It’s Your Ship

Book Advice Title: It’s Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Abuse Address in the Fleet Author: Captain D. Michael Abrashoff Publisher’s Name: Warner Books, Inc. Publisher’s Location, Year of Publication: New York, NY, 2002 Number of Pages: 210 pages Content The all-embracing cold of the book is to admonish new, and old, leaders to become bigger leaders. While anyone can account from account this book, the advised admirers is leaders in any organization. One accomplishment that should be alarming to all leaders of businesses was that 65 percent of bodies leave their companies because of the managers (Abrashoff, 2002). How do leaders change that statistic? Abrashoff believes that active a address is actual agnate to active any business; it takes affective a aggregation to achieve at the best of their abilities to achieve optimal ability and achievement of tasks. He auspiciously takes his adventures from arch a Naval aggregation and teaches the admirers how to administer it to their organizations. Forth with highlighting every acceptable moment he and his aggregation accomplished on the USS Benfold, Captain Abrashoff additionally shows declining moments the aggregation had to endure. Those examples appearance the admirers that in adjustment to succeed, there has to be some trials forth the way. Abrashoff introduces readers to the 11 acquaint he has abstruse that helped him become a bigger leader: booty command; advance by example; acquire aggressively; acquaint purpose and meaning; actualize a altitude of trust; attending for results, not salutes; booty affected risks; go aloft accepted procedure; body bodies up; achieve unity; and advance the crew’s affection of life. He committed a affiliate to anniversary assignment and explains the accent of anniversary and how to administer them to any business. Affiliate one talks about how Abrashoff became the captain of USS Benfold and how he had to booty command. His aboriginal obstacle was apprehensive if anybody was activity to like him. He bound accomplished that “be agreeable is not aerial amid a address captain’s job requirements… to be respected, trusted, and effective” is (Abrashoff, 2002, p. 12). Afterwards that, he accomplished “a claiming for leaders… is alluring and application … the best advisers and added important, how to actuate them so that they assignment with passion, energy, and enthusiasm” (Abrashoff, 2002, p. 12). Leaders charge to acquire to their advisers so they can bigger acquire what they are activity through. Forth with listening, advisers charge to be motivated. Motivation helps advisers appetite to do their assignment and do the best job. Addition obstacle was acquirements the absolute acumen why soldiers were not re-enlisting. Abrashoff (2002) declared the following: I apprehend some avenue surveys, interviews conducted by the aggressive to acquisition out why bodies are leaving. I affected that low pay would be the aboriginal reason, but in actuality it was fifth. The top acumen was not actuality advised with account or dignity; additional was actuality prevented from authoritative an appulse on the organization; third, not actuality listened to; and fourth, not actuality adored with added responsibility. p. 13) All of those affidavit are actual agnate to why bodies are abrogation noncombatant jobs. Abandoned one cessation could appear from it: all leaders are authoritative the aforementioned mistakes. The best acknowledgment for those obstacles was summed up altogether aback he talked about his acclimation principle. Abrashoff (2002) said “the key to actuality a acknowledged skipper is to see the address through the eyes of the crew” (p. 13). The baton does not consistently appear up with the ideas; leaders would account abundantly if they listened to their aggregation more. Empowering advisers makes them apprehend their potential. When “given the adapted environment, there are few banned to what bodies can achieve” (p. 31). Afterwards demography command, a abundant baton charge advance by example. In affiliate two, Abrashoff apparent “90 percent of the time, I was at atomic as abundant a allotment if the botheration as my bodies were” (p. 33). Aback things go amiss and tasks are not completed, a administrator usually blames the employees. Abrashoff acclimated a altered approach; he looked at himself and wondered what he may acquire done amiss in assertive situations. By acquainted their own faults, a baton can apprentice from them and appearance their advisers that they are acquirements from them. There were four sections of the affiliate that was actual important. The aboriginal breadth was on canonizing the aftereffect one has on people. Leaders charge to acquire how they affect their people, “their optimism and cynicism are appropriately infectious” (p. 35). If the baton is in a bad mood, the advisers will faculty that and be in the aforementioned mood. Abrashoff talks about his “dark side” and how he advisedly stays abroad from his aggregation aback he is accepting a bad day. The additional breadth talks about captivation leaders accountable. Leaders charge to achieve abiding they accustomed their allotment in a blow and booty some of the blame. The Washington Post analysis was the abutting section. If there is any affair on whether article is the adapted affair to do, account it actuality on the advanced folio of a newspaper. Would it account embarrassment or would it be article to celebrate? Abrashoff thinks that every accommodation a baton can achieve should be based on that test. The aftermost breadth is about abject a activity alike aback a baton disagrees. There are affluence of times a administrator will disagree with a activity or activity handed bottomward by aerial management; a abundant baton will abutment it anyway. Undermining superiors will appearance advisers that they can do the same. In affiliate