Intervention Presentation On Diabetes

As a group, analyze a analysis or evidence-based commodity appear aural the aftermost 5 years that focuses assiduously on a specific action or new analysis apparatus for the administration of diabetes in adults or children. The commodity charge be accordant to nursing practice.

Create a 10-15 accelerate PowerPoint presentation on the study's allegation and how they can be acclimated by nurses as an intervention. Accommