Issues in Primary Foundation Subjects and RE

Teachers are adapted to bear a ample and counterbalanced class accoutrement the bulk subjects: Literacy, Numeracy and Science and the foundation accommodation and across accessible ensuring bristles non-statutory cross-curricular elements including creativity, ICT, all-around issues and articulacy and numeracy beyond the class (QCDA, 2000).

This heavily answerable class and a belted calendar accept led agents to anticipate of new agency of accustomed foundation subjects. The Qualifications and Class Development Agency (QCDA) schemes advised to accommodate abutment for agents in presenting a class apparent as difficult to fit into the time available. About the ‘over-prescriptive’ (Jones and Wyse 2004) commitment of the class via the National Strategies has been criticised by the brand of Ofsted (2003) and alternative government bodies for akin adroitness in both the teaching and learning. This abridgement of adroitness in apprenticeship is apparent as a aloft affair by experts such as Sir Ken Robinson (2006) who altercate that it can accept a abrogating appulse on the development of the ‘whole child’ at such an important date of their lives. In adjustment to accouterment both issues of time and abridgement of creativity, agents and educational specialists accept looked appear cross-curricular and theme-based learning. These approaches to teaching and acquirements are said to accord finer to the artistic acquirements and development of primary age-old children.

When because the role of primary apprenticeship in adolescent development, letters by OFTED accept focussed on how schools advance the claimed and amusing development of their pupils. The Scottish Class of Excellence (2004) goes added still by establishing the four purposes of apprenticeship as the development of: Acknowledged learners, assured individuals, amenable citizens and able contributors.

For the purpose of this study, we will accede how the four areas of development as set out by the Class of Excellence (2004) can be added and answer through the artistic teaching and acquirements of foundation accommodation at primary level. In a fifth across the barriers to adroitness and adolescent development aural foundation accommodation will be analysed.

Here we will accede how a artistic access to foundation accommodation can accord to the development of acknowledged learners by analytic the characteristics of a acknowledged abecedarian and anecdotic how accouchement apprentice best.

The development of acknowledged learners is a circuitous action and involves added than aloof aerial accomplishment and an adeptness to absorb advice (Kyriacou 2009, Wallace 2001), the key to acknowledged acquirements is to accommodate accouchement with abilities which will acquiesce them to apart use and administer their adeptness in new contexts and situations (Hayes 2004). It is this accomplishment of anecdotic links amid above-mentioned adeptness and new contexts that highlights the accent of adroitness in primary apprenticeship in allowance advance acknowledged learners.

Creativity can be a difficult abstraction to ascertain as it is abstract, cannot be abstinent and is additionally awful abstract (Craft 2000, Jones & Wyse 2004, Prentice 2000). However, Barnes (2007 p8) offers a bright yet accessible analogue of adroitness as being:

‘The adeptness in all bodies imaginatively or about to put two or added annual calm to achieve a new idea.’

It can accordingly be adapted that acknowledged learners accept acquired artistic cerebration abilities enabling them to alteration abilities to alternative accommodation (Wallace 2001). Actuality adroitness is advised to be a acquirements action as against to a acquirements appearance (Craft 2000).

Foundation accommodation can action opportunities for the development of artistic cerebration by accouterment accouchement with a ‘questioning classroom’ across they are encouraged to participate in arduous activities such as debates across they claiming and catechism angle and opinions (Fisher 2004). Artistic cerebration can additionally be approved through the children’s altered representation of ideas; visually, physically and verbally (Fisher 2004)

During a contempo placement, I was able to beam a R.E assignment across accouchement were asked to use a spider-gram to allegorize their annual surrounding ‘remembrance’. The accouchement acclimated the spider-gram finer and were able to articulation annual calm and advance explanations of alternative key words. From observations it was bright that all accouchement proceeded in altered agency but the aftereffect was identical; they auspiciously produced a beheld representation of their thoughts and annual surrounding a affair demonstrating their use of artistic thinking.

This archetype additionally highlights the accent of accouterment a activating and agreeable acquirements ambiance in the development of able learners as the akin of children’s brainy accommodation can be added through able aesthetic and artistic teaching methods (Wallace 2001).

Considering how accouchement apprentice is an important agency in the teaching of foundation subjects. Theories on which acquirements environments are the best able alter appreciably but today Constructivism is about accustomed as actuality the best able for adolescent development and acquirements as against to ‘Transmission’ models of learning.

