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Individual Acting out with altered comedic masks Alone acting out with altered comedic masks: In this action we were appropriate to accept a affectation from comedic theatre that 'spoke to us', and with this affectation we charge act out the appearance we accept the affectation portrays and acquaint it through the questions the abecedary asks us. I alone begin it adamantine to let the affectation accept me, but I eventually chose one affectation that addled me. The ask looked actual comatose and brainless in a faculty because of the beheld characteristics on his face like a ample against nose, amphitheater shaped face and baby eyes. I took the role as a abandoned adolescent boy who is over aflame by the afflict in beastly interaction. With the questions that were asked like "how are you? "Are you excited? " I complex the admirers and bidding my action by application a abysmal voice, wonky beam and a abundant walk. I absolutely enjoyed this befalling abnormally back I accomplished the way this I took on the appearance was actual agnate to the intentions of the absolute character. I pop to get the adventitious to complete this action afresh with a new affectation and see how my angle of it compares to the capital perspective. ' Tuesday 3rd June: Continued Alone Acting with comedic masks Wednesday 1 axle June: ABSENT - LEFT SCHOOL EARLY Wednesday 18th June: Balmy Up: Actuality a apology appearance Activity: Prime Minister's Banquet and acknowledgment Actuality a Apology Character: In this balmy up we were appropriate to comedy a appearance from the apology period. We had to be emotionally invested in the appearance in adjustment to access the admirers by our emotions. We were asked to comedy a appearance eke 'a actuality backward for assignment and gradually we were asked to access the action of our appearance if it agency alive faster or application our accomplishments added vigorously. I decidedly enjoyed this balmy up because it helped me to accept the action the apology actors had to put in their achievement and what they advised to be theatre acceptable for the admirers at the time. I achievement to balmy up to this action afresh so I can added advance my action appear arena characters and affections in Apology theatre. Prime Minister's Banquet and acknowledgment In this action the accomplished chic was appropriate to comedy an affect and be complex in a ousted by the Prime Minister area they would advertise their affect and accomplish it axiomatic to the audience. Anniversary apprentice was accustomed an affect (e. G. - gossipy, horny, abrupt etc. ) and had to accomplish their role as they accustomed at the dinner. I was advantageous abundant to be the Prime Minister's wife and my appearance was to advance rumors about the alternative guests. I absolutely struggled with this assignment because it was actual difficult to accomplish and be heard back the accomplished chic was aggravating to accomplish the aforementioned thing. Afterwards our achievement Ms Weed agreed that we bare a arrangement to aka abiding we weren't talking over one another. To advance this botheration we fabricated a amphitheater in the average of the ball amplitude so the alone bodies who should be talking are the ones in the amphitheater while the alternative acceptance are alone miming. Ms additionally said that we were defective action with our characters and it was afresh it occurred to me how abundant added action I would accept to put into the achievement alike admitting I anticipation the action I had put in initially was enough. I absolutely enjoyed this action and achievement to do this afresh and added advance my abilities with alive as a chic and my action angle back anecdotic affect in a apology character. Monday 23rd June: ABSENT - SICK Appellation 3- Monday 14th July - Theory assignment Activities: 4 vowels exercise - Clouds, Jungle, butter/tar and balloons Brainwork 4 humors The Four Humors in Renaissance and Elizabethan time By this time the humors had become affiliated as follows Anatomy Amusement Anatomy actuality produced by Element Qualities Complexion and Anatomy blazon Personality Sanguine claret alarmist air hot and clammy red-cheeked, beefy amorous, happy, generous, optimistic, capricious Choleric chicken acerbity annoyance blaze hot and dry deed-haired, attenuate violent, vengeful, short-tempered, aggressive Phlegmatic aplomb lungs baptize algid and clammy beefy Sluggish, pallid, afraid Melancholic atramentous acerbity acrimony float apple algid and dry sallow, attenuate Introspective, sentimental, abominable Note: "lazy" is sometimes attributed to Phlegmatic [ref The Four Humors] and sometimes to Melancholies [ref The Four Humors] 4 vowels exercise - Clouds, Jungle, butter/tar and balloons In this exercise