IS Strategic Analysis Paper – Strategic Use of Information

Please watch the afterward videos on Michael Porter's Bristles Armament model: Video and article: What are 'Porter's 5 Forces' explains Michael Porter's bristles armament model. Video: The Bristles Competitive Armament That Shape Strategy - Michael Porter discusses his bristles armament archetypal that is acclimated to call industry dynamics, which are important to accede in cardinal approaches. Please watch this video: How Does Google Accomplish Money? This video explains how Google uses advice to accomplish money.  Google collects advice from websites and adds it to its chase engine. You blazon advice into Google chase and Gmail, and Google food that advice about you. Android accessories accelerate advice to Google that is acclimated to actuate cartage patterns for Google Maps and to accelerate you ads for businesses based on your location. Although Google is a technology company, it makes money from information, as this video explains. In your cardboard for this week, you will analyze how alternative companies use advice strategically. Chapter 1 and the videos aloft call Porter’s Bristles Competitive Armament model. Use the chase appellation “information administration in a accumulation chain” to acquisition 2 peer-reviewed accessories from bookish journals about the use of advice in accumulation chains or amount chains. Write a arbitrary of anniversary commodity and explain how the use of advice in anniversary commodity relates to Porter’s Bristles Competitive Armament model. Discuss how advice can be acclimated strategically, based on the example(s) in the articles. Your cardboard should be in APA architecture and 3-4 pages, not counting the appellation folio and advertence pages. Accomplish abiding you accept in-text citations and a advertence page. 

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