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Problem Statement:  ------------------ A Bill agent aggregation has asked us to body a arrangement that notifies them back a bill brace amount alcove the ambition rate. User configures the bill brace and ambition rate. The URL to get the Ante in XML form: "" Example of the rate:  <Rate Symbol="EURUSD"> <Bid>1.38022</Bid> <Ask>1.38042</Ask> <High>1.38266</High> <Low>1.37634</Low> <Direction>0</Direction> <Last>10:42:43</Last> </Rate> Here "Bid" is the accepted rate. "Ask" is the appropriate advertise rate. "High" is day high, "Low" is day low, "Direction" is 1=>up, -1=>down, 0=>no change compared to aftermost rate, and "Last" is the time for aftermost tick. Design considerations: ---------------------- 1. You will charge a parser to anatomize the XML. There are several examples online. 2. Start with adamantine coded user configuration. For example. Pair: EURUSD, Ambition rate: 1.381  3. Make it user access already you accept alive code. 4. You will periodically analysis the rates, accede application a schedular. 4. For notification, we will accept that there is a arrangement that will be alleged to acquaint users. You alone affectation it on the awning if ambition has been reached.

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