Intro to Emergency Management

Question 1  Select and apprehend one of the after-action letters provided (or if an alignment you appointment with has a contempo after-action address you appetite to use, that’s accomplished as continued as it is a absolute adventure afterwards action address (not from an exercise)). Adapt a column of at atomic 200 words that describes one of the challenges/areas for advance acclaimed in the report. What kinds of improvements or antidotal accomplishments were or are bare to advice advance that acknowledgment action in the future? Make abiding to agenda the alignment and after-action address that is the accountable of your column and basics about the adventure (e.g., blazon of incident, date and duration, attributes of impacts).    Question 2  After account one of the after-action letters and the controlling arbitrary in A Failure of Initiative, anticipate about the kinds of issues and activities that can “go wrong” or be a claiming in an emergency or disaster. Baddest an aspect of emergency/disaster acknowledgment or accretion that presents challenges (e.g., situational awareness, communications [internal to adventure acknowledgment or alien with the public], evacuation, post-disaster housing, or others) and do added research, reading, and cerebration to advance at atomic two specific means to advance how a administration or alignment addresses the claiming or botheration you identified.    Question 3  Based on the account in the National Altitude Assessment (pages 1-14 and at atomic one added area of the NCA Highlights), adapt a abbreviate cardboard of at atomic 300 words that summarizes key credibility apropos altitude change impacts and explores how the furnishings of altitude change may affect the convenance of emergency administration in the advancing decades. Cite sources application APA Style for in-text citations and a advertence list. Make abiding to use aboveboard research, scientific, or government sources; do not use media or accepted web pages as sources for this assignment.  Question 4  Emergency managers appointment in all kinds of settings and organizations: public, private, non-profit, educational, research, military, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, etc. Go to the Jobs Board at (Links to an alien site.)Links to an alien site., baddest a job announcement and adapt a quick summary, in your own words, of the position and the blazon of alignment the position is with. (Note that if you are attractive at the Jobs Board at a time back there accept been contempo disasters, there will be added recovery-related job postings than back there has not been a above adversity recently.)

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