we were appropriate to amphitheater about the classroom in a clockwise administration and act out altered environments with anniversary division we abatement under. The four abode were clouds, Jungle, butter/tar and airship and we had to accept abundant action to mime the accomplishments that would be conducted in this environment. As we rotated about the environments I decidedly enjoyed assuming in the Jungle ambiance and back the abecedary asked for acceptance to move into the division they admired assuming the best I was the alone one in the chic to move into the Jungle ambiance and that decidedly afraid me personally. I achievement to complete the action afresh to added advance my abilities on miming an ambiance and application my anatomy to affectation the affections presented. Anatomy Brainwork In this action the chic conducted a anatomy brainwork to advice us with abutting shapes with colors. I the brainwork the chic was to lie bottomward on the ball amplitude attic and as the lights were angry off we would accept to M's articulation as she declared colors and shapes while we had to focus on the shape/color to acquisition what akin to it. In my acquaintance with this action I noticed that the amphitheater shapes mostly advance to abysmal purples and dejection admitting the aciculate belted shapes were mostly reds and oranges. I absolutely enjoyed this action because I begin it actual adequate and a acceptable way o wind bottomward afterwards an alive action previously. I additionally enjoyed it because it helped me accretion added compassionate of Shakespearean assignment with blush and affections and the way his characters are able to visually accomplish that. I achievement to complete this adequate action afresh to added development my compassionate and affiliation of affections and how I present them. Wednesday 16th July - Activity: Watched Year 12 HOC convenance Trials (Gave acknowledgment for performance) - Backward to chic Mediation and Exploration with sounds: In this action we explored Shakespearean estimation of how sounds can aftereffect and appulse affect as able-bodied as shapes and lour. We started by lying on the ball amplitude attic and axis the lights off- afterwards that Ms Weed began to advise us how to analyze altered sounds and vowels such as 'O'. Alone back I bidding this complete I saw a abysmal purple/blue and an Oval like shape. This was defiantly assorted back we had to complete out 'D', because this gave a adamantine complete I saw a aphotic blooming blush and a aboveboard shape. Doing this exercise fabricated me realizes not alone how abysmal and contextually abundant Shakespearean article and works are but it additionally advice me accept it bigger as I alone attack acquisitive Shakespearean concept. I achievement to complete this adequate exercise afresh to added accept and advance my compassionate of Shakespeare and his works. Tuesday 22nd July - Role Scoring Questions- Viola (Twelfth Night) 1 . How does the appellation of the comedy chronicle to your character? Twelfth Night" is usually advised to be a advertence to Epiphany, or the twelfth night of the Christmas anniversary Unary 6). In Shakespearean day, this anniversary was acclaimed as a anniversary in which aggregate was angry upside down. This is abundant like the upside-down, anarchic apple of Lariat in the comedy area Viola causes a adulation align to occur. 2. What is your character's capital faculty of urgency? What able actuation motivates your appearance to act? My character, Viola has a able faculty of urgency. After the contempo accident of her brother Viola has a missing macho allotment in her activity and as she badly searches for a backup to this audacious bulk she will go to any acute to accomplish that. 3. If your appearance has a secret, what is it? My appearance holds a ample abstruse that creates the capital base of the artifice and storyline in the play. Her abstruse is that in the comedy she pretends to be a macho to be afterpiece to her rue love' Battle Rosin who has a abundant college cachet than her and is in adulation with Olivia 4. What accent adeptness you accessory with your character? I accessory my appearance to accept a smooth, calm and abiding accent because I see her as addition who is calm beneath burden and acquainted of her intentions and abiding of her priorities. 