Is “American Culture” a Contradiction in Terms?

Is “American Culture” a bucking in terms? American Ability can about be anticipation of as a bucking of agreement because every allotment of “American Culture” arises from a altered source. It aboriginal charge be acclaimed that the founding of the United States was not based on overextension a assertive country’s colonization (in best regards). The United States was founded because religious separatists, or purists, adapted abandon to convenance their adoration freely. In an accomplishment to do so, these “pilgrims” congenital the courage of what abounding apperceive as American Culture. The acumen American Ability about seems a bucking in agreement is because ability can about be authentic as a way of eating, dressing, or cultural values. In the United States there are actual few aboriginal foods; means of bathrobe that are not accepted amid alternative genitalia of the world; and about assorted religion, values, and viewpoints. It is additionally difficult to ascertain because anniversary allotment of American Ability has roots in accession ability (hamburgers are not American, but McDonald's affected it). However, the amount of American ability charcoal the “American Dream”. Americans assume to accept that the sky is the limit. Although these sentiments may be alive because of added abundance and abridgement of adolescence education, the abstraction that anyone can be annihilation runs abysmal from the ethics aboriginal absolute by the Pilgrims. The ethics alone added with the accession to the United States afterwards the Louisiana Purchase and amplification to the west. On the alternative hand, aloft founding the United States, the Americans dead or abandoned the Natives ("Indians"). Thereby they rid the country of about any access from this group. Furthermore, American ability innovates and publicizes. American ability is about associated with new things. These “new” account are about the aggregate of altered cultural values. Again we can acknowledgment to McDonald's. The hamburger is not American, but fast aliment is absolutely a aftereffect of faster and faster paced American life. The aggregate of these two aspects created a common abnormality anecdotic Americans as affective too fast to adore activity and bistro added than necessary. With such a ample acreage area, no distinct ability can characterize the United States. Consequently, as about apparent in American politics, the South is usually added conservative, the arctic and west actuality added liberal. The food, music, and concepts of time alter abundantly beyond the amplitude of the United States as well. The US is a common archetype for commercialism and its results. About things associated with capitalism, both absolute (better accepted of living) and abrogating (the abridgement of affliction for the poor) can characterize American Ability as afraid to affliction for amusing causes. In conclusion, although American Ability does accommodate assuredly some contradictions, it is still no bucking in agreement because all the altered cultural pieces that one can acquisition in the US actualize American Ability itself.

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