There are additionally debates surrounding the commitment of foundation subjects. Experts such as Barnes (2007) and Jones and Wyse (2004) altercate that adroitness and cross-curricular acquirements go ‘hand in hand’, but others such as Nachmanovitch (1999) affirmation that the anatomy of accountable specific acquirements ‘ignites spontaneity’ benefiting creativity.

This abstraction supports the constructivist and cross-curricular approaches to acknowledged acquirements as these approaches are reflected in a majority of schools’ behavior and practices.

Constructivists such as Piaget and Vygotsky argued that accouchement apprentice best aback they are accustomed opportunities to body on their above-mentioned adeptness and apprentice through activated contiguous adventures (Kyriacou 2009). Hayes (2004) additionally argues that acquirements is added by experiencing and that trans-missive teaching cannot alter this. Empiric acquirements of foundation accommodation can absorb acreage trips, designing and authoritative a artefact or art allotment and investigations.

Children’s understandings of capacity beneath abstraction can be brought to action by trips to museums and alternative acreage trips (Hayes 2004) alms opportunities for the accouchement to chronicle what they apperceive about a accurate affair to how they acquaintance it. Accouchement additionally apprentice from investigations across the aftereffect in the alpha is uncertain. They apprentice through the action of applying adeptness and compassionate to accepting new abilities (Hayes 2004) for archetype in an art lesson

On a antecedent adjustment across the accouchement were about to activate a affair on ‘Lindisfarne’, the academy abiding a day appointment to the island in adjustment to atom the children’s concern and accommodate them with acquaintance from which they could advance and attach adeptness aback in the classroom. During the aboriginal affair assignment that followed the cruise the accouchement wrote bottomward a cardinal of questions that had arisen from their acquaintance on Lindisfarne and discussed with the abecedary what they capital to acquisition out about the island. This provided the abecedary with a bright appearance of the children’s interests and antecedent compassionate of the appearance of Lindisfarne which enabled her to plan for adolescent led investigations that awful motivated the accouchement and gave them buying of their learning. I acquainted that the use of the children’s acquaintance accumulated with a cross-curricular access to the commitment of the affair accustomed a actual artistic and affective acquirements environment.

Cross-curricular acquirements as mentioned briefly aloft has been authentic by Barnes (2007 p8) as:

‘When the abilities adeptness and attitudes of a cardinal of altered disciplines are activated to a distinct experience, affair or idea, we are alive in a cross-curricular way. We are attractive at the acquaintance of acquirements on a macro akin and with the class as the focus.’

This access to teaching and acquirements allows for a ample and artistic commitment of the curriculum. An OFSTED address (2003) begin that artistic classroom environments were generally across agents acclimated cross-curricular capacity and did not feel apprenticed by orthodoxies (Hayes 2004).

Foundation accommodation are generally acclimated in a cross-curricular way through the teaching of capacity and themes. For archetype the affair on ‘Lindisfarne’ mentioned beforehand focussed on geography, history and some aspects of R.E. This access meant that advantage of both history and cartography was accessible aural the aforementioned lesson, appropriately accepting admired time and authoritative the acquirements accordant to the children’s adventures of Lindisfarne.

The development of acknowledged learners depends on the accouterment of a creative, experiential, and cross-curricular acquirements ambiance across the accouchement can advance cerebration abilities and adroitness capital to acknowledged learning.

Confidence plays a basic role in the development of primary age-old accouchement as it contributes to their physical, affecting and moral abundance enabling them to adore their apprenticeship and fulfil their abounding potential. In adjustment for this development to occur, agents charge accept that all accouchement can achieve (Gipps & MacGilchrist in Pollard 2002). This acceptance is again translated into aerial expectations and accouterment motivating, adapted and accordant challenges for the accouchement (Gipps & MacGilchrist in Pollard 2002). Setting accouchement acquirements challenges can be a circuitous assignment as agents accept to booty into annual their altered abilities and acquirements styles in adjustment for the accouchement to become motivated by adapted and accordant challenges (Kyriacou, 2009).

Over the accomplished 30 years theories on altered acquirements styles additionally accepted as ‘multiple intelligences’ accept sparked debates over the cardinal of ‘intelligences’. Gardner accustomed eight ‘intelligences’ including; verbal/linguistic, logic/mathematical, musical, visual/spatial, kinaesthetic, naturalistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal (Jones & Wyse 2004) and declared that abutting accommodation in a cardinal of altered agency that baby for altered acquirements styles, will advice to appoint a best of accouchement and with this assurance adroitness will flourish. However, Gardner’s access was awful criticised as bodies begin it adamantine to chronicle to aloof one anatomy of intelligence and generally acquainted they learnt in two or added styles (Barlett & Burton 2007). In acknowledgment to these debates Sternberg (1985) acclaimed three added absolute types of intelligences: analytic (measurable in tests e.g. IQ tests), Artistic or empiric (The adeptness to see access amid things and advance aboriginal ideas), activated or contextual (The adeptness to apprehend situations and bodies again dispense to one’s needs e.g botheration solving).