three, Abrashoff stresses the accent of listening. He talked about his adventures with watching William Perry acquire conversations with bodies and how Perry consistently gave his complete absorption to anniversary person. In result, Perry was admired and bodies acquainted acceptable in his presence. Abrashoff started to focus on absolutely alert to his aggregation and alleviative anniversary chat like it was the best important chat he was having. While accepting these conversations, Abrashoff abstruse to “see the address through the crew’s eyes” (p. 4). He apparent that his aggregation had abounding acceptable account about how to achieve the ambiance added enjoyable; they were there every distinct day and knew a lot about the circadian operations on the ship. It would achieve faculty to acquire to their ideas. One of his aboriginal goals was to apprentice every soldier’s name, their spouse’s name, and all the names of their children. Then, he connected to apprentice altered things about anniversary of them. He talks about acumen his aggregation was aloof like him, “they had hopes, dreams, admired ones, and they capital to acquire that what they were accomplishing was important” (p. 46). In turn, his aggregation becoming added of his account and it became easier for them to allocution to him and allotment their ideas. Award annular bodies for annular holes was his abutting point in the chapter. Aback he knew his bodies so well, he was able to bout them with the absolute job. Afterwards accepting an abettor that was not acceptable at administering paperwork, Abrashoff begin a adolescent seaman called David Lauer, who was labeled as a “troublemaker” to booty over the task. Lauer shined in that assignment and Abrashoff asked him why he had so abundant agitation in his aftermost job. The seaman said that he acquainted like his suggestions were not actuality heard and he aloof gave up. This archetype accepted that alert aggressively can account leaders immensely. “Word magic” was the aftermost assignment Perry accomplished Abrashoff. Abrashoff believed “if leaders aback their words with action… convenance what they preach, their words actualize a self-fulfilling prophecy” (p. 50). Every time addition talked about the USS Benfold, it was referred to as “the best abuse address in the Navy. ” He capital his aggregation to say it so they believed it and in turn, anybody abroad believed it. The abutting assignment is about communicating the purpose and acceptation of every task. Abrashoff said it best in the aboriginal book of affiliate four, “the accomplished abstruse of arch a address or managing a aggregation is to clear a accepted ambition that inspires a assorted accumulation of bodies to assignment adamantine together” (p. 52). Aback advisers acquire why a assignment it bare and how they can account from it, they are added acceptable to accord their all in commutual it. It is a abashment that addition spends so abundant time at assignment and does not acquire in the assignment they are doing. He capital his aggregation to absolutely adulation what they were accomplishing every time they boarded that ship. If a baton makes their aggregation anticipate they can do anything, they will acquire it. Abrashoff anticipation that if he announced with his aggregation about everything, they would acquire and be added involved. He was adjoin befitting his bodies in the dark, “secrecy spawns isolation, not success” (p. 55). It would be an advantage to the absolute aggregation aback anybody knew the goals. That ties into aperture up the chock-full channels in an organization. By communicating the advice effectively, the aggregation produced bigger results. Abrashoff gave the archetype of the advice arrangement in the Gulf War and how basic letters were never received. With the abstraction from one of his aggregation members, John Rafalko, the airways were austere and letters were received. Abrashoff gave complete acclaim to Rafalko, claiming he abandoned listened to the abstraction and accurate Rafalko. Affiliate bristles addressed the accent of creating a dupe environment, “the best way to accumulate a ship—or any organization—on advance for success is to accord the troops all the albatross they can handle and afresh angle back” (p. 63). Aback advisers are trusted to do their jobs, it makes it easier for them to focus on the task, not the micromanaging. Another way to animate assurance in the abode was to not achieve advisers attack adjoin anniversary other. Abrashoff capital his candidates to assignment calm instead of alive adjoin anniversary other. He believed that that antagonism created disbelief and analysis amid the aggregation and in the connected run, did not advice the absolute crew. Abrashoff said that anyone can animation aback from a bad decision. By allowance addition accept their spiral up, it sends a bulletin to the absolute aggregation that they will acquire the aforementioned attention. By giving up on someone, “they acquire instantly that there’s no allowance for redemption…” (p. 7). Also, never accompany a botheration to the bang-up if it can be anchored afterwards him; Abrashoff did admonish to abandoned get the bang-up complex if it cannot. Finally, aback ambidextrous with a difficult boss, it is best to absorber the aggregation from that person. The assurance stays aerial and it is beneath acceptable for advisers to be besmirched or angry off by that person. The affiliate on attractive for results, not salutes, talked about attractive at every one as an equal. Abrashoff encouraged leaders to let their crews allege up with their ideas; they should be able to catechism the authority. By animadversion bottomward barriers amid the captains and the aggregation members, it encourages bodies to get to apperceive one addition and be added acceptable to allege up aback article can be done better. Abrashoff gave abounding examples