According to abstract analysis and the EU Activity Security and ICT Policy, the authors adumbrated that, the credibility of abandonment of the EU’s (European Commission 2007) activity action was threefold: active altitude change, attached the EU’s alien vulnerability to alien hydrocarbons, and announcement advance and jobs, thereby accouterment defended and affordable activity for consumers. The capital focus of the EU’s action alluringly was to move appear a distinct all-around administration and the mainstreaming of altitude into alternative policies; and appropriately accepting a 20% portion out of the absolute 2014–2020 EU budget.  The focus at the burghal akin was to aftermath the greatest after-effects in an energy-efficient accomplishment that will accommodate three sectors. Q1 – What are these three sectors?  identify and name the three sectors, accommodate a abrupt anecdotal for anniversary sector. When attractive added into the EU’s Activity Security and ICT acceptable burghal development, and government action efforts: Q2 – What are the bristles ICT enablers of activity ability articular by European strategic research Road map to ICT enabled Energy-Efficiency in Buildings and constructions, (REEB, 2010)?  identify and name the bristles ICT enablers,   provide a abbreviate anecdotal for anniversary enabler

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