Intro to web development

Creating the Home and Arrangement Pages Overview In this assignment, you will alpha architecture your Web armpit for your fabulous alignment by creating a homepage application HTML5 and some of the key elements that ascertain a Web page. You are appropriate to use either a simple argument editor to abode your code, or an added argument editor such as Brackets. Note: Microsoft Word is not a acceptable apparatus for developing cipher because it is a certificate processor and not a argument editor as it adds alternative formatting to the accomplishments code.     Once you accept congenital your homepage, you will accept a bigger abstraction of the constant elements that you will charge beyond all of your pages. Typically, Web pages accept some aspects that will be the aforementioned from folio to folio so that a user does not charge to relearn how to cross a Web site. These apparatus about accommodate the attack (consists of the logo and alignment name), capital aeronautics (consists of the capital pages or categories of the page), capital agreeable breadth (where the aggregate of the advice about the folio is located), and the footer (consists of accessory navigation, address, absorb information, et cetera). The conception and reclaim of these accepted elements is area templates become invaluable. By artlessly accompanying the arrangement file, you can bound actualize all of your pages abrogation alone agreeable to add to accomplishment off anniversary of the pages. As you are creating your homepage, you will appetite to be acquainted of the actuality that you will be application it to actualize your arrangement file. Once completed, you will broadcast your pages with a Web host of your choosing. Note: The Web host that you accept charge use PHP.     Expectations The cipher that you use to actualize your folio (and during this advance in general) should accommodate to the afterward expectations: Pages should cede appropriately in at atomic two of the afterward browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Code should use all of the tags defined in the directions. Code should be absolute to be absurdity free, able-bodied authentic with comments, and appropriately constructed. Hint: Accede creating a cartoon or wireframe that depicts the absolute blueprint of your homepage. It will act as a advantageous adviser as you advance your site.     Note: This advance requires to you to use a argument editor to complete your work. There are abounding chargeless accessible antecedent options on the Internet from which you may choose. One such apparatus is     Brackets. It can be advisedly downloaded from the Brackets Web site.     Directions Using a argument editor, actualize an HTML5-compliant homepage with a book name of index.htm. The folio should accommodate the afterward folio sections: Header: Accommodate the alignment name and logo. Navigation: Accommodate links to all armpit pages (including the homepage). Content: This area will after be customized for anniversary of the armpit pages. For the homepage, it should, at a minimum, abide of advice that introduces the organization. Footer: Accommodate accessory navigation, absorb notice, or alternative argument of your choosing. Be abiding to: Include the afterward tags in the code: title, article, section, head, header, html, body, footer, nav, and doctype. Make abiding to accommodate developer comments for anniversary folio area to explain or call the coding. Include a animadversion block at the top of anniversary of your Web pages with your name, the date, the book name, and a abbreviate blurb about what the folio will abide of. Save a archetype of the homepage and name it template.html. Remove the agreeable that you placed in the "Content” section. This book will serve as a arrangement to be acclimated after to actualize the alternative four pages of your site. Make abiding to do the following: Submit error-free HTML5 code. Create a Web folio that demonstrates the authentic use of defined HTML5 tags. Create Web folio elements that accurately reflect architecture requirements. Write developer comments to call and explain code. Once completed, appearance your pages in your called Web browsers to see if the agreeable renders appropriately and consistently aural each. Next, ensure that your HTML cipher is HTML5 compliant. You may use the Markup Validation Account from W3C for testing this. Important: Take a awning abduction of your validation after-effects and save it for submission. Note:Errors from the validation should be fixed. However, warnings do not charge to be anchored but should be reviewed. Fix the issues from the top bottomward as one absurdity can avalanche into 20 alternative errors.     Hint: If you are application Brackets as your added argument editor, there is a alive examination affection that will acquiesce you to see the after-effects of your cipher as you access it in. This will advice you to bound analyze if you may be missing a closing tag or an attribute.     Submission Requirements Submit your assignment in the courseroom application a distinct zip book absolute the following: index.html. template.html. image_and_url.doc. Accommodate a Word certificate with:       URLs for anniversary of your pages. Names of the browsers you acclimated to appearance the pages. Pasted angel from your validation awning capture. Any accessory files such as clear or photos you may accept absitively to include. Upload your Web armpit files to a hosting account of your choice. Two chargeless sites to accede are and Note: If you are ambiguous on how to upload your files to a Web host, you can acquisition abetment in the assets accustomed in this unit's studies. 

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