throughout the book about his aggregation analytic some of the decisions and behavior in abode and in the end, the aggregation bigger some things. Here, again, he stresses the accent of involving the aggregation in aggregate and absolution them get complex in the controlling process, “innovation knows no rank” (p. 96). With the achievements, he did acquaint leaders to acquire failures. Leaders should not admonishment advisers aback they achieve an attack to breach a botheration and it does not work; anybody should acquire the “freedom to fail” (p. 94). The abutting affiliate talked about demography affected risks. Advisers anguish about demography risks because the after-effects can be devastating. Disciplinary action, alike termination, can be the aftereffect of demography a accident and failing. Abrashoff believes in adulatory the risk-takers, alike if it ends in failure. Anybody makes mistake; “show me addition who has never fabricated a mistake, and I will appearance you addition who is not accomplishing annihilation to advance your organization” (p. 04). The bodies that achieve their own decisions are the ones leaders should absolutely be behind. Abrashoff said “if all you accord are orders, afresh all you will get are order-takers” (p. 107). Leaders charge to let their advisers booty responsibility; that is how self-starters are born. Aback that self-starter is unearthed, leaders charge to booty a adventitious on them. Abrashoff accepted that alike the abaft aggregation affiliate can about-face out to be a adamantine alive one. He acclimated the archetype of the aggregation affiliate who was larboard abaft because he forgot to set his alarm. The sailor was placed on brake aback it was a austere offense, but he connected to excel in his job. Aback he begin out his mother was ill, he put in for leave and was angry bottomward by every leader. Abrashoff absitively to admission him the leave and it did wonders for the sailor. He was actual motivated to do a abundant job and to not let bottomward his aggregation mates again. In the end, the sailor larboard the Fleet and became a aegis contractor. The aftermost breadth of the affiliate was about breaking rules. Abrashoff said to breach the rules that did not achieve faculty and breach the ones that did achieve sense, aloof actual carefully. This allotment was appealing self-explanatory; it is accept to claiming the rules. As he was adage throughout the absolute book, if article is wrong, acquisition addition way to do it. There are bad rules and it is the leader’s job to acquisition a bigger way to do things, or animate their advisers to acquisition a bigger way. Affiliate eight was all about activity aloft and beyond. Abrashoff anticipation to get outstanding results, leaders had to go aloft the accepted procedures, “innovation and advance are accomplished abandoned by those who adventure aloft accepted operating procedures” (p. 119). Like he has said abounding times in the book, Abrashoff capital his aggregation to booty those risks and absolutely anticipate of way to change the system. He capital self-starters and bodies with abundant account because it was not aloof his ship, it was everybody’s ship. In affiliate nine, Abrashoff goes aback to his bodies and talked about architecture them up. This affiliate had a lot of credibility in it and it is one of the important acquaint in the book; assured advisers advice any organization. Architecture self-esteem in the abandoned allowances the absolute team, “never breach them down; advice them abound strong” (p. 41). The bulletin ties in with the assurance piece; assuming an agent that they are trusted and cared for makes a big aberration in the way they work. Praise every distinct success, no amount how big or small, was important to Abrashoff. He believed that this practice, not only, formed on aggregation members, but it could be acclimated on the big bosses: If you appetite to achieve annihilation in a ample bureaucracy, get central the bosses’ head. Anticipate what they appetite afore they apperceive they appetite it. Booty on their problems; achieve them attending so acceptable that you become indispensable. When they can’t get forth afterwards you, they will abutment about annihilation you seek to accomplish. (p. 141) If leaders aloof trusted their bodies more, they would see that they usually get it right. Bodies with talent, aback motivated, can abruptness bodies and move up in the ranks. Advisers appetite to do a acceptable job and prove they can do the job; leaders should assurance that they can. And leaders charge assurance the new bodies and admonish them well. New bodies are a abundant asset to any organization; they can be molded, with the able training, into annihilation the baton wants. It is important to accumulate them accursed up; any old influences—older aggregation members—can ruin their attitudes with any negativity. A able “welcome aboard” affairs is imperative; newbies can be beat actual calmly if their aboriginal day is a disaster. Best importantly, apprehend the best from every employee. Leaders charge to advance absolutely into their bodies and they will get it aback tenfold. Abrashoff declared that if we “stopped alleviative them as if they are stupid, they would achieve better” (p. 158). Aback they are not assuming at their best, leaders should accord honest acknowledgment constantly. The advisers cannot fix their problems if they do not apperceive what they are accomplishing wrong. This bargain the surprises during the analysis process; leaders would not acquire to allocution about all the things that charge convalescent during the analysis if they do it in the moment. Addition best convenance is to ask the basal performers to amount their performances themselves. They are added honest to the actuality that they are the basal performers compared to their aggregation mates. Afterwards that, appear up with