Assignment DescriptionNote: Prior to developing your project, amuse accomplish abiding you accept downloaded and installed the Android Flat IDE and the Android Development Tools (ADT) according to the instructions begin by clicking here.Assignment DetailsYou accept been assassin to actualize a adaptable appliance for Healthy Life, a bounded amoebic bakery and grocery store. The owners appetite to action a adaptable appliance to barter that appearance recipes that accommodate capacity that they advertise in their store. Over the abutting few weeks, you will be developing, testing, and deploying the adaptable appliance based on the blueprint provided for anniversary assignment. Once completed, you will be demonstrating the adaptable appliance to the client.The afterward blueprint is what the applicant has requested:Create a new Android Appliance Project.The capital awning should accompaniment the name of the being who owns the phone.The compound appliance should accept a asphalt or beheld adjustment placed in the appliance list.The appliance should accept a burst awning that serves as an adapted graphical advertisement for the application.The appliance should use an adapted arrangement architecture and appliance figure image.Once opened, the capital folio of the appliance should use the folio name of Healthy Life and a accustomed full-screen blueprint appliance a 2-column filigree ascendancy in the Content Panel with 4 buttons in the appropriate cavalcade and 4 agnate images in the larboard cavalcade of the filigree control. The argument of the four buttons should read: Bread, Fruits, Vegetables, and Soup, respectively. Note: In Phase 5, the buttons will be affiliated to the agnate compound class in a bounded database.Test your appliance by active the Android Buzz Emulator.Create screenshots of all of the accordant screens of your active application, and save them in a Word certificate called "yourname_ITSD427_IP2.docx." You should additionally use this certificate to call the appointment you performed for this assignment, with specific capacity apropos the locations and changes of the cipher you created and modified.Save and abutting the project. Zip the absolute project, including your screenshots and appointment description, to a book called "," and abide the ZIP book to the dropbox.NOTE: Amuse download android flat to complete this work

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