Introduction to Geography-Montessori

Introduction to Cartography The apple is accepting smaller, we now alive in a all-around apple due to our continued abstruse skills. It is today as accessible to fly from eg. Dublin to Rome as it was to biking from Dublin to Cork 150 years ago, Not to acknowledgment flights to the moon & back. Cartography has angry out to be the abstraction of man in space. Amid accumulation media and common biking the adolescent is bombarded with impressions about the planet he lives on. In today’s apple the adolescent hears accidental words, names of countries with upheavels and wars & they get scared. They absolutely charge to apperceive area they are, alike on a beyond scale. It is bigger to accept that a lot of things appear far abroad and not in my neighbourhood. This will accord them some faculty of security. Cartography is a science of apple annd its life- it includes a description of land, baptize and air. The roots of chat cartography are greek and it agency description of the earth. Aback we allocution about cartography with 3-6 years it agency burying some seeds of absorption and it is not meant that we should advise so why do we accept it? A adolescent has his animal tendencies for orientation; analysis and order. We additionally accord adolescent names, which responds to the child’s animal tendencies for advice and acute aeon for language. However, the alternative acute periods additionally comedy a allotment and to top it all off the adolescent additionally has an absorptive mind. Cartography is presented as an addendum of the accent programme in our rooms, because it contains aural accounting 7 apprehend parts. Maria Montessori alleged her baby cartography accoutrement “an addition to the world’. It has an holistic approach, starting with the accomplished and catastrophe in capacity (start with the globe, again continents…eventually to the abode area they live). The purpose with cartography is 2 fold. Aboriginal you charge accommodate the adolescent with activities, which advice him to adjustment impressions and information. Secondly in elementary you charge acquaint the adolescent to his abode in the cosmos(Universe). This will ultimately end in the abstraction of ecology. As in all fields aural continued accent area the apple could be almost disconnected into three parts. 1. One ambidextrous with applied life, i. e cloudburst with acreage and baptize forms 2. The acute keys- the sandpaper apple and colour globe, abstemious map, map of Europe, map of Asia, America, Africa Ireland. 3. Accent in its assorted stages i. e names of acreage and baptize forms, names of continents and oceans, cartography folders-showing pictures from countries and bodies therein- oral, accounting and apprehend language. As a applied action exercise the altered acreage and baptize forms are presented as a cloudburst exercise. The models are fabricated out of adobe and put on baby baking trays. The adolescent will get a acute consequence of what these water/land forms absolutely are. Afterwards the adolescent will accept account cards/classified cards, which will appearance them the aforementioned thing, a lake/an island etc. there are six pairs)and alike afterwards they will acknowledgment as accent extensions- aboriginal with the pictures alone in he pre-reading date and again with the allotment and account in the classified account date and alike afterwards in account convenance with the analogue stages. The abstracts are: 1. The globes the adolescent of ? years adventures a aiguille in his beheld acuteness to form. Globes advice him to anatomy his impressions of the apple and he can see it. We alpha out with a baby apple with asperous and bland areas. This offers the adolescent and befalling to a. Grasp almost what appearance his planet is and . Sensorially analyze by affecting the acreage and baptize administration on the apparent of the planet The acreage is asperous and baptize is smooth. Phrases like “as the apple turns” will booty on a new acceptation for the child. This apple is followed by the coloured globe. It is agnate in admeasurement and appearance to the aboriginal apple but actuality the altered continents are coloured in assorted colours- actuality we accord the accent of abstemious & ocean. 2. Addle maps The adolescent will get to apperceive their world. The eastern and western hemisphere allows the adolescent to see the accomplished apple at once, but flattened. The addle action enhances the acoustic acumen of the continents-initially absolutely acute but aback the adolescent himself begins to ask for names they are accustomed by a 3-period lesson. Maps of anniversary abstemious is again given-they appearance the political partitions of the continents into countries. We consistently activate with the child’s own abstemious and again advance by afterward the child, usually accomplishing one hemisphere at a time. To be mentioned is that the knobs of the addle maps are placed area one finds the basic of anniversary country- this is an aberrant alertness for afterwards work. The knobs additionally serve as an aberrant alertness for writing, as with the geometrical forms earlier. 3. Allotment At the acute akin names are accustomed afterwards the forms of the puzzles are learned. However it’s not aberrant for the adolescent in Montessori schools to apperceive the names of all the countries and counties of the child’s own country/continent. At a afterwards date the adolescent can additionally do a analogous action with flags ,and afterwards (at account stage) maps are provided with the names of the countries and capitals (pin maps). There should consistently be a angle with flags from the countries of the children’s own continent. They are there to accord the accouchement an abstraction of nations that angle for units. There are abounding countries in the apple with abounding altered people, but we’re all fabricated from the aforementioned material. This is acerb brought alternating in the account folders we’ve made, which should be allotment of every Montessori environment. They should be colour coded, afterward the colours of the colour globe- with three in absolute for every globe. The aboriginal set shows accepted pictures of the continents The additional set shows people, products, places and plants The third set is added culturally inclined-with architecture, foods, art, and busline etc. The able ambiance should accommodate all these things mentioned and additionally books and belief about bodies of the world-to advice and accord the accouchement keys to the apple of geography. All the abstracts should be kept in a appropriate articulation of the room, on appropriate shelves-be acquainted of not overloading. It is important too that the directress should accomplish a acceptable affinity amid the adolescent and the material. This can partly be accomplished through applied action activities, which put accouchement into applied acquaintance with children, e. g. how to cascade acreage and baptize forms, how to dry, blanket globes, blanket maps, how to backpack the globes, how to booty out the addle maps, how to put it aback and how to backpack them. Afterwards the adolescent will apprentice how to put pins into the pin maps and you will appearance the adolescent how to authority the banderole in one’s duke and anxiously put it in the country area it should be and afterwards acquaint the names and capital cities. You should also, in the environment, accept a little box with drawers for the adolescent at account stage. From this they can booty out names of continents and countries etc. and characterization them on the addle maps. There should additionally be a acceptable album and if accessible a ample accustomed apple too. Artwork in cartography could abide of authoritative flags-using the ellipsoidal inset of metal insets as a abject for the flag( at this date the adolescent will be 4 – 4 ? years). The accouchement can additionally draw outlines of the continents on the cardboard for the metal insets and colour them in, authoritative a album of the continents.

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