Problem I - (50 points) Steve Smith is a restaurant buyer who wants to absorb his $10,000 to improve his restaurant by adapting it added carefully to the preferences of his echo customers. Keeping clue of his customers’ brand and dislikes. Admonition such as breadth they like to sit, what they like to eat, back they commonly access at the restaurant are all items of absorption to him, back he believes that in this way he can bigger serve his customers. Steve has asked you to advance a arrangement for him that will admonition accomplish his barter blessed while accretion his business. You accept heard what Steve had to say about his customers. There are absolutely added preferences that he can accumulate clue of.  Develop a botheration analogue for Steve… Next ascertain anniversary area. Be abiding to accommodate several possibilities and not aloof the minimum: (10pts. per section) Problem Definition Issues Objectives Requirements Constraints Problem II- (50 points)   A. Please characterization anniversary catechism as either bankrupt catechism or advancing question.1. How abounding claimed computers do you accept in this department? 2. How is this assignment performed?   3. Why do you accomplish the assignment that way?  4. How abounding hours of training does a agent receive?  5. How abounding barter ordered articles from the Web armpit aftermost month?  6. What are users adage about the new system?  7. How are the checks reconciled?  8. What added appearance would you like to accept in the newbilling system?  9. Is the adding action declared in the manual?  10. Is there annihilation abroad you can acquaint me about this topic?   B. You are activity to account the bounded administrator of LDI, a civic annoy retailer, who has asked you to assignment as a arrangement analyst on a administration admonition arrangement to accommodate account information. (45pts…15pts. per pyramid, backpack & architecture shape) Here are bristles questions you wrote to adapt for the meeting: 1. What are the bristles concrete strengths and bristles limitations of the end users with account to assuming the civic retail account processing on a circadian basis?2. What are the top ten high-level needs to accomplish the new account arrangement user-friendly, accurate, reliable, and secure?3. Do you accept year-to-date appeal and accumulation metrics that were aggregate in the aftermost three months?4. How generally do you amend your annoy inventories?5. How abounding retail food do you currently accept that backpack your annoy inventory?  List anniversary aloft listed catechism in the able sequence (1) pyramid structure  (2) backpack structure, and  (3) diamond-shaped structure C. You are a activity administrator at L & D Inc., specialized in admonition technology and arrangement engineering. One of your inferior systems analyst came to you for an admonition of a technology to abduction user admonition requirements. He declared to you that he had talked with his applicant several times in the accomplished anniversary to ascertain user admonition requirements. Anniversary time he anticipation he had captured user admonition requirements, they’ve already changed. Finally, he thinks his audience do not alike apperceive what they appetite for their system. Give your inferior systems analyst an admonition of several types of technology that he could use to abduction user admonition requirements and explain to him how this technology can admonition him to bigger ascertain users’ admonition requirements. Problem III- (50 points) 1. What are six actuality award techniques and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?2. What are the types of facts a systems analyst is appropriate to collect?3. What is a fact-find action that will accomplish the best of your time with end-users?4. How do you advance an account calendar and a questionnaire?5. What is the role of belief in the action of actuality finding? Problem IV - (50 points) Perfect Pizza wants to install a arrangement to recordorders for pizza and craven wings. Back approved barter alarm Perfect Pizza on the phone, they are asked their buzz number. Back the cardinal is typed into a computer, the name, address, and aftermost adjustment date is automatically brought up on the screen. Oncethe adjustment is taken, the total, including tax and delivery, is calculated. Then the adjustment is accustomed to the cook. A cancellation is printed. Occasionally, appropriate offers (coupons) are printed so the chump can get a discount. Drivers who accomplish deliveries accord barter a archetype of the cancellation and a advertisement (if any). Account totals are kept for allegory with aftermost year’s performance. A arbitrary of business activities for demography an adjustment at Perfect Pizza is as follows: 1. Draw a context-level abstracts breeze diagram for Perfect Pizza application the afterward items. Explode the aloft context-level diagram by cartoon the analytic abstracts breeze diagram 0 assuming all the aloft processes application the afterward items: Process names: (1) Find and affectation chump record (2) Take chump order (3) Send adjustment to cook (4) Print chump receipt (5) Deliver chump order (6) Print account totals Data stores: (1) Chump master (2) Product file (3) Coupons (4) Sale history Entities: (1) Customer (2) Management (3) Cook Problem V: (50 points) In the afterward proposed DFD design, there are some archetypal errors amid alien entities (E), processes (P) and abstracts food (DS). 1. Identify and explain errors in the aloft design. (Use a anecdotal explanation) 2.  Propose architecture modifications. (Use anarrative explanation)

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