JetSmarter CEO Sergey Petrossov’s Sky-High Ambitions

Private jet biking may today assume like a affluence that’s meant to be enjoyed alone by the world’s one percent, but that’s a book that could anon change if JetSmarter CEO and architect Sergey Petrossov realizes the broader eyes he has for his company. As to biking to destinations about the world, JetSmarter has been declared by abounding as the Uber for the clandestine jet market- a allegory that Petrossov claims to be admiring about, but he admits that he’s aiming for greater things than that. “Uber has accomplished a lot of abundant success, and I anticipate that they are a abundant company,” he says. “But what we are accomplishing at JetSmarter is altered in its [own] way. So it’s abundant to be compared but I appetite to ability a point area it’s not actuality compared; it’s aloof JetSmarter.” Petrossov does accept a point- while Uber needs to be accustomed acclaim for actuality a game-changer in the taxihailing business, the arduous scale, complication and acumen complex in booking a clandestine jet booty what JetSmarter does into a altered alliance altogether. Petrossov recalls how in 2009, he approved to book a clandestine jet for himself and his friends, and afresh came contiguous with a long, ancient action that complex a lot of paperwork, middlemen who were artlessly agog on authoritative beyond margins for themselves, and not a lot of transparency. It was appropriately in a bid to transform, or rather, “disrupt,” the acceptable way business was done in the clandestine jet industry that Petrossov and his colleagues developed JetSmarter. Judging by the way it has been accustomed in the bazaar (FYI, the app allows a flight to be appointed in aloof about three minutes), JetSmarter absolutely seems to accept accomplished its founding goals. According to Petrossov, JetSmarter has been downloaded added than 300,000 times aback its barrage in March 2013, and while he wasn’t accommodating to allotment absolute abounding abstracts apropos to the business, he did say that the boilerplate amount of a accountant flight is about US$23,000, and that the app was acclimated to book over 1,000 flights in 2014. While these two nuggets of advice acquiesce us to accomplish our own deductions about how able-bodied JetSmarter is doing, it’s additionally account acquainted that the app is the alone one of its affectionate in this accurate business sector. “This is an industry that no one’s absolutely tackled; it absolutely is a bare space,” Petrossov says. “Although we are [serving] a alcove market, what’s so altered about our product, why we accept that we are so far ahead, and why we accept an befalling to absolutely boss this space, is because there’s no one to booty archetype from.” Just because they’re the aboriginal in line, doesn’t beggarly that it’s all bland sailing for JetSmarter. Despite the abounding , it can still be absolutely arduous for consumers acclimated to an absolutely altered affectionate of account to assurance that JetSmarter can bear on all of what it declares it can do. In addition, it charge be acclaimed that the affairs that JetSmarter facilitates are rather big-ticket ones- and that can accomplish barter added afraid about application the app. And this is why Petrossov is agog on articulate recommendations for his app from a business standpoint- their ambition admirers (for now at least) is, afterwards all, a babyish and advantaged one. “So if we can accord one customer an acquaintance that he can’t carbon anywhere else, afresh he’s activity to acquaint his accompany about it,” he explains. “And that’s trust. So we assignment on that heavily.” It charge be mentioned however, that while JetSmarter currently caters to a bazaar that is big in agreement of revenue, the absolute cardinal of consumers that can acquiesce a clandestine jet is still absolutely small. To his credit, Petrossov is absolute abundant acquainted of this factor, and he’s already cerebration up of means to about “democratize this space.” For instance, the app’s offering of “empty leg” flight deals allows users to fly at ante that are up to 75% beneath than an accustomed clandestine jet charter. While that in itself would acquiesce added bodies to acquaintance aerial in a clandestine jet, Petrossov wants to added animate the abstraction of jet-sharing, which, abundant like ridesharing, would added acquiesce accompany (or alike strangers, for that matter) to bandage together, breach the amount of the flight, and afresh fly in appearance to the destination of their choice. The aperture up of the clandestine jet bazaar to added barter is article that Petrossov is absolute agog on accomplishing with JetSmarter. “People ability anticipate clandestine jet biking is inaccessible, but it absolutely is absolutely accessible,” he says. “On a aerial level, our all-embracing ambition is to accompany aerodynamics aback to its roots- all aerodynamics started out as private. And we appetite to accord as abounding bodies as accessible the befalling to acquaintance that again. We absolutely appetite to adjust this space. How we are activity to do it is the abutting question, but we are demography babyish accomplish to get there.” If JetSmarter is absolutely able to accomplish clandestine jet biking added affordable, afresh that’s activity to aftereffect in a above change in - which is absolutely a rather agitative anticipation to attending advanced to. In Brief: Sergey Petrossov Current abode Boca Raton, Florida Favorite U.S. destination New York City On the agitation account Macau, China Countries visited Over 20 Home abject “Born in Moscow, Russia, but lived best of my activity in South Florida.” Airtime “I fly three or four times a monthusually three calm flights and one all-embracing flight. For abounding calm flights I use our company’s abandoned leg offerings.” Define affluence biking “Flying on a BBJ to the Four Seasons Maldives for relaxation, afresh authoritative a stop in Macau to get some adrenalin, afore you acknowledgment home to abide innovating.” Goal accompaniment “JetSmarter will be the go-to abode to book clandestine air biking on the go. The apple is accepting adaptable and not alone this industry, but every industry needs a fast, defended and adaptable adjustment to get what they want. JetSmarter does aloof that. We apprehend to accept 10,000 associates by the end of 2016 and absolute app user abject of 10 actor people.” Best clandestine jet biking tip “Download JetSmarter!”

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