Jang Brand Audit

The purpose of this cast assay is to assay the cast Jang Bi-weekly and actuate the accurate personality of the newspaper. The cast assay covers the key attributes that are associated with Jang, the specific needs that the bi-weekly caters to and which accurate the ambition bazaar that it serves. Finally the assay has CBBE archetypal that identifies the disinterestedness of the cast and assertive recommendations for the brand. APPROACH The assay is mainly based on Internet assay and customer insights.BRAND JANG NEWSPAPER Jang bi-weekly is admired as a exceptional cast in Pakistan with readership advancing from a advanced array of socio-economic and demographic readership. It started as a abridged bi-weekly in Dehli in 1939 but back Pakistan’s ability has accustomed itself as the exceptional Urdu bi-weekly in the Pakistan. The bi-weekly has attendance in all the above cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and Multan. Besides Jang bi-weekly has able readership in UK for over three decades now. Apple Press Trends has rated Jang amid the top 100 newspapers of the world.INDUSTRY REVIEW It is estimated that 60% of the nation’s burghal citizenry are bi-weekly readers. The apportionment of circadian newspapers in Pakistan is about 2 actor 1 (Figures of 2008). Some of the arch newspapers are: Urdu Newspapers Circadian Nawai-e-Waqt Family Magazine The Circadian Express Frontier Post Circadian Ummat Karachi Urdu Point The Circadian Pakistan The Circadian Waqt Lahore Circadian Khabrain Nidaimillat English Newspapers Dawn (English) The Express Tribune The Nation (English) Pakistan Times The Account (English) Circadian TimesThe top of band Urdu newspapers from these are The Circadian Express and Nawai-e-Waqt based on apportionment and affection of reporting. 1 http://www. aftabassociates. com/stories. html#National%20Readership%20Survey CONSUMER ANALYSIS NEEDS AND WANTS Credible, Authentic, Adapted and Appropriate account in Urdu SEGMENTATION AND TARGETING Segments: Accurate account in Urdu alike for a college amount Ambition Market: The capital ambition bazaar is the readers gluttonous account is Urdu mainly from SEC A and SEC B. BRAND INVENTORY BRAND ELEMENTS Name: Jang Logo: Characters: Mir Khalil ur Rahman URL: http://www. jang. com. pk/ CORE BRAND VALUESAt the amount of Jang’s ethics are allegorical and afterlight its readers through account and all-embracing analyses on issues pertaining to politics, government, policies, amusing issues, sports, ball and abounding more. Being the bi-weekly for a ample articulation of the populace, it tries to abduction and reflect the affections and behaviors of the readers. BRAND PORTFOLIO ANALYSIS Wednesday and Sunday Magazines accoutrement host of issues pertaining to arts and culture, women, sports and appearance to name a few. Friday Islamic publications POP (EXPRESS/NAWAI WAQT) Urdu accent Own television channels Own English newspapers Ample apportionment and clairvoyant basePODS (EXPRESS/NAWAI WAQT) History and ancestry Acclaimed Internationally Best Aboveboard and Accurate Acclaimed for the best breaking account BRANDING STRATEGIES (EXTENSIONS (LINE EXTENSION, CATEGORY EXTENSION) The Jang Accumulation has continued into assorted alternative accompanying and altered fields that include: The News: Circadian English bi-weekly that caters to the SEC A/B that are in chase of accurate account in English URL: online availability of the account with approved updates GEO TV: addendum into the television media which has added added the acceptability of Jang newspaper.MKRF: Mir Khalil Ur Rehman foundation is an NGO in the name of the architect of the Jang accumulation Jang bi-weekly has been actively gluttonous promotional activities. In 2000, it organized the aboriginal IT appointment and exhibition. It was complex in co-branding with Citibank in their acclaim agenda barrage in 2002. Besides Jang’s alive assurance with candid admirers with their fantasy candid apple cup and their crosswords in the bi-weekly accept created a able band of the readers with this brand. BRAND EXPLORATORY BRAND ASSOCIATIONS *Quality Columns Best apprehend Insightful Advertisements Informative Professional Urdu Current/ Adapted Sensationalism (but non-masala) SEC A/B Largest apportionment Aboveboard Controversy Aloof *based on responses from altered individuals CONSUMER PERCEPTIONS ANALYSIS The bi-weekly is not beheld as article absolutely for the college assets group. Quality, accurate advertisement and aloof analysis, amazing but not abridged with all-inclusive apportionment and readership are some attributes that bodies accessory with Jang. Hence the acumen of bodies is that Jang bi-weekly is a exceptional cast not from the angle of amount but affection it delivers to its readers. BRAND POSITIONING The cast is positioned as the top Urdu bi-weekly in Pakistan which delivers the best authentic, aboveboard advice appropriate to its readership. BRAND EQUITY Jang Bi-weekly has accomplished the cachet of a cool cast in Pakistan accepting the accomplished amount of anamnesis all over Pakistan.The cast extensions from the Bi-weekly in the anatomy of the online newspaper, GEO television and MKRF accept accustomed it immense publicity and are broadly acclaimed as the best aboveboard Urdu bi-weekly in Pakistan. Loyalty Attachment Community Assurance Affection Believability Consideration Superiority Accurate and appropriate account in Urdu Actual aboveboard account antecedent Warmth Excitement Amusing approval Self Respect SEC A/B readers Apprehend at home, offices, and traveling. Aboriginal Urdu bi-weekly of Pakistan with its roots from prepartition times Aerial amount of cast acquaintance with about all bi-weekly readers acquainted of the brand.Read mostly by SEC A/B bazaar gluttonous authentic,updated advice RECOMMENDATIONS 1. Stigma of overextension sensationalism would be adverse and may aftereffect in Jang bi-weekly accident its credibility. This stigma is abundantly associated with GEO account and as a aftereffect has afflicted Jang as well. To anticipate the abrogating affects on the ancestor cast the advertisement of GEO account charge be kept accumbent with the ethics of Jang newspaper. 2. Jang bi-weekly has actual aerial awareness. It charge continuously acquisition means of agreeable readers and body aloft its equity.This could be in the anatomy of cavalcade and balladry autograph competitions or the acceptable crossword addle competition. 3. The bi-weekly needs to strengthen its online presence. Its website needs all-inclusive advance with commendations to the affection of its design. Also the newspaper’s attendance on amusing networking websites is analytical to appoint readers online. 4. With newer technologies accessible in adaptable phones and addition of iPad Jang bi-weekly needs to accomplish accessible adaptable adaptation of its website/newspaper for easier browsing on these devices.

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