an activity plan and set expectations on aback to fix the problems. Leaders, then, should abide to drillmaster in the moment and be accessible and honest with their employees. A aggregation cannot achieve if they is no unity. Affiliate ten addressed the accent of accord in a aggregation and how the baton charge actualize that with his employees. He claimed that “one of the toughest things for organizations to achieve is to get bodies to set abreast claimed differences and assignment for the acceptable of anybody involved” (p. 168). One of his capital focuses was to alternation for unity. He started off with award accepted interests amid everyone. Then, he capital his aggregation to acquisition “positive affidavit to amount others” (p. 173). He, ultimately, accomplished a abatement in the letters on ancestral ageism and animal aggravation because the ship’s assurance was actual positive. Punishment needs to be dealt out adequately in organizations. Leaders charge to ascendancy their aggregation answerable for their actions, but also, apprentice to accord them a additional chance. Every agent needs to apperceive they will be punished appropriately and afterwards they acquire paid for their crime, the slate is wiped clean. Activity aback to the affiliate about accepting the failures, it is important to apprentice from it and move on. Abrashoff believed anybody deserves a additional chance, aloof like the sailor how overslept. Now any man would say if his woman is not happy, he is not happy; Abrashoff agreed with that ideal. By authoritative the women feel like allotment of the team, aloof as the men did, Abrashoff prevented gender issues. Animal aggravation was bottomward and anybody admired one another. It, also, helped the men on the address calm bottomward and be added mature. They saw the women as their equals and pushed them to footfall it up a bit. This assignment is actual important in noncombatant organizations; adequation amid the sexes still has not been accomplished and abounding leaders should booty addendum on this chapter. Abrashoff concluded the affiliate with examples of amazing changeable sailors he has formed with and how important they were to his team. The aftermost assignment that Abrashoff talked about was convalescent the affection of the team’s life. He accepted the abstraction of accepting fun with the aggregation and authoritative the assignment ambiance fun. Abounding leaders frown aloft accord and would apparently attending at Abrashoff’s practices as that. But his bulletin was all about adequate activity and accompany and he did it in actual simple ways. He organized karaoke and alcohol-free blessed hour on Fridays, cine nights on Saturdays, and arena music anytime assignment was involved. It aerial the assurance and anybody was bedlam and accepting fun. Acceptable aliment was addition important allotment of convalescent the affection of activity in the aggregation members. Abrashoff saw aliment as an important allotment of the ship. Bodies could relax and associate over a acceptable meal and abundance could abandoned increase. Alike accepting a Thanksgiving meal aback one is far abroad from home sends a caring bulletin to the aggregation and makes bodies feel good. Reviewer’s Evaluation In my opinion, this book can be actual accessible to anyone aggravating to be a bigger manager. It absolutely opens the reader’s eyes on the able way to administer and how to let go of the “typical” administrator style. I absolutely like the allotment about attractive through the employee’s eyes and accepting the advisers added motivated to do a bigger job. I acquire Abrashoff absolutely challenges the accepted ideal that managers should be aloof and listened to; ascendancy and rules should never be questioned and consistently followed. He promotes adventurousness and arduous bad rules and absolutely wants the baton to empower their aggregation to achieve decisions and be innovative. It’s Your Address is an advisory book that can advice any baton become a bigger baton or apprentice new techniques to become the best leader. I am not abiding how this book looks compared to alternative books like it, but I apperceive the appellation abandoned is addictive and I would apparently aces this one up aboriginal if I had to accept (I anticipate it is because the chat “damn” is on the cover! ). I anticipate it was actual adapted for us BBA acceptance in the business administering acreage because best of the jobs are administrator positions. Not abandoned can we acceptance account from it, I anticipate anybody can booty some pointers from this book. Some may not achieve it to a administrator position in an appointment or retail setting, but there are baton positions everywhere: churches, advance work, etc. Anniversary and every leader/manager can absolutely accumulation from this book. The addition of the book is huge; the bulletin is so important to all managers. From my experience, I acquire been managed by abounding managers and became a administrator myself. Abounding of these acquaint would acquire been an advantage to my superiors and to me. Some of the capacity absolutely batten to me, such as acquirements to assurance bodies to do their jobs. I can accept that that was one breadth that I struggled in aback I was a abundance manager. I absolutely feel that Abrashoff did a abundant job answer his practices and he fabricated it actual absorbing to apprentice about them. I would absolutely acclaim this book not abandoned to BBA students, but to abounding of my retail accompany and some of my accepted supervisors. Reviewer’s Advice Name: Shanita Kitts Affiliation: Averett University Address: 1300 Dover Place, Lynchburg, VA 24502 References Abrashoff, D. M. (2002). It’s your ship: Management techniques from the best abuse address in the navy. New York, NY: Warner Books, Inc.

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