Jane Eyre and Helen Burns Comparison

Jane Eyre and Helen Burns are best accompany at Lowood, but they both see the apple differently. Anniversary one is advised alone and handles their punishments in their own way. They both admire their faith, but it can’t absolutely break all their problems in life. That is why they about-face to anniversary alternative and be admiring throughout their time at Lowood. Even admitting the academy isn’t fair and is boxy on the girls, they still administer to break accurate to themselves. To activate with, Jane and Helen acquire altered personalities. Jane is added of a rebel, while Helen prefers to aloof go with the flow. Jane has a faculty of self-worth, dignity, a charge to amends and principle, a assurance in god, and a amorous disposition. She is additionally an intelligent, honest, deformed firl affected to argue with oppression, inequality, and hardship. Meanwhile, Helen manifests a assertive backbone and bookish maturity. Like Jane, Helen is agilely artistic and ornery. Although, Helen’s abject and abstinent attributes highlights Jane’s bullheaded character. Both Jane and Helen are orphans that continued for a home and fair treatment. Helen believes that she will acquisition her home in Heaven rather than Northern England, while Jane longs for adulation and freedom. With this in mind, Jane does not like it aback bodies amusement her poorly, so she’s consistently accessible to bang back. Helen doesn’t like accepting atrocious abuse either, but she prefers to aloof acquire it because she knows it’s never activity to stop. She endures her afflicted activity with a acquiescent address that Jane can’t understand. Jane struggles to acquisition others who accept her. Helen in some means is a added complete adaptation of Jane because of the way she handles situations and pushes her way through life. Above all, both girls about-face to their accepting to advice them abide their activity at Lowood. Helen represents a approach of Christianity that stresses altruism and acceptance. She trusts her own accepting and turns the alternative audacity to the Lowood policies. She believes that amends will be begin in God’s ultimate judgement – God will accolade the acceptable and abuse the evil. On the alternative hand, Jane us clumsy to acquire such dark faith. She counts on God for abutment and advice in her search. Her adventure is for adulation and beatitude in this world. All in all, Jane Eyre and Helen Burns are two actual altered girls ambidextrous with agnate struggles at Lowood. They may about-face to anniversary alternative for help, but they additionally about-face to their faith. Their accepting is a above allotment of what keeps them activity able in life, as able-bodied as friendship. Jane and Helen may not like the way that there are treated, but they administer to accord with it and accomplish their way through life’s toughest battles. They aloof listened to their affection and believed in themselves and anniversary other.

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