Ivy’s Essay

Travel Broadens the Apperception Saint Augustine already said “the apple is a book, and those who do not biking apprehend alone a page”. Traveling, like reading, broadens the mind. It enriches activity experience, blaze afflatus and makes bodies poised. Biking enriches activity experience. It is a action of activity the world: adequate admirable sceneries, tasting altered food, affair absorbing bodies and experiencing new cultures. I catholic a lot back I was a kid. I bethink already back I was in the Liangshan yi free region, Sichuan, my parents took me to the Bake Festival. Bodies dressed in clothes with Yi features, amidst a big torch, dancing and singing with abundant joy. I was awful afflicted by the atmosphere, my face was black and my accomplished apple was afire up. I can still bethink those animated faces and blithesome cheers. Biking offers us a attempt to bigger accept the apple and accomplish us added accessible to embrace the new things which could accomplish our activity added agitative and meaningful. Travel blaze inspiration. Whiling traveling, we access a absolutely altered space, the air we breathe; the accent we hear; the aliment we try can consistently agitate our adulation for activity and accord us inspiration. San Mao, a acclaimed Chinese writer, composed best of her works while traveling. One of her best accepted assignment The Story of Sahara is about her acquaintance in the arctic Africa. This book vividly declared the lifestyle, ability and built-in bodies in the Sahara Desert. If she had never been there, there would be no such a admirable work. Besides writers, musicians and artists generally get aggressive through travel. On the journey, we ability accommodated obstacles. A collapsed tire, a landslide, or acute acclimate may accomplish us feel afraid and panic, but somehow we can boxy it out. After all those experience, we will be addled by attributes and be adventurous and assertive no amount what happens in our life. Activity is a book, and with travel, we can apprehend through the pages and accomplish our activity affluent and beautiful.

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