998) of the accession so that able accommodation authoritative and controls can be fabricated in the areas of profitability, stability, solvency, turnovers, and alternative indicators of authoritative health. This is aimed at developing short, average and abiding strategies for the article (Anthony & Govindarajan, 2003). Likewise, (3) the allegation to advance accordant and applicative acceptable and cardinal administration accounting accoutrement (Agamata, 2002) to abode alternating and non-recurring issues analytic to the company’s operational adeptness and effectiveness; (4) the identification of centralized operating as able-bodied as alien weakness and opportunities, frequently alleged the SWOT factors and processes to the accession brought about by its bazaar cachet and position. Similarly, Administration Accountants additionally adviser managers in developing proactive technology-driven measures and techniques to advance in a aggressive bazaar (Anthony & Govindarajan, 2003). All these specific administration approaches are advised to accroach the competition’s cardinal move to boss the bazaar with the best barter accessible (Taylor & Greco, 2002). The job assay action appropriate the alertness of the afterward job description advice which can advice attain a acceptable job architecture (Tropman, 2001) through a job assay advice anatomy (JAIF). Below is the arbitrary of check including several alternative methods of abstracts acquisition such as interview, check or observations, focus accumulation discussion. Below is a briefing of the check type:        Question:     What is the primary albatross for the job?      Answer:      Alertness of the approved (periodic) and appropriate assembly belletrist abnormally in the areas of budgeting, acquirement and amount administration and cardinal planning for all accommodation makers in all administration levels including Siemens. This additionally includes the alertness of the approved (periodic) and appropriate assembly belletrist abnormally in the areas of budgeting, acquirement and amount administration and cardinal planning for all accommodation makers in all administration levels including Siemens.   Question:     What is the abutting analytic position to which you would apprehend to be promoted?   Answer   :     The Chief Banking Officer, who represents the absolute banking and administration accounting functions in the company    Question :     What are some of your primary job duties? Indicate which of these are done on a daily, account and account schedule, alternate or aberrant intervals?    Answer   :     Daily: Accumulation and allocation of accounting abstracts able and submitted by the Administration Accounting agents in allegation of budget, revenues/cost, cardinal planning inputs. Weekly: Alertness and acquiescence of account assembly belletrist forth – appliance of budget, about-face assay and; Monthly: Alertness of account belletrist on account utilization, including about-face analysis; Attends administration affair to assay analytic abstracts for managers. Questions:       Are there any duties that you currently accomplish that you account unnecessary. If yes amuse accord examples. Answers:          To advancement the treasury accountant in his banking tasks about circadian who is consistently in meetings. The treasury accountant should undertake aegis instead of recording. Questions:         Are there any duties that you are not assuming at this time that should be included in your accepted job duties? Educational level.  Alum of BS Accountancy; charge be a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), Experience   : Two years acquaintance in administration accounting in a accompanying field. If applying            from centralized sources, a constant actual satisfactory achievement appraisal appraisement for at atomic three appraisal periods. Question          What are some of the abilities appropriate to accomplish auspiciously in this position Answer:           Computers with windows applications; fax and photocopying machines, Question          What types of accessories are you appropriate to operate? Question          Briefly call the alive conditions Answer:           Unionized group; 40 hours workweek, allegation to cede overtime from to time; Team environment; Charge be abundant practitioner of  Ethics for Administration Accountants; High Confidentiality of acute data.                 Based on the aloft job analysis, the afterward job description can be advised and formalized. Hence, because the job assay conducted the job description is presented below: JOB DESCRIPTION Job Title           :                              Administration Accountant Department     :                               Controller/Accounting Reports to       :                                Chief  Banking Officer Wage Classification:                       Salary Additional Achievement Bonus General Description of the job:       Accumulates and manages banking and amount accounting                                                         advice (budgets, revenues and cost, etc) for purposes of                                                         accommodation authoritative by managers in assorted levels. Job Activities   :                               Gathers banking and administration data/information affecting all                                                    units of the company; classifies and sorts accounting information                                                    according to segments, products, bounded locations, and other                                                    agency bare by all accommodation makers; gathers the specific plans                                                    and activities of anniversary segments and quantifies to clear the                                                    affairs appear the short-medium-long term; assay of centralized and                                                   alien abstracts through trending, arrangement percentages, fractions etc.                                                   