IT Agreements

Seva Bharat recognizes the analytical accent of attention the aloofness of Individuals and accepting the acquaintance of all official records. Advisers of the Department of Advice Technology (IT) will achieve adapted efforts to assure and defended official abstracts and information. IT positions frequently accept advantaged admission to accretion systems, applications, databases, arrangement ecology accoutrement and alternative accessories that may accommodate annal and advice that are clandestine and arcane in nature. As an agent of Seva Bharat's Department of Advice Technology, I may be entrusted with such rivileged admission and appointment or accept admission to sensitive, arcane or proprietary Advice whether or not It Is labeled or Identified as such. I accede the acute and arcane attributes of advice apropos Seva Bharat / LCT / SBPT / SST / MI employees, consultants, alumni, donors, vendors, and alternative stakeholders of the Seva Bharat community. I accept and accede that this Advice may alone be appear with able allotment and in the exercise of my appointed duties. I accede not to use any admission or advice accessible to me In he advance of my duties to appoint in any activity that conflicts with the interests of Seva Bharat or use any admission accessible to me to accommodate advice to others affianced in any activity that conflicts with the interests of Seva Bharat. pecifically, with account to appointment compuung systems, networks, records, flles, email and alternative information, I accede that I will amusement all arcane advice as such by apropos the aloofness of users, the Integrity of the systems and the accompanying concrete resources, and I will: Access, copy, or abundance abstracts alone In achievement of my Job responsibilities, attached erusal of capacity and accomplishments taken to the atomic all-important to achieve the task. 2. When accouterment absolute casework to users, archetype or abundance abstracts or advice alone with the user's accord and alone to complete a defined task, and alone to archetype and abundance user abstracts for continued abundant to complete the defined task. 3. Not seek claimed account or admittance others to account alone from any abstracts or Advice that has appear to me through my assignment assignments. 4. Not achieve or admittance crooked use of any advice in the appointment advice systems or records. . Not enter, change, annul or add abstracts to any advice ystem or book alfresco of the ambit of my Job responsibilities. 6. Not carefully or advisedly Accommodate or account to be included in any almanac or report, a false, inaccurate or ambiguous entry, 7. Not carefully or advisedly adapt or annul or account to be adapted or deleted from any records, address or advice system, a accurate and actual entry. 8. Not absolution official abstracts alternative than what is appropriate for the achievement of my Job responsibilities. 9. Not display or admit the capacity of any record, book or Advice arrangement to any being except as appropriate for the achievement of my Job esponsibilities. u basin every reasonaDle precautlon to anticipate unautnorlzea admission to any passwords, user identifications, or alternative advice that may be acclimated to admission official advice systems or records. 1 1 . Limit admission to advice independent in or acquired from the systems to accustomed persons. 12. Address any incidents of my non-compliance with the acceding of this acceding to my supervisor. I added accede not to apart arrangement to accomplish or accommodate advice technology casework to alternative entities not associated with Seva Bharat while active by the Department f Advice Technology, or to use offcial assets in the commitment of abreast apprenticed services. I accept official assets accommodate time, equipment, computers, tools, software, phone, email or alternative items that are provided by or acquired through my accord as an agent of the Seva Bharat community. Page | 1 I accept and accede that my abortion to accede with the acceding of this acceding will accept after-effects and may aftereffect in antidotal activity up to actual abortion and bent prosecution, depending aloft the infraction's severity, affirmation of my intentions, and the acuteness and ambit of the advice ompromised.

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