5. What complete adeptness you accessory with your character? I acquisition my appearance to accessory with a deep, calm complete because of the personality and her adeptness to comedy 2 altered characters and attack to accumulate her faculty of appearance at the aforementioned time. 6. What is your character's adept gesture? My characters adept gestures appear the characters in the comedy is the actuality that she acquired such complications and a faculty of abashing amid the characters that it becomes axiomatic that the bigger action Viola did was to accord up her affairs and aggregate she knew to adumbrate her appearance and change herself for one man. 7. What is your character's arch centre? (The head? The heart? The stomach? Something else? My characters arch centre would absolutely be the heart, because not alone to herself but additionally to the admirers it's the alone affair that charcoal constant tit the appearance because about every aspect of her is hidden except her intentions and her heart. 8. What colors adeptness you accessory with your character? Why? I accessory the appearance Viola with a abysmal purple/blue color. This is not alone because that assertive blush resembles both genders but additionally because that blush is adequate and calm and accessible to accessory with. 9. What article adeptness you accessory with your character? Why? I accessory a map with my appearance because I accept that the intentions the appearance is actual bright and the avenue and alley to accomplish those intentions are additionally actual clear. And although the avenue to complete this ambition is abrupt Viola is still accommodating to chase herself/the map to adeptness her destination of accurate love. 10. What beastly adeptness you accessory with your character? Why? I accessory my appearance with a spider, because although they are baby and may assume bush there intentions are bright and they are a prime predator in the insect family. 1 1 . What are your character's two primary senses? My characters two primary senses would be their articulation and their adeptness to appearance problems and complications. 12. Does your appearance "mask", or awning up, animosity and behaviors? If so, what does your appearance mask? My appearance covers up her animosity and her concrete features. She does this because her animosity that she has about Battle Rosin assume absurd to accept and accost about and to accomplish this, she hides her changeable appearance to attending like a man. 13. Does your appearance accept a faculty of humors? Is this faculty of Amusement acclimated in a absolute or abrogating way? My characters faculty of amusement is reflected primarily on affecting irony- the scenes and problems that action to my appearance hidden as a man are amusing because the accomplishments are conducted as a changeable and because the admirers alone knows about it they become added emotionally invested in the appearance and are added compassionate appear the bearings authoritative it added funny. 14. In absolute life, would you be your character's friend? Why or why not? Yes, I would absolutely be my characters acquaintance in absolute activity because I am aggressive by her adventuresomeness and bilabial u to be able and stick up for her dreams, behavior and aspirations alike afterwards she suffered a server agitation of the accident of her brother. She shows charge and proves that she will go to any admeasurement to beat her dreams and I would adulation to annular myself with that absolute and alarming influence. 15. What is your character's best absolute trait? My characters best absolute amore is her chain and adventuresomeness to booty risks to adeptness her goals. Hiding her appearance to be with the man she loves could've advance to adverse consequences, she not alone would accept suffered abashment if her anatomy was compromised but additionally the battle may not see it from Violas angle and accelerate her to Jail. 16. What is your character's cachet in the world? Does your appearance accept money or power? My appearance has a low cachet in the world, this is the acumen she goes to such acute measures to be with Battle Rosin - because they both appear from altered walks of activity and it is awful absurd that the Battle will see Viola for who she absolutely is after actuality addled by the bureaucracy put out in society. 17. What are your character's above wants and desires? My characters above wants and desires are to be with her accurate adulation Battle Rosin. The complications appear because the Battle is in adulation with Olivia who is a aerial status, affluent lady. Viola will do annihilation to be with the Battle alike if it is to become his assistant and accelerate letters to the one he loves after anytime acumen her animosity for him. 8. What is your character's above cold for this arena in the comedy in which he or she appears? In the scene, the characters above cold is to analyses the problems she has acquired and try to anticipate of a band-aid area she is larboard with the Duke. It is additionally in this arena back she realizes how out of duke the botheration has become and that its too adamantine a bond for me to untie'. 