The implications of these theories led to an accepting that accouchement do not apprentice in the aforementioned way and in adjustment to advance children’s aplomb they charge feel that they are able to achieve and afflicted acquirements challenges.

Creative teaching and acquirements of foundation accommodation action a holistic access to the development of assured individuals. For archetype a P.E assignment involving accouchement accustomed out connected jumps, barometer the ambit of their all-overs and award agency of addition their all-overs enables all three types of learners as authentic by Sternberg (1985) to administer and use their anatomy of intelligence aural a ambience that additionally allows them to advance alternative intelligences. An analytic abecedarian would advance in the barometer and comparing of distances jumped admitting a artistic or empiric abecedarian would account from the convenance of jumping and be able to chronicle their acquaintance to alternative activities involving jumping, barometer or analysing results. A activated abecedarian would be able to apprehend the after-effects and authorize techniques to advance the ambit of their jump.

This archetype demonstrates how including elements of cross-curricular acquirements in foundation accommodation can advice appoint and actuate accouchement altered acquirements styles and covers some of the non-statutory cross-curricular elements: numeracy beyond the class and adroitness (QCDA 2000).

Promoting the development of children’s aplomb in foundation accommodation additionally involves the accouchement action admired and admired (Hayes 2004). This implies that agents acclaim and accolade accouchement for their efforts and contributions. Failure to bulk and acclaim children’s assignment can demotivate and drove children’s aplomb (Craft 2000). Abridgement of aplomb can additionally affect children’s adroitness captivation them aback from demography risks and exploring which are actual important elements of children’s development and adroitness (Barnes 2007, Palmer 2007). Sir Ken Robinson argues that if accouchement are not accustomed the aplomb or opportunities to booty risks and achieve mistakes they will be accomplished out of their creativity. Adolescent led investigations action admired opportunities for accouchement to booty risks, achieve mistakes and advance their confidence. Observations on placements adumbrated that accouchement advance to apprentice and analyze in environments across they feel ‘free’ to administer their adeptness and abilities in adjustment to break problems and investigations.

Foundation accommodation such as R.E, citizenship and PHSE advice accord appear the development of assured individuals by acclamation issues and discussions surrounding Account and Self-Respect. These accommodation and capacity advice the accouchement to feel safe aural their acquirements ambiance and authorize a dupe accord with their abecedary and aeon which in about-face assists their physical, affecting and moral well-being. They appropriately accredit accouchement to acquaint their own behavior and angle of the apple through discussions and debates (Curriculum of Excellence 2004).

The compassionate and advance of address as mentioned ahead is an alive contributor appear the development of assured children. Moreover Account plays an important allotment in allowance accouchement become amenable citizens.

Recent teaching acquaintance offered a admired acumen of one school’s appearance across they aimed for accouchement to become ‘independent and amenable learners’. Accouchement were accustomed albatross and buying of their acquirements during child-led investigations and in accustomed out classroom duties such as tidying, handing out assets and registration.

Foundation accommodation such as history, geography, R.E, Citizenship and PHSE action occasions for accouchement to accede their responsibilities on issues surrounding the environment, bounded and all-around communities (Weil & McGill 1989) they additionally accommodate opportunities for accouchement to use their artistic and analytical cerebration abilities in adjustment to accede their approaching (Barnes 2007). An ascertainment of a PHSE assignment afterwards the contempo accustomed disasters in Japan was an analogy of this. The abecedary was acquainted that abounding of the accouchement had been talking about the Tsunami and were somewhat afflicted by the images apparent on television. During PHSE the abecedary absitively to allocution about ‘Charity’. The accouchement bidding a able alertness to advice the victims of Japan by adopting money and came up with the abstraction of a ‘cake sale’ to advice accession money. Although the accouchement did not feel amenable for the disasters in Japan they were acquainted that they could comedy an alive role in allowance the victims. By advancing up with the abstraction of a block auction they acclimated their analytical and artistic cerebration and took albatross for the alms event. Afterwards accepting organised and captivated the block auction the accouchement accustomed alone certificates from the arch abecedary to accolade them for their accommodating action. The accouchement displayed a accurate faculty of proudness in actuality the aboriginal creators of the event. What this archetype shows is that foundation accommodation can advance to artistic acquirements across the accouchement booty abounding albatross of their acquirements and accede the appulse that it will accept on the added community, in this case the victims of Japan.

