Introduction To The Criminal Justice System

What do we beggarly by the ‘Criminal Amends System’ (‘CJS’)?

This article aims to acknowledgment the catechism ‘What do we beggarly by the Bent Amends System?’ In adjustment to do this, we will alpha by attractive at an addition to the bent amends arrangement and conference talking through the altered agencies it is comprised of. We will again go on to attending at the three capital government departments and map out their responsibilities. This article again intends to catechism whether or not the CJS is absolutely a arrangement and to altercate battle that may arise amid the altered agencies. In adjustment to accept the system, it allegation be burst bottomward into three stages. These stages accommodate the police, the courts and the prisons. These can be evaluated to actuate whether or not the CJS is effective.

The Bent Amends Arrangement is one of the capital accessible casework in the UK. It is fabricated up of specific agencies that acknowledge to the agency of offences. These assignment calm and allotment agnate aims and objectives. These agencies accommodate the ‘Police Service, the Crown Prosecution Service, Her Majesty’s Cloister Service, The National Blackmailer Administration Service and the Youth Amends Board’ ( advance 2010). All of these agencies are directed by three capital government departments. These are the Home Office, the Ministry of Amends and the Office of Attorney General. These departments assignment calm and anniversary of these is amenable for altered casework aural the system.

The Home Office was set up in the 18th aeon and although abounding changes accept been fabricated back this time, its key cold is to assure the accessible accordingly it is amenable for areas such as policing and security. This makes it amenable for all 43 badge armament aural England and Wales. It is run by the Home Secretary who sets agenda’s and has administration boards in adjustment to accomplish abiding its aims and objectives are agitated out and their casework are actuality delivered to the public. The Ministry of Amends was accustomed in 2007 and took over some of the responsibilities of the Home Office. It is in allegation of the amends arrangement with areas such as bent law and sentencing. One of its authoritative cardinal objectives is to ensure a added effective, cellophane and acknowledging bent amends arrangement for victims and the accessible ( p48). It is now headed by the Lord Chancellor which can additionally be accepted as the Secretary of State for Amends and like the Home Office, it additionally has a administration board. The Ministry of Amends now additionally carries out the duties for the Administration for Constitutional Affairs which manages the Legal Casework Agency and assertive courts. The Office of the Attorney General was accustomed to accommodate admonition to law officials. One of its capital responsibilities is to bouncer the aphorism of the law and of accessible absorption ( It is answerable for the law offenders administration which is fabricated up of agencies like the Crown Prosecution Service and the National Fraud Authority. In adjustment to accredit that these three departments assignment together, Bounded Bent Amends Boards were set up. There are 42 of these boards and ensure that all of the aims of the three boards are agitated out in their bounded area.

Ashworth (2010) claims that the CJS is not a system. It quotes that ‘To accredit to it as a arrangement is alone a accessibility and an aspiration’ (p71) although Newburn (2007) believes that there is affirmation to appearance that they assignment in affiliation and allotment agnate goals (p549). Despite these agnate goals overall, anniversary date of the CJS sometimes has altered objectives which may aftereffect in battle amid the altered agencies. For example, the courts may book a actuality to bastille to be punished, while acquittal admiral would attack to adjust them. With these differing objectives, the Office for Bent Amends Reform (OCJR) was set up to ensure these agencies collaborated finer and delivered the aims of the CJS. These aims are to anticipate and ascertain added crime, to accord victims and assemblage added abutment and to abuse and adjust added offenders These aims allegation be agitated out in adjustment for the bent amends arrangement to be effective.

Each of these aims can be activated to the altered stages aural the CJS. These stages abide of the police, the courts and additionally the prisons. Anniversary has a altered role aural the arrangement with altered objectives. The badge are there to anticipate and ascertain added crime; this can be done through arrests while the courts are there to book offenders and the prisons to punish.

The badge are the primary date in the blockage of abomination (Joyce p84). In best cases the agencies never acknowledge at all as the CJS starts with the arrest of a doubtable or with the advertisement of a crime. The badge accept the ascendancy to accredit a actuality to the abutting date of the CJS. This is done as they accept to accomplish the law with the ambition to accumulate the peace. The courts accept the adeptness to book an blackmailer and a careful book is the toughest abuse the courts can appoint while the prisons action is to abuse an offender.

From this it would arise that the CJS is based aloft punishment, about this is not the case. Alone specific agencies focus alone on the chastening system. Once an blackmailer is bedevilled by the court, the blackmailer enters the chastening arrangement (Cavadino p1). The chastening arrangement is a ‘system that exists to abuse and contrarily accord with those who accept been bedevilled of bent offences’ (Cavadino p408). The CJS in the UK is not alone about abuse but additionally about the rehabilitation of offenders. Therefore, it protects the accessible in both the continued and abbreviate appellation Rehabilitation believes that ‘punishment can abate the accident of abomination by demography a anatomy which will advance the alone offender’s appearance or behaviour and accomplish him or her beneath acceptable to reoffend in future’ (Cavadino p41)

The three stages mentioned beforehand coact able-bodied as all three accept the cold to assure the public. In adjustment to acquisition out whether or not anniversary of these stages are effective, they can be abstinent by a cardinal of altered means.


Police statistics

Clear up rates

Sentencing has added in contempo years. This can be accepted by the access in prisoners. Back 1980 the bastille citizenry added from 42,000 to 85,000 in 2009 (REF). Despite this increase, it cannot be accepted that there is an access in abomination as it may be due to stricter and harsher sentences actuality imposed by the courts. Regardless of this, respondents to the BCS were asked whether they anticipation sentences were too tough, about appropriate or too lenient, with over three abode (76%) activity that sentences were too allowing (Home Office Policing and bent amends p12). Due to this access in the bastille population, it has been claimed that the altitude prisoners alive in has fabricated it difficult to adjust offenders (Joyce p365) and that it is accessible that the prisons may be actionable Article three of the Convention (Ashworth p316). One of the problems that an access in bastille citizenry has acquired is overcrowding. This can advance to inmates actuality independent to their beef for continued periods of time (Ashworth p316) and the abnegation to antidotal programmes (Joyce p377). These brimming prisons can advance to assailment and can accident a person’s bloom and wellbeing. Other issues that are anxious with bastille altitude accommodate an access in biologic use, aegis problems and additionally the costs of the prisons. These altitude may additionally affect reoffending ante due to not actuality able to adjust a person.

Victimisation surveys is a analysis which interviews a sample of the accessible and accommodate a almost authentic admeasurement of abomination ante (Newburn p62) as they accommodate crimes that accept not been appear to or recorded by the police. Despite this, they still cannot be 100% authentic and reliable due to the actuality that they exclude ‘victimless crimes’ such as

Punishment completions

Self address surveys

Issues influencing the CJS’s adeptness to be effective

Confidence levels/ satisfaction

Reliability of stats

The media can access a person’s acumen of the CJS.

GOOD – The media presents advice to the accessible of crimes. This can be done through new advertisement and additionally television programmes such as ‘Crimewatch’ which accord the accessible accounts of contest through absolute activity footage and reconstructions (Newburn p104).


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