Prepares banking controlling summaries for all assemblage managers;                                                   Attaches assorted formatted banking and administration belletrist for                                                   acquiescence to the assorted managers;  Attends affairs where                                                   administration accounts may advice internalize and understand                                                   implications of administration reports.  Supervises three assistants.                                                   Alternative accompanying tasks assigned from time to time. General Abilities Requirements Experience and Training                With two years of accompanying experience .                                                         If applying from centralized sources, charge accommodated a connected very                                                         satisfactory achievement appraisal for at atomic three consecutive                                                         periods. Education:                                       A alum of BS Accountancy Knowledge, Abilities and Abilities       Accomplished in Windows applications; analytic skills, with adeptness to be team-oriented; Technical: Computer abilities in an accounting environment Analytic skill, Time management, communications proficiency in articulate and accounting English. Leadership accomplishment in supervising a baby accounting unit. Interpersonal abilities as this required alive with people Machines Operated                         Computers, fax, blast and alternative appointment appliances; photocopying machines Tests                                              Candidates charge canyon the accession bent test. Responsibilities                              Charge be able to gather, handle, assay and adapt accounting                                                       abstracts and advice for acquiescence and altercation with the various                                                       managers of the company. Working conditions                       Unionized group; 40 hours workweek, allegation to cede overtime from to time;         Team environment; Charge be abundant practitioner of  Ethics for        Administration Accountants Part B Requirement.                       Below is a account of resumes taken from the altered sources. Partly, the resumes were collected based on the afterward job postings: (a) Centralized job announcement which requires that any anatomy of abstraction shall be abounding up initially by able applicants from aural the company.  In this way, absolute advisers are accustomed the adventitious to administer and be answer to the positions they are aiming for or aim for the position that best apparel their abilities and this is done through announcement of centralized applications and arty a borderline to acquiesce teachers; (b) from or alternative websites such as and alternative agnate portals which Siemens Home and Appointment Communications activated as breadth for accessible admission of applicants and which is one of the best acknowledged online job placements on the internet. (c) absolute appliance and acquiescence of resumes from appellant applicants which is the acceptable way of job appliance and this involves the chiral acquiescence of resumes at the bounds of the company; (d) referrals from advisers and audience which is a arrangement of application based on broadcast amphitheater of referrals. In this regard, application is not acquaint but provided mostly by parties abreast to the accession or its officers. And (e) alternative sources can be in the anatomy of unsolicited belletrist through accustomed the mails with the appellant artlessly exploring the agency to possibly, by luck, be able to get alive therein. The applicants are abbreviated as follows:           Appellant cardinal 1 is a alum of BS Accountancy with a three-year acquaintance as amount accountant at Dow Chemical, Inc. His accreditation accommodate acknowledgment to a advanced array of belletrist actuality submitted to the administration for decision-making, anesthetized the condoning assay and interviewed with acceptable results. Availability is actual but after authoritative experience. Applicant cardinal 2 is a alum of BS Chemical Engineering with a license. He has a five-year acquaintance with an associate of Siemens in Dallas and was referred by the CEO of that associate company. A actual active, accomplished worker, he is accomplished in advice and interpersonal skills, accomplished at computer applications and has a able appearance of assertiveness and actuality able to associate himself with the top management. He has a adroitness for alignment but was begin to accept a clue believability botheration with the above employer. Applicant cardinal 3 is a BS Accountancy alum with a one-year administration accounting acquaintance with Southern Bell in a authoritative position. He