IT Computer Network Assignment 3 Pages and 10 Slides

Deliver appointment as two files. 1.) 3 pages address up   Writing Style: APA Type of document: Essay Academic Level:Master Number of Pages: 3 (Double Spaced)   Number of sources: 3  2.) Deliver 10 slides PPT  Number of sources: 1 Writing Style: APA Type of document: PowerPoint Presentation Academic Level:Master Number of Slides: 10  Category: Technology   These are the instructions for the absolute project, which includes an APA formatted affidavit on the 5 accomplish of documenting the design. That allotment I will abide in addition order. But didn't appetite to abash anyone. Here are the instructions: The final activity is to architecture a network, arrangement aegis and WAN connectivity for the afterward situation: Organization of 100 computer users in three locations. • Location one: two buildings, 25 computer users in anniversary building. 50 total • Location two: one building, 15 computer users. • Location three: one architecture 35 computer users. Document your architecture as follows: 1. Introduction to the architecture Explanation of accessories and software used. 2. Diagram of the absolute network. 3. Diagrams for anniversary location. 4. Explanation of aegis procedures. 5. Explanation of WAN connection. Include with your 1. APA formatted affidavit a 2. PowerPoint presentation of 10 slides illustrating the key credibility you would back to administration and users. You charge abide TWO files. A certificate and a PPT.  Main Reference:  Textbook: Data Communications & Computer Networks, A Business User's Approach, 8th Edition, Curt M. White  

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