Introduction to Medical Technology

Introduction WHAT IS A MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY? Accept you anytime been to a play? Back the admirers comes to see the show, they see the actors and actresses perform. What they don't see are the abounding aggregation associates who assignment backstage on lighting and complete and sets. These bodies don't get to booty a bow at the end of the show, but they are actual important to the success of the play. In the hospital, the medical technologists are like aggregation associates in a play. Patients don't generally see them, but they are basic associates of the healthcare team. Medical technologists (also accepted as analytic class scientists) are professionals who assignment in the hospital laboratory, assuming a advanced ambit of tests. Doctors accomplish abounding of their decisions about analysis and analysis of ache based on class analysis results. It is the albatross of the medical technologist to accommodate authentic and absolute data. Because they may authority activity and afterlife in their hands, the medical technologist charge apperceive back after-effects are incorrect and charge to be rechecked. Medical technologists do aggregate from simple abundance tests, to ecology antibacterial biologic therapy, to circuitous testing that uncovers ache like diabetes, AIDS, and cancer. They do all this testing by operating microscopes, circuitous cyberbanking equipment, computers, and attention instruments costing millions of dollars. Medical technology has anchored itself in our ability and has been a absolute and able force in the advance of activity for millions of people. However, for every yin there is a yang, and with all things that are positive, there is additionally a abrogating basic that charge not be ignored. Most Americans are accustomed with the allowances of technology, accurately medical technologies; the media letters on these allowances every day. However, it is not generally that physicians accept the befalling to altercate what has been accustomed up or absent as a aftereffect of application these aforementioned technologies. This annotation is about those adventitious after-effects consistent from our use of technology, in particular, physicians' use of medical technologies.

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