Development of amusing abilities is additionally aerial on the educational agenda. Agents and apprenticeship specialists accept generally adapted the use of collaborative acquirements opportunities aback gluttonous to advance the children’s amusing abilities (Kyriacou, 2009, Pollard 2008 and Wallace 2001). Accumulation assignment itself is one of the three key abilities declared in the non-statutory abilities framework (QCDA 2000) alongside advice and botheration solving. Wallace (2001) suggests a framework for developing able cerebration abilities and stresses the accent of the amusing ambience which accumulation assignment can accommodate in alms a altitude of interaction, administration and cooperation (Wallace 2001). Aback agreeable in accumulation activities accouchement apprentice to become self-aware and body accommodating relationships with their aeon in adjustment to achieve the task. Foundation accommodation such as PE action activated contexts aural which accouchement can advance aggregation abilities and use artistic cerebration to authorize acceptable strategies and techniques (Littledyke & Huxford 1998).

In sum, auspicious accouchement to booty albatross for their acquirements and roles aural the classroom and bounded and all-around communities allows accouchement to advance self-awareness and account for alternative bodies appropriately accidental to the development of amusing skills.

The fourth across of development to which the artistic acquirements of foundation accommodation can accord is that of ‘effective contributors’.

The angle of accouchement acceptable ‘Effective Contributors’ implies that they are able to administer analytical cerebration to new contexts, assignment in partnerships and teams, actualize and advance and break problems ( Class of Excellence 2004).

In adjustment for accouchement to become able contributors they charge to feel the charge and action to accord and accept its purpose (Kyriacou 2009). For agents this agency that they charge set a context/ admirers and be absolute about the purpose for the acquirements experience.

From observations on placements giving the accouchement a purpose and admirers for their acquirements is generally a aftereffect of artistic teaching bond acquirements to a added ambience in adjustment to authorize a affective ambiance and focus for the children’s learning. Jeffery (2008) relates this ‘meaningfulness’ of acquirements to ‘relevance’

For archetype in Music the accouchement were acquirements about bang with a appearance to accommodating in the end of year performance. This accurate ambience motivated all the accouchement to do their best as they all knew they would be assuming in advanced of their accompany and parents and capital them to be appreciative of them. It additionally gave the accouchement an compassionate of why they were acquirements to comedy bang instruments preventing them from action that it was somewhat abortive or abandoned of meaning.

Children’s adeptness to administer analytical cerebration to new situations demonstrates the capability of artistic acquirements and cerebration abilities developed aural foundation accommodation as mentioned earlier.

The adeptness and alertness to actualize and advance additionally implies built-in action (Kyriacou 2009) and accepting that their creations or developments will be valued. The adroitness actuality is not belted to the added commonly artistic accommodation such as Art and Design, Design and Technology and Music (Jeffery & Craft 2001) but envelops all of the foundation accommodation across accouchement may aftermath an aboriginal or altered idea, abstraction or absolutely a concrete assignment of art/ creation.

Children who accept alloyed artistic and analytical cerebration abilities and who are able to use techniques such as advancing questioning, mind-maps and spider-grams will be able to administer these abilities apart to botheration analytic in a array of contexts and subjects.

Observations from placements advance that accouchement accord added in environments across speaking and alert opportunities aggregate an important allotment of the learning. In one RE assignment the abecedary acclimated a cardinal of advancing questions such as ‘What are your thoughts on this?’, ‘How would you feel in this situation?’ and ‘why do you anticipate this is?’ to abet chat amidst the accouchement and again on a one-to-one basis. The accouchement affianced in chat guided by the teacher’s advancing questions and became added and added complex as the abecedary connected to add questions to the debate. The accouchement additionally began to ask anniversary alternative questions and claiming one another’s views. This use of advancing questions enabled the accouchement to anticipate in a artistic why by accepting to seek for bright answers that generally adapted analytical cerebration and evaluating the situation. It additionally helped authorize an ambiance across accouchement contributed artlessly and finer and the chat amid pupils and the abecedary flowed easily. On absorption this was ensured by the teacher’s accomplishment of allurement pertinent and anticipation afflictive questions but additionally by the advance accustomed to the accouchement to participate in a non-judgemental environment.

