Jerry Character Analysis from Chocolate War

Jerry's backbone keeps him from affairs the chocolates every day and giving up. First, back Jerry finds aggregate in his locker in shreds and does not accord up and advertise the chocolates, he shows his backbone by not giving in and affairs the chocolates. Instead of giving up instantly and activity forth with anybody abroad is doing, Jerry stays with it and does not accord up, assuming perseverance. Second, back Jerry was exhausted up by the academy bully, Emile Janza, because Jerry is not affairs chocolates, he additionally shows his backbone by continuing to debris the chocolates. Jerry shows his backbone afresh because he does not advertise the amber alike admitting anybody in academy wants him to. Third, back Jerry is at football convenance and is brought to the arena afresh and afresh but continues to "rise to his feet" (1) again, Jerry proves his backbone by accepting up afresh and giving it addition go instead of. With perseverance, Jerry does not accord up and gives it addition go instead of giving up appropriate then. Similarly, Jerry's affront additionally keeps him from affairs the chocolates and defying authorities. First, back all of the aberrant things like antic buzz calls and bodies alfresco his abode appear to Jerry, his reactions are defiant. Jerry shows affront because he feels that he does not charge anyone's advice and can get all of the amber business out of the way himself with no one's assistance. Second, back Jerry would say, "'Because I don't appetite to'" (163), whenever asked why he does not advertise chocolates, Jerry shows his affront by not cogent anyone the acumen why he does not advertise the chocolates no amount what anyone tells him. Instead of giving anybody a real, beeline answer, he would baffle anyone who asked that question. In the end, Jerry is defeated by the absolute academy in abounding altered ways. First, back Jerry boxes adjoin Emile Janza and gets absolutely exhausted down, Jerry shows that he has been defeated. Jerry is defeated because he is baffled in a battle bout and he has gotten exhausted up. Second, afterwards the battle bout and back Jerry starts to anticipate "sell whatever [the school] wants you to sell" (248), Jerry feels defeated because aggregate he has done adjoin the amber auction has led to nothing. He is defeated because he goes through aggregate that he went through after a accolade or alike a cogent afterthought of that year's amber sale. In conclusion, Jerry Renault's affront and backbone advice abide the chocolates until the end back he is affected by the acceptance and assuredly becomes assertive to advertise the chocolates. Work Cited Cormier, Robert. The Amber War. 1974. New York: Random House, 1997.

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