has anesthetized the interviews and accounting condoning tests with actual satisfactory results. He has a master’s amount and was accustomed with a cardboard on Administration Accounting in the electronics industry. His availability is actual and has a bound authoritative acquaintance but with a affable personality bare to administer people. Applicant cardinal 4 is a BS Accountancy alum who activated through the; after experience. A beginning alum after authoritative experience, the appellant had accomplished abilities in administration accounting, awful accomplished in networked computers and a cardinal of applications; He is demography up the CMA barometer and is to booty the acceptance assay for CMAs aural the month. Applicant cardinal 5 is Business Administration alum with a two-year bookish accomplishments in administration accounting. He has a three-year acquaintance as Senior Administration Accountant of Sara Lee in the Houston breadth and has a cardinal of commendations as Administration Accountant from the company. Applicant cardinal 6 is a BS Accountancy alum from a adopted country, accelerating with ceremoniousness and has a five-year assay acquaintance with KPMG. When tested, he has accomplished abilities in Administration Accounting and advertisement with aerial accurateness results. He is not a citizen of the United States. Applicant cardinal 7 is a BS Accounting alum of a bounded university in San Antonio, Texas. He has a Master’s Amount but appears to be too old for the job and may not be able to cope with the demands of administration and the fast-paced environment. He has all-encompassing acquaintance in auditing and administration accounting. Applicant cardinal 8 is adult CPA and a CMA licensee as well. Armed with a three-year acquaintance with Samsung USA assigned as Administration Accountant with the electronics division, she activated through the and is a citizen of the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Awful accomplished in interpersonal and analysis, the appellant is accepted to abounding advisers of Siemens. However, she appeared to accept been alive by three firms in a aeon of bristles years. Applicant cardinal 9 is a BS Accountancy alum with aerial honors. A CPA licensure topnotcher, the appellant has no experience, but angry out to accept an aberrant accomplishment as a fast learner. Appellant cardinal 10 is an bounden agent of Siemens. A CPA demography up training as CMA, the appellant can had a almanac of actual satisfactory achievement appraisement with the acclaim assay of Siemens. Although she is actual able for the job, she is about an asset of her assemblage who cannot be appear after affecting the operations of the acclaim area. She has no accessible backup if she transfers as Administration Accountant of SHC. This is advance for her. The Alternative Process.          Based on the account of applicants, there appears to be a bound number  who absolutely qualifies for the position. Although a few – Applicants cardinal 3, 8 and 10 are the best acceptable candidates, Siemens charge undertake a set of processes to adapt any of these shortlisted candidates in the accident that one is called for the position. Thus the belief of the abstraction and the characteristics of the applicants will accept to be calibrated to actuate who best qualifies for the job.         The analytic factors of the Administration Accountant position for Siemens are: administration because that the advice for accommodation authoritative will appear from the subordinates, apprenticeship and skills.  Closing in on the three qualifiers, appellant cardinal 3 appears a acceptable best but will accept to be reprocessed through training as he has bound acquaintance on the job and lacks authoritative acknowledgment as well. Appellant cardinal 8 is an ideal appellant for the position except for the about-face amount of alternating application which could put the accession to addition application date should the appellant decides to leave again.            Appellant cardinal 10 is appropriately a acceptable appellant with a additional actuality an absolute agent of Siemens. Thus, the final alternative stalemate will accept to be burst through a cardinal of application factors Siemens ability adopt. First, absolute advisers will accept to be accustomed preferences in agreement of centralized application to advance assurance and admit loyalty. Training will not be difficult for appellant cardinal 10 because she is an bounden agent and is affected to be thoroughly accustomed with the business. The abstraction she will actualize can readily be abounding up by appellant cardinal 3 or 8 who can be taken in to alter appellant cardinal 10. Or backup for appellant cardinal 10 can appear from aural Siemens anew. Whoever amid applicants 3 or 8 is not assassin can be classified beneath alive book and serve as assets appellant during the accepted period. Thus, antecedence queuing could be candidates cardinal 10, 8 and 3. In all cases, Siemens will alone acquire basal amount to train, acquiescence requirements for the position of administration accountant abundantly addressed and a acceptable action of acceptance for adherence and achievement accorded appellant cardinal 10. List of References Agamata, Franklin. Administration Advisory Services, 2002 Edition, Redman Printing, Manila, 2002 Anthony, R and Govindarajan,V,  Administration Control Systems, 11th International Edition, Mac-Graw-Hill Education                 Asia, Singapore, 2003 Atkinson, A, Banker, R., Kaplan R., and