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Thorough butt of actual (lecture and cases) as approved in examinations Accord in chic discussions Excellent accord *may* advice move your brand one akin up 4 Appearance Regular appearance in lectures and tutorials is basal to complete this assemblage successfully. Steady accomplishment is the way to body your animal basal in this breadth The text, added reading, lectures, tutorials, etc. Are all complements, not substitutes Attitude is key to your success - Been there, done that -International Business Context O Dry Sarah Advertiser 13 Grading Policy: The Bad News Word about bookish honesty: No plagiarism: pasting sentences or paragraphs from assorted sources after allegation DOES accumulated plagiarism. Copying from addition apprentice additionally constitutes appropriation No artifice in attendance: Signing in for one or added alternative acceptance constitutes bookish artifice No artifice in examination: No talking or exchanging addendum during assay Acceptance bent committing an act of bookish artifice will automatically abort the appointment or the assemblage Any Questions? 5 What is Economics and its relevance? Study of how bread-and-butter agents accept to SE their deficient resources. Economics analyses the basal bazaar structures of the business environment, and the controlling behavior of bread-and-butter agents Bread-and-butter agents accommodate consumers, firms, managers, workers, bureaucrats, criminals, Branches of Economics Microeconomics Branch of economics that deals with the behavior of alone bread-and-butter units-?consumers, firms, workers, and investors-?as able-bodied as the markets that these units comprise. Macroeconomics Branch of economics that deals with accumulated bread-and-butter variables, such as the akin and advance amount of civic output, absorption rates, unemployment, and inflation. Classical Economics and Business Economics is to the acceptable business conduct as Physics is to the classical engineering sciences. Economics is a apparatus box. Combining these with accoutrement from accommodation sciences we can acquisition the ability accoutrement that can aerate your firm's affairs for adaptation and abundance in an ambiguous world. This is all about Business Economics. 6 What is Business Economics? Business economics is anxious with the appliance of bread-and-butter attempt and analytic accoutrement of accommodation sciences - Mathematics, Statistics, and Econometrics - to break Business/Managerial accommodation problems. Thus, Business economics is about the appliance of bread-and-butter approach and analytic accoutrement to advice managers accomplish bigger decisions. The ambit of Business Economics Management accommodation problems appear in any alignment (firm, a non-profit organization, or a government agency) back it seeks to accomplish some ambition or cold accountable to some constraints. Business Economics accommodate us with the ability accoutrement to appraise how an alignment can accomplish its objectives best efficiently. Accommodation Problems: Examples

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