Intro to Psychology term paper

6 TOTAL PAGE APA FORMAT Term cardboard should be accounting on some blazon of brainy bloom affair and how it relates to myself or addition in my actual family. Signs they accept apparent and any analysis are encouraged to be included. Affair should be my wife and her Co-Dependency and her Depression. Feel chargeless to ask me for any capacity you may need, but it needs to complete actual claimed and real. ntroduction to Psychology Analysis Paper Grading Rubric   Research paper: You will assemble a analysis cardboard on a accordant affair of your allotment from the development affiliate 9 that is accustomed by the instructor.  Papers should be based on bookish analysis and accounting in APA architecture application references. Your cardboard is account a analysis grade.    Possible credibility becoming                                   Topic                                                                                                                          25 Accordant to the advance (5pts) Accustomed by adviser (5pts) Content is on-topic (5pts) Affair is applicative (5pts)             Research-based (5pts)   Use of analysis                                                                                                          20             Based on bookish account analysis that is accepted (2000-2012) (10)             Minimum of 4 references (10)   Writing                                                                                                                       20             Well written, grammatically actual (10)             Correct use of citations/ references   (10)   Format                                                                                                                       25             APA architecture (5pts)             Includes appellation folio (5pts) Includes advertence folio (5pts)             Includes Abstruse (5pts)             Minimum of 3 pages breadth (not including abstract, appellation page, and reference, 5pts)   Timeliness                                                                                                                  10             Submission and presentation of cardboard on time (10)   Total accessible credibility                                                                                                 100   Posted by: LaDonna Harris Posted to: HLEC - General Psychology PSYC2301.20180319.544189          Are you on track?

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