Young, S. Administration Accounting, 3rd Edition, Prentice Hall International, New Jersey, 2001 Drucker, Peter F. “The Conduct of Innovation”, Harvard Business Review, The Innovative Enterprise, 2002 Garrison R. and Noreen, E. Managerial Accounting, Tenth Edition, McGraw-Hill Education, Asia, 2004 Hinkley, R. Corporate Social Albatross Report, How Corporate Law Inhibits Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, 2002:                 Available: (1 May 2008) Horngren, C., Sundem, G. and Stratton, W., Introduction to Administration Accounting, 11th International Edition, Pearson Education Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore. 2000 Kaplan, R. and Norton, D. Strategy Maps, Converting Intangible Assets into Tangible Outcomes, Harvard School Publishing, Boston, 2004 Naylor, Mary and Susan Greco, Customer Chemistry, How to Keep the Barter You Want, MacGraw-Hill, New York, 2002 Peters, Tom “Liberation Management”, All-important Disorganization for the Nanosecond Nineties, Fawcett Columbine, New York, 1992 Shaw, J. Corporate Governance & Risk: A Systems Approach, 61-82, John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey, 2002. Tropman, J. E, The Compensation Solution: How to Develop an Employee-Driven Rewards System, Jossey-Bass, San                Francisco, California, 2001 Attachments: Siemens Home and Appointment Advice Devices LLC Summary of Candidates’ Qualifications Job Vacancy: Administration Accountant Name of Candidate Recruitment Source Educational & Professional Qualifications (BSA/CMA) Experience (2 years related) Skills ·    Team ·      IT/Communications ·     Supervisory ·     Leadership Aptitude test  Appraisement Score out of 100 Interview Rating out of 100 Remarks ANTHONY RIES (1) Classified/Want ads BS Accountancy; Three-years acquaintance in accompanying job with DowChem. Team-oriented; Microsoft Appointment Applications; Enterprise Resource Package; With authoritative exposure; 90 90 Immediately available STEPHEN BOOTH (2) Referral From CEO of Siemens affiliate BS Chem Engineering; Five-year acquaintance in different job Team-oriented Microsoft Word and Excel & ERP; No authoritative exposure 87 95 Persuasive but lacks clue almanac credibility; not anon available JOHN BELMONT (3) BS Accountancy (UTex-San Antonio) with MBA in the discipline. One-year in identical task 45 wpm Windows 2000. Microsoft Word & Excel, ERP; Excellent communications; Limited administration but with potentials; actual affable personality. 95 95 Lives in Dallas area; anon available STANLEY FORD (4) Fresh BS Accountancy; To booty CMA barometer aural the month. No acquaintance but awful accomplished in Administration Accounting. 50 wpm Graphics artist Windows 2000. Microsoft Word & Excel, ERP and Network 90 85 Not readily available; ALFRED ST. JOHN (5) BS Business Management; 3-year bookish accomplishments in MA Three-year as Senior Mgt Accountant  with Sara Lee 45 wpm Customer account skills. 87 87 With commendations from accession for acceptable performance PAUL CLARKE (6) BS Accountancy honors Audit acquaintance with KPMG; accomplished abilities in MA 45 WPM Microsoft Appointment Applications Audit software ERP 94 90 Not a citizen of the USA. JAIME THOMAS (7) Walk-in BS Accounting with Master’s Degree Extensive acquaintance in assay and administration accounting 35 wpm Microsoft Word and Excel Satisfactory advice skills 85 86 Appears too anemic for the job. May not angle adjoin fast-paced stress MARY NATHALIE STANFORD (8) BS Accountancy CPA/CMA Experience with Samsung electronics assay as Administration Accountant 55 WPM Windows Vista/2000 Microsoft Applications and ERP; Low adherence index 90 94 Resident of Dallas, accepted to abounding Siemens employees KEVIN CHARLES (9) Employee Referral CPA with honors No experience 60 wpm Windows 2000/XP Microsoft Appointment Applications Exceptional skill 97 84 Fast learner SHERRYL CRUZ (10) Internal Job Posting CPA with CMA credits Internal MA acquaintance with Siemens’ Acclaim with actual satisfactory performance 56 WPM Team-oriented leadership Office applications with ERP; Audit software 95 95 Needs backup in the acclaim division. Cannot be appear after replacement RESUME NO. 1 CURRICULUM VITAE POSITION APPLIED FOR      : MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT Name               :                       ANTHOMY RIES Education        :                       BS Accountancy Work Experience:             Management/|Cost Accountant             2004-2007             Dow Chemicals, Inc. Freeport, Texas Area of Responsibility: Tasks: Financial assay and administration advertisement of Texas accomplishment operations for purposes of Ambition Costing,.Logistics Management, Transfer Pricing, Albatross Accounting and Achievement Advertisement System. Supervises three Banking analysts assuming account about-face reports, ambition amount assay and achievement reports. Reports Prepared: Performance Advertisement Arrangement furnished all Managers articulating banking and operating achievement on a account basis. This includes articulation advertisement of all DowChem operating units.  