Introduction to World Music, Spring 2016, Dr. Roper

Introduction to World Music, Spring 2016, Dr. Roper

Live Achievement Essay/Fieldwork Paper Requirements:

Two fieldwork essays are appropriate throughout the semester. Each article will focus on a altered brand of music, i.e. Jazz, Classical, Reggae, Bluegrass, Salsa, etc. Each article will be 2 pages in length, typed, and bifold spaced.  You charge attach affidavit of appearance i.e., the concert program, admission stub, photo of the event. Your concert appraisal will be an in abyss assay of a alive performance. Successful essays will accommodate adroit and acute observations and comparisons/connections of the music to studies such as but not bound to sociology, culture, and spirituality.


Who, What, Where, When, and How:

     Who is performing? What is the name of the group, soloist, ensemble, etc.? What is the media actuality active (voice, assumption instruments, cord instruments, etc.)? 

      What is the brand of music? Where is the concert actuality held? How is the concert actuality presented? When was the concert? What pieces are actuality played? etc. Be abounding and specific.

Define your apparatus application music analogue discussed in class:

      For example: What is the bounce of the music? Call the accentuation of the instruments/voices. Altercate argument setting, lyrics and how it relates to the music. Call article about the accord if accord is employed. Call article about the melody of the song/songs. Altercate the articulate structure, range, dynamics, rhythm, etc. Call article about the pitch- Did you apprehension if the musicians acquainted their instruments? Altercate the beat of the song/songs.

      The sample questions aloft are guidelines. You may accommodate alternative agreeable agreement to focus on. You do not charge to altercate all agreeable agreement if they do not apply. For example, if you appear a concert featuring all cord instruments, you do not charge to altercate argument ambience or lyrics. However, be absolute and call as abounding of the agreeable elements as possible.

Finally, aesthetically, what do you think? What are your absorbing observations?

      Did you adore the performance? Why or why not? Did the admirers assume acceptant to the performance? How so? What access or observations did you accomplish or notice? Be specific. Give examples and absolutely explain your statements.


Concert Critique/ Fieldwork Paper Rubric

PresentationAll words spelled accurately and able use of capitalizations.Clear and abridged book structureProper punctuation and able adjustment of punctuationPerfect grammar2-3 pages, typed, bifold spaced, absorbed affidavit of attendanceFew spelling errors and able use of capitalizations.Few errors with accuracy of sentences  Few punctuation errors
Few grammatical errors2-3 pages, typed, bifold spaced, absorbed affidavit of attendance
Several spelling errors and abusage of capitalizationsSeveral cryptic sentencesSeveral punctuation errors
Several grammatical errorsNot typed or no affidavit of appearance or beneath than 2 pages
An abounding bulk of spelling errors and abusage of capitalizations.Numerous errors with accuracy of sentencesAn abounding bulk of punctuation errors Numerous grammatical errorsNot typed and no affidavit of appearance and beneath than 2 pages
Quality of WritingWritten in an absorbing appearance and voiceClearly developed and explained in detail application actual music terminology well organizedvery advisory or acutely reflectiveFormal writing: no argot or abbreviations. Unless it is in a appellation of a assignment or a date, i.e. February 26th., all words are spelled outWritten in a somewhat absorbing appearance and voice Developed and explained application actual music terminology/only 1 or 2 misuses of the terminology organized in a satisfactory waySomewhat advisory or reflectiveFormal autograph with  1 or 2 exceptionsWritten in a anemic appearance and voiceNot developed or explained; little or incorrect use of music terminology Organization needs improvementVery few astute thoughts or advice presented A few instances of breezy writingWritten in a poor/inadequate style Failed to advance or explain material. Did not use music analogue or incorrect use of termsExtremely poor organizationNo astute thoughts or advice presentedSeveral instances of breezy writing
ComponentsPaper includes all requirements declared in the instructions/outlinePaper includes best of the requirements Paper includes only  bisected of the requirementsPaper includes actual few requirements 

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