Islamic Banking In Saudi Arabia

INTRODUCTION: INTRODUCTION TO ISLAMIC BANKING: GENERAL OVERVIEW: It has been conceptualized that Islamic Cyberbanking refers to a cyberbanking adjustment that is in adequation with the axiological Islamic concepts and highlight the ethics accustomed in the adoration of Islam. These ethics are a pre-defined in a cipher of conduct alleged the Shariah Law that governs the Islamic way of activity and. Sharia Law is afflicted by the article in the Quran (the angelic scripture followed by Muslims) and the Sunnah (teachings of the aftermost Prophet), and is consistently accomplished in all Islamic economies about the world. Sharia Law, on a accepted level, instructs individuals to abjure from the abstraction of anchored acquittal while accompanying abnegation from accepted cyberbanking behavior and instruments that accept elements of interest. Islamic law instructs its followers to abstain appliance absorption (known as Riba) forth with all classifications of accepted cyberbanking practices that are advised unethical. Therefore, business practices that are adverse to the attempt of Sharia Law are termed as Haraam (forbidden). In essence, the abstraction of Islamic Cyberbanking differs from accepted cyberbanking adjustment as it forbids the use of absorption and relies on the affairs that are based aloft actual appurtenances and real, assessable services. (1,2) HISTORICAL VIEW OF ISLAMIC BANKING: Historically, the use of absorption was present in age-old Middle Eastern societies, imposed on the poor by the rich. However, with the advance of Islam, the article of the Quran and the Sunnah alien a atypical cyberbanking adjustment that freed all citizens of absorption (Riba) and alien according rights for all. Through the use of the Sharia Law in basal businesses and transactions, assorted communities in the Middle Eastern amphitheatre prospered and grew into an immense trading arena. Moreover, through the acceptance of the Islamic cyberbanking adjustment because of its adorable outcomes, the appliance and use of it advance common and can now be begin implemented in abounding western societies. (1,3) Before 1950s, Muslims strived and succeeded in giving way to a cyberbanking adjustment that didn’t use absorption to accumulate basal for business affairs (5,7). The change of abreast Islamic cyberbanking adjustment can be traced aback to the 20th century, aback Ahmad El Najjar from Egypt, congenital its basal foundation by introducing a adjustment of accumulation based on ‘profit-sharing’. In 1963, a cardinal of Egyptian banks activated the profit-sharing adjustment by advance in bounded barter and industry, and aggregate the profits with the depositors. The Egyptian association apparent complete success during the years implementing Islamic cyberbanking system, acceptable to the economy’s success. Although the acknowledgment of accumulation is almost slower in Islamic banking, bankers begin the accepted cyberbanking adjustment added adorable as it alternate college accumulation allotment through the use of interest. Therefore, aback accepted cyberbanking alike in abounding Middle Eastern societies, it bound rose to abundant acceptance for businesses and investors. However, as the accepted adjustment abandoned depended on interest-bearing activities, abounding advisers of Sharia Law absolved it as banned according to the adoration of Islam. (4,6) From the aeon of 1950 to 1960, Muslim advisers got calm in adjustment to codify a cyberbanking adjustment that would be chargeless from absorption and would be based on the axiological attempt of Islam. This resulted in the accumulation of a archetypal accepted as present day Islamic banking, which was based on two concepts. Firstly, they accustomed accumulation and accident administration contracts, accepted as Mudarabah; and secondly the abstraction of Wakalah, an advance annual in an Islamic coffer that would acquire a collapsed fee for investors. (3) Keeping this archetypal in mind, the countries of Egypt and Malaysia were the aboriginal to aftermath Islamic cyberbanking institutions that were non-interest based. In 1971, Nasir Social Coffer was accustomed in Egypt that was about declared as ‘an interest-free bartering bank’. After in the 1970s due to the booming oil revenues from the Middle Eastern countries, baby bartering banks sprang up as they competed for the surplus funds amidst the growing acceptance of no-interest cyberbanking (4,8,10). United Arab Emirates alien the aboriginal bartering coffer that was a aftereffect of clandestine enterprise, accustomed in 1974. This was followed by the enactment of an all-embracing cyberbanking academy by the name of Islamic Development Coffer in 1975 in the burghal of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. (5) The 1980s saw accelerated advance of the Islamic cyberbanking industry. One of the aloft developments in this aeon was the enactment of the Islamic Training Institute by IDB, which invested on analysis and development of conceptual and abstract applications of the Islamic Cyberbanking principles. Countries like Bahrain and Malaysia accurate the appearance of such a adjustment and answer Islamic banking. This move was followed by the about-face of the cyberbanking systems to non-interest institutions in countries such as Iran, Pakistan and Sudan (3,10). Due to the astounding advance witnessed by alternative cyberbanking institutions, accepted banks began introducing Islamic windows in their institutions by alms Islamic articles such as Mudarba and Musharaka, which are declared after on in the address (7). In the 1990s the advance that was witnessed beforehand steadied, as governments and assembly were admiring by the propositions of this cyberbanking system. Through added development in the Islamic cyberbanking system, adapted avant-garde articles and casework were introduced. Islamic insurance, accepted as Takaful, was alien forth with the addition of Islamic disinterestedness funds (2,3,8). In the abreast world, the Islamic cyberbanking adjustment has accustomed itself beyond the apple and got is accustomed as a aloft cyberbanking adjustment in both western and eastern societies about the world. (4) WHAT IS ISLAMIC BANKING? There are assertive defining characteristics that abstracted an Islamic cyberbanking academy from a interest-based accepted system. Firstly, Islamic cyberbanking adjustment shares the accident of advance that translates into administration the accident of affairs accordingly (1). Secondly, Islamic cyberbanking is based on complete assets and affairs that accept a assertive bread-and-butter purpose (2,3). Thirdly, Islamic cyberbanking adjustment grants that candor should be affirmed in the beheading of the agreements so that there are no arguable acceding and altitude for every affair complex (6). The best important of the characteristics mentioned aloft is that Islamic cyberbanking institutions should not absorb beneath any circumstances, an aspect or a transaction based on Riba (interest), because the Islamic Cyberbanking adjustment centers on interest-free banking. (3) GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT: In adjustment to accept the advance and development of the Islamic cyberbanking model, we allegation to appraise the admeasurement of ability of the accepted Islamic cyberbanking system. Islamic cyberbanking institutions accept now engulfed several Muslim countries beyond the globe, and accept amorphous establishing roots in abounding western societies. An eminent archetype is of the Islamic windows present in HSBC by the name of Amanah, as able-bodied as Standard Chartered Sadi in the UK. Figure 1: Geographic Breakdown of Islamic Assets Recent studies accept accustomed that Islamic assets accept added by 15% per annum over the accomplished two decades (5,6). This is because Islamic economists accept modeled accepted cyberbanking articles offered by Islamic banks by adapting on to the abundant accepted accepted cyberbanking articles to baby to and accomplish the consumer’s needs. However, they accept auspiciously adapted them to abstain the use of absorption and accede with the axiological aspects of Sharia Law. (5,9) The accepted all-around account of the position of Islamic cyberbanking area is actual promising. Assets beneath the Islamic cyberbanking administration would anon cantankerous the 1 abundance dollar mark for the actual aboriginal time in 2012 (3,6,9). In 2011, the assets were admired at 840 billion dollars, which was preceded by the asset bulk of 400 billion dollars in 2009 (4). This shows a arresting advance of 100% in the year 2011 and a added 25% advance in 2012. (8,11) Table 1: Total Volume of Sharia Complaint Assets in USD Currently, there are 300 banks and cyberbanking institutions beyond 50 countries that action Islamic cyberbanking casework to its consumers (1,11). Economists’ accept fabricated predictions for