The belletrist adviser managers on ambition costing through activity-based administration access to manufacrturing. Skills I am team-oriented with ability akin abilities in Microsoft Appointment Applications, JD Edwards Action Resource Planning package; All Microsoft Appointment Applications; With authoritative exposure. Reference/s      Andrew Sparks                         Plant Supervisor Dow Chemicals, Freeport, Texas Michael Scaffold Senior Administration Accountant Dow Chemicals,Freeport, Texas Others             Anon available RESUME 2 Curriculum Vitae Objective    :   Administer able administration accounting tasks Name         :   Stephen Booth                           Lake Charles, Louisiana Course Completed: BS Chemical Engineering Experience:                         Reengineering Auditor                         Siemens Water Technologies                         Dallas, Texas                         2002-2007                         Responsibilities:           Job assay of all agents positions, preparation   of job descriptions and enactment of assignment systems to advance efficiency, administer costs and access funds flow. Skills:                           Knowledge in operating all appointment machines; Action Resource Planning software; Team aggressive and accommodating to abide authoritative training. Reference:  Roger Spelling                      Chief Controlling Officer                      Siemens Water Technologies                      Dallas, Texas Resume 3 CURRICULUM VITAE Name :    JOHN BELMONT Address:  Houston, Texas Course :   BS Accountancy                  University of Texas, San Antonio                  Texas                  Master in Business Administration                  University of Texas Experience:                   Administration Accountant                   Dallas Technologies, Inc.                   2007-2008 Skills                   Keyboarding                   Ability of all MS Appointment Applications                   Knowledge of ERP (JDE & SAP)                   Acceptable communications and potentials                   Immediately available Resume 4 Curriculum Vitae NAME…………….Stanley Ford ADDRESS……….Forth Worth, Texas EDUCATION…….BS Accountancy Experience……….None Skills………………Keyboarding, Graphics                               Windows and Appointment Applications                                   ERP (SAP) & Network Others…………….Available for application in two months Resume 5 CURRICULUM VITAE Name              : Alfred St. John Address        :  Dallas, Texas Education   : BS Business Administration aloft in Administration Accounting Experience     :                             Senior administration accountant                           Sara Lee, Inc.                           Houston, Texas                              With commendations for acceptable performance Skills                              Customer Service                             Knowledge of Appointment Machines and Computer Applications /resume 6 Curriculum vitae Name:                                Paul Clarke Address:                            San Antonio, Texas Education:                        BS Accountancy                                               Cum Laude Experience:                       Assay administrator & Administration Analysis                                               KPMG Consulting, Dallas, Texas Skills:                                   Keyboarding                                               All MS Appointment Applications                                               JDE assay software                                               Knowledge of JDE action package Resume 7 Curriculum vitae NAME:                      Jaime Thomas ADDRESS:               Houston Texas, Education:                BS Accounting                                   Masters in Business Administration Experience:              Assay administrator and Administration Assistant                                   Edwards & Cheney Consulting Skills:                         Keyboarding                                   Advice skills                                   Appointment applications Others                       Accommodating to be accomplished for the job Resume 8 Curriculum Vitae Name:                       MARY NATHALIE STANFORD                                   Forth Worth, Texas Education:                BS Accountancy                                   Certified Public Accountant                                   Certified Administration Accountant Skills:                         Keyboarding                                   Windows/Office Applications/ERP (JDE AND SAP) Experience:              Administration Accountant                                   Samsung Electronics, USA                                   Administration Accountant                                   Dallas Technologies, Inc.                                   Administration Accountant – Mfg Division                                   Home Depot Texas Resume 9 CURRICULUM VITAE NAME………………….KEVIN CHARLES ADDRESS…………….Dallas, Texas Education……………..BS Accountancy with Honors                                      A Certified Public Accountant Skills…………………. All Appointment Applications                                      A fast learner Experience…………..None Resume 10 CURRICULUM VITAE Name…………………….SHERRYL CRUZ Address………………….Forth Worth, Texas Education……………….BS ACCOUNTANCY Licenses …………  Certified Public Accountant Experience…………….Management Accountant                                     Siemens Home & Appointment Communications LLC - Acclaim Division Prepares all administration belletrist for managers   periodically; with constant accomplished performance. Skills………………………..All types of appointment machines                                        JDE AND SAP ERPS                                              Assay Software Others…………………Willing to alpha immediately  

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