However, this archetype demonstrates that the factors accidental to the acknowledged and artistic development of Primary-aged accouchement generally depends on the acquirements ambiance and teaching to which the accouchement are exposed. This aftermost across examines the barriers to artistic acquirements and development of Primary-aged accouchement in the ambience of foundation subjects.

Although there is a cogent bulk of analysis surrounding the contributions of foundation accommodation in accouterment artistic acquirements and allowance accouchement advance into assured and acknowledged learners, there are about barriers to these contributions.

The aboriginal barriers beleaguer the commitment of artistic teaching. For abounding Adroitness is absolutely associated with the Arts (Pretence 2000) attached artistic approaches to the commitment of foundation subjects.

Some alike altercate that because adroitness cannot be measured, it will not advice accession accomplishment levels which are abstinent (Craft & Jeffrey 2001). This is awful debateable as adroitness contributes to alternative abilities which may be measured. For archetype artistic and analytical cerebration approved in a accounting analysis surrounding ecology issues will abutment the child’s evaluations of the affair appropriately accidental to a acceptable affection allotment of accounting work.

Another affair surrounding adroitness is that of subjectivity. Opinions on what is artistic and what is not alter from actuality to person. Adroitness is abstract and accordingly if a child’s artistic efforts are not recognised or admired by the abecedary again this can appulse on their action and aplomb (Barnes 2007). This can generally be the case aback agents accelerate out letters to accouchement about what is advised to be the appropriate or amiss aftereffect of an activity. Accouchement become abashed or actuality amiss and are beneath acceptable to booty risks and be artistic (Robinson 2006).

Other barriers to Adroitness accommodate teaching that is abominably able for and lacks accountable knowledge. Adroitness has to be anxiously planned for and an important bulk of accountable specific abilities are adapted other-wise the acquirements opportunities are restricted, blurred and become cryptic to pupils (Craft & Jeffrey 2001). Attempts to bear artistic teaching on contempo placements accept sometimes resulted in the accouchement acceptable aloof as the acquirements objectives and ambience were not affective or bright abundant for them to become engaged. These adventures accent the accent of abundant and absolute planning alike aback planning for child-led activities and investigations.

Teachers who accept had little ascribe or training in adroitness generally feel abashed or alike afraid at the anticipation of teaching and planning for artistic acquaint (Barnes 2007). These attitudes are sometimes backed up by arguments claiming that able models of artistic teaching accept been alien from contexts that do not consistently bout the ambience of their schools across they are aggravating to accept their artistic access (Craft & Jeffrey2001).

The ‘over prescriptive’ use of QCA schemes of assignment criticised in ‘Excellence and Enjoyment’ (2003) is claimed to impede artistic teaching and acquirements and acceptance accept acclaimed the abridgement of across and antithesis and a abiding abatement in time committed to foundation accommodation (Barnes 2007, Pretence 2000). Some of the schools on adjustment followed the National Strategies as if they were the approved curriculum.

Other agents who were abundantly anxious about the advance of their pupils in bulk accommodation would generally marginalise foundation accommodation as actuality ‘less important’. This has led to discussions over agreement acclimated to analyze ‘core’ and ‘foundation’ accommodation suggesting a bureaucracy amidst accommodation (Prentice 2000).

Recent suggestions about approaching changes to the class additionally announce a ‘back to basics’ access across foundation accommodation such as History will be accustomed added ‘importance’. These suggestions alongside criticise cross-curricular acquirements across History has been accomplished as allotment of capacity or capacity because it is acquainted that aural a affair accouchement may not be acquainted of the actual aspect if it has not been accomplished discretely. On absorption this may be a admired altercation in some cases across the commitment of accommodation such as History has not been absolute to the accouchement but this depends on the accomplished academy access to their commitment of the class and the affection of the teaching.

In sum, foundation accommodation advice accord appear the development of the ‘whole child’. Artistic approaches to the commitment of foundation accommodation such as cross-curricular acquirements and the development of cerebration abilities accept been argued as capital factors in the development of successful, assured and amenable individuals. The ambit of accommodation accomplished and the aberration of activities provided facilitate artistic acquirements and development for all accouchement by accouterment for and acknowledging their altered acquirements styles.

However, admitting cogent analysis on the allowances of Adroitness in Primary Education, Adroitness charcoal a non-statutory aspect of the National Class abrogation agents and schools to accede Adroitness aural their own behavior and practices.


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