19. How does your appearance go about accomplishing these above objectives? My appearance attempts to accomplish these above goals by camouflage herself as a boy and gets a Job to assignment for Battle Rosin. She feels the charge to adumbrate who she is to accomplish her goals. 20. What is your character's activity objective? My characters activity cold is to accretion the adulation and amore of Battle Rosin. After accident her brother Viola absent a audacious access in her activity and longed to ample that aperture with Battle Rosin to whom she had consistently been in adulation with and had called to accompany her dream to be with him. 21 . How does your appearance go about accomplishing his or her activity objective? My appearance achieves her cold by assuming she is a macho so she can assignment for the Battle and be afterpiece to him and one footfall afterpiece to his love. 2. Has your appearance afflicted by the end of the play. If so, in what ways? No, my appearance hasn't afflicted - in the end her intentions and goals were accomplished back the Battle saw her for whom she absolutely was and accustomed her as that, as able-bodied as the acknowledgment of her brother whom she anticipation was lost. FEATURES OF ELIZABETHAN THEATRE: Dramatically agitative Exploring altruism on a amusing / claimed akin (Renaissance) Anapestic accent Words were best important Rhythmic/ anapestic chat Symbolic adumbration Elevated accent of speaking/ articulation Use of Aside (whispering to the audience) and Soliloquy (solo Speech, as admitting aligning/ cerebration to yourself) Wednesday 23rd July: ABSENT Appraisal analysis and recount: (27th August 2014) In appellation 3 our assigned appraisal assignment was to actualize and present a achievement article based on the catechism 'How is a actual appearance accordant to ball today I accept although this was a acceptable catechism I alone struggled badly with the achievement and accustomed the affairs our accumulation suffered I accept our achievement doesn't reflect our alone abilities. Back we accustomed the catechism our capital abstraction was to address about how Shakespeare ND Apology theatre were both affiliated with anniversary alternative and how they accept access ball and theatre in our avant-garde society. But our capital claiming was converting our account to a acceptable achievement that will not alone appropriately acknowledgment the catechism but additionally to accumulate the admirers entertained. It was additionally decidedly arduous for our accumulation because we had Heather absent for all of the acquaint we had to assignment on the appraisal - Heather played a arresting role in the calligraphy and I decidedly struggled to change the curve and blocking with one beneath accumulation member. Afterwards the calligraphy was complete I was absolutely challenged by advancing up with the blocking of the achievement as I alone acquainted that our aggregate lacked teamwork in presenting account and appropriately allowance with the assignment bulk as able-bodied as committing to rehearsals. It was arduous additionally to adeptness the standards that I apperceive the accumulation can accomplish after the charge and assurance to apprentice curve and blocking afore the borderline from every member. Afterwards our accumulation seemed able for the achievement we were notified that Heather's curve and blocking charge be included in the achievement alike if she was absent on the presentation day. This meant that we had to redelivers the calligraphy afresh as able-bodied as change the blocking to fit in addition member. I absolutely begin this to be actual ambagious on our accumulation as we were all abashed about the curve and queues we were acquirements as it was consistently actuality changed. But luckily we accustomed an addendum on our appraisal that absolutely bigger the group's aplomb in assuming the allotment after application the script. I achievement that in our accessible achievement we will be able to reflect to the admirers the adamantine assignment that was put into the achievement article admitting the complications hat occurred. In my appraisal autograph and assuming the article has been the best arduous ball appraisal yet and I achievement the abutting appraisal will accompany bigger luck and circumstances. In the approaching I achievement to be added organized with the bulk of assignment anniversary actuality gets so that every affiliate of the accumulation will appropriately assignment on the appraisal and one affiliate wont be overloaded. I additionally now accept how abundant of a aberration abridgement of action can accomplish to a achievement and I achievement that I accept developed on these abilities in not alone access the action that I accept but additionally my teammates which will clearly appoint the admirers better.

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