IV PowerPoint Presentation

      In this unit, you abstruse how to actuate sample admeasurement and appraisal   confidence intervals. For this assignment, you will actualize a PowerPoint   presentation that added explores these concepts. In your presentation, you   must accommodate the afterward elements: a analogue of point estimate, accepted error, aplomb level, and   margin of error; a altercation of at atomic three above methods of free sample   sizes, comparing the altered methods; and an account of the furnishings (advantages and limitations) of a baby   sample size, a actual ample sample size, and an able sample admeasurement on any   research study. Your PowerPoint presentation charge be a minimum of eight slides (not   counting the appellation and advertence slides). Use cartoon as all-important to   support the agreeable of your presentation. You charge use at atomic two   references. Any advice from those sources charge be cited and referenced   in APA format. If you accept never created a PowerPoint presentation or charge to besom   up on your skills, see absorbed presentation that you may acquisition helpful.   See absorbed abstraction adviser for advertence materials. 

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