It Took This Man 6 Months and $1,500 to Make a Chicken Sandwich From Scratch (VIDEO)

What does it feel like to body a business from scratch? Conceiving and accumulation disparate capacity -- from allotment to costs to hiring to business and above -- can be as greatly advantageous as it is agilely laborious. Just ask Andy George, host of the YouTube appearance “,” which aims to acknowledge accomplishment processes in assorted industries that are often taken for granted. In a , George capacity his adventure to accomplish a craven sandwich absolutely from blemish -- an endeavor that took him six months and $1,500 to realize.  As allotment of the mission, George grew his own garden, fabricated his own alkali from ocean water, affected bootleg cheese from a cow he alone milked, harvested his own aureate for aliment and alike collapsed a chicken. Related:  Was it all account it? “It’s not bad,” George shrugs afterwards assuredly tasting his conception -- afore burying his arch in his easily and abandoning into atoning giggles. As any road-tested administrator ability acquaint you, it’s about the journey, not the destination. “It tastes like a corkboard biconcave in auto juice,” deadpans one of his friends. See the action in all its celebrity appropriate here: Related: 

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