the unparalleled advance and appeal for the Islamic cyberbanking system, forecasting a advance bulk of 15% to 20% annually for the abutting eight to ten years (5,8). According to these statistics, the advance in the Islamic Cyberbanking area is set to accomplish a 4 abundance dollar mark from 2020 to 2022. (3,9) ISLAMIC BANKING PRINCIPLES AND CONCEPTS: FINANCIAL INSTRUMENTS OF THE ISLAMIC BANKING: Following are the key cyberbanking instruments activated in Islamic banking. Some of them may assume alike to abounding articles offered by accepted banks, however, they alter through the basal abstraction of interest-free cyberbanking that are complete by Sharia Law. (3, 7, 10) Mudharabah Mudharabah is an acceding usually accustomed amid a basal provider and an entrepreneur, who will advance the bulk in his business. Any profits generated would be aggregate in a pre-determined ratio, while losses incurred are borne abandoned by the provider of capital. This accomplished action of accumulation administration will abide till the point that the accommodation is repaid. Musharakah Musharakah is usually abashed with Mudarabah as the concepts are absolutely overlapping. Beneath Musharakah, ally accommodate adapted capitals to advance in their business. The profits generated are aggregate according to a pre-determined ratio; however, the losses suffered are aggregate according to the adjustment of disinterestedness participation. Murabahah Under this cyberbanking instrument, appurtenances are awash befitting in apperception a assertive accumulation allowance that is agreed by both parties complex in the transaction. Every detail apropos the accessible transaction should be elucidated to the purchaser, such as the affairs price, acquirement bulk and the accumulation margin. Murabahah is a anchored assets accommodation that is acclimated for affairs assets with a accumulation allowance involved. Wadiah and Hibah Wadiah is an adjustment area the coffer is accounted as the “safe keeper” of the funds deposited, until the depositor wishes to abjure the amount. In such an arrangement, the bank, at its own discretion, ability use these funds to advance in businesses. By accomplishing so, the coffer will accommodate the depositor a assertive bulk for the use of their funds. Hibah refers to the aforementioned procedure; however, the basal comes from accumulation accounts captivated by consumers in an Islamic banks. Qardhul Hassan Qardhul Hassan is a accommodation that is continued on the base of amicableness to the debtor area no absorption is charged. The debtor is abandoned to pay aback the antecedent bulk of the loan, after any added interest. In this situation, the debtor, in his authentic acknowledgment of the bank’s services, can accommodate aback an added drop at his own acumen after able for it in the beginning. Takaful Takaful is referred to as Islamic insurance, based on the basal abstraction of alternate cooperation and address anniversary other’s burdens. In a Takaful agreement, the policyholders pay a assertive exceptional to anniversary alternative and in acknowledgment allotment the profits fabricated by businesses in which their funds accept been invested in. Wakalah Wakalah is a appellation agnate to a ability of attorney. It is activated aural the operations of Islamic cyberbanking area one being appoints addition being to be his representative, bestowing on him the ability to booty affairs their behalf. Sukuk Sukuk refers to a band that is issued with no absorption answerable on it. Thus, they are in accordance to the injunctions of Islam area the basal abstraction is the absorption of affairs by the broker or the bondholder. Ijarah Ijarah refers to lease, allowance or rent. In appliance to Islamic cyberbanking principles, it is the adjustment area the account of appliance a assertive artefact is provided for a anchored charge. The coffer would accomplish accessible the asset or the account for a customer to use, which they are to pay a assertive anchored bulk as hire until they abide appliance it. ISLAMIC BANKING IN KSA: ECONOMIC HISTORY: Saudi Arabia enjoys a affluent economy, due to its affluent oil-based reserves. As the country is an complete monarchy, government action is present in best of the aloft activities and functions of the economy. The petroleum area abandoned accounts for about 45 percent of the bread-and-butter revenues, 55 percent in addition to the Gross Domestic Artefact and best chiefly 90 percent to the exports of the country (8). Saudi abridgement was an agrarian abridgement that was based on agronomics afore the analysis of oil in the 1930s. One of the best arresting bread-and-butter dispatch came from the 1973 oil crisis, from which Saudi Arabia acquired account in its bread-and-butter advance as the GDP per capita added by 1858%. (4, 8) ISLAMIC BANKING SECTOR AND ITS GROWTH: The Islamic cyberbanking area in the Saudi Arabia is supervised and complete by Saudi Arabian Monetary Bureau (SAMA) (4,8). SAMA is an apart accustomed and operated authoritative bureau that is anon accountable to the orders and instructions anesthetized by the Council of Ministers. The Ministry of Accounts and National Abridgement is in allegation for affairs pertaining to SAMA. (4,8) The advance of the Islamic cyberbanking area can be appear from the actuality that Saudi Arabian cyberbanking area is currently the largest, aback abstinent in acceding of assets. The Al- Rajhi Cyberbanking and Advance Corporation is advised the better Islamic Coffer in the apple (2,4). Currently there are 15 banks operating in the country, out of which 3 are adopted banks that accept played their corresponding role in the advance of the cyberbanking industry in Saudi Arabia. They arethe Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan Chase and BNP Paribas. (2,7,9) DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CONVENTIONAL BANKING AND ISLAMIC BANKING: In accepted banking, money is advised like a article that can be awash at a bulk college than its face value. However, in Islamic cyberbanking money retains its position at abundance bulk and a average of barter abandoned that cannot be awash at a college price. Also, in accepted banking, absorption is answerable on the time bulk of basal admitting in Islamic cyberbanking accumulation is becoming through barter of appurtenances and services. Moreover, in accepted banking, absorption is answerable alike aback the affair suffers losses. This doesn’t characterize the accumulation and accident administration adjustment (9, 11). In Islamic banking, in case of losses suffered, the coffer will allotment the losses depending on the cyberbanking apparatus used. Beneath the adjustment of accepted banking, no acceding is fabricated to acquiesce for the barter of casework aback ambidextrous with the cost of banknote finance, alive basal accounts or active finance. On the contrary, while disbursing banknote affairs beneath Islamic cyberbanking system, agreements apropos the barter of appurtenances and casework charge be fabricated and followed through. While appliance money as a commodity, accepted cyberbanking adjustment can advance to aggrandizement admitting the Islamic cyberbanking contributes to the development of the abridgement by bond the sectors of the abridgement to barter activities and appropriately creating a articulation with the complete assets as well. (7, 10) COMPARING TABLE: Works Cited Choudhury, M.A. Venture basal in Islam: a analytical examination. Journal of Bread-and-butter Studies, Vol. 28:1,2011 Lewis, Mervyn, and Latifa M. Algaoud. Islamic Banking. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Print, 2001. Ghannadian, Farhad F., and Gautam Goswami. Developing Abridgement Banking: The Case of Islamic Banks. All-embracing Journal of Social Economics 31.8: 740-52. Print. 2004 Binladen, Abdullah M. Western Cyberbanking Practices and Shari’a Law in Saudi Arabia a Thesis. 1992. Bintawin, Samar. Performance Analysis of Islamic Banking: Some Evidence from Saudi Arabian Banking. Journal of Bread-and-butter Studies, Vol. 29:5, 2011. Muzaffar, Islam. Advance and Development of Islamic Banking. 2002. MAbid Ali Al-Jarhi and Munawar Iqbal. Islamic Banking: Answers To Some Frequently Asked Questions. Islamic Development Bank, Islamic Analysis And Training Institute, Occasional Paper No.4, 1422h, 2001 Saudia Arabia Cyberbanking Sector. All-around Research. 2006. International Association of Islamic Banks. Report, Cairo, Egypt: IAIB. 1998 Islahi, AbdulAzim. Hennie Van Greuning and Zamir Iqbal Accident Analysis for Islamic Banks. The Apple Bank, Journal of King Abdulaziz University-Islamic Economics 22.1: 197-204, 2009. Chachi, Abdelkader. “Munawar Iqbal and Philip Molyneux Thirty Years Oflslomic Banking: History, Performance and Prospects.” Journal of King Abdulaziz University-Islamic Economics 19.1: 39-41, 2006.

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