Cultural Interview Pick a being to account who has had a altered cultural acquaintance than you. Maybe the being or person’s ancestors is from a altered arena or country. Other forms of assortment or aberration are adequate too. You may account addition of any age, and it is OK if he or she is a co-worker, neighbor, friend, relative, spouse, or addition abroad you know.  However, amuse accumulate in apperception the spirit of the assignment. If you are interviewing addition you apperceive well, amuse appointment adamantine in the account to accretion a added acumen and acknowledgment for their experience. Amuse conduct the account face-to-face, through Skype/Face Time, or over the phone. The account should be a minimum of 20 account long. Amuse booty addendum during the interview. If the interviewee gives you permission,you can almanac the account to advice you after back autograph your assignment.  It is not appropriate to almanac or video band the interview. You will not be axis in any recordings. You will be axis in a accounting appointment based on your interview. Written Appointment Overview: Write a two-page article about your account experience. Your article should include  an addition of your interviewee, arbitrary of the account answers in article format, altercation of how the account agreeable relates to advance concepts, and a final area with some absolute thoughts about the account experience.  You will be appropriate to use the afterward headings: Introduction, Arbitrary of Interview, Culture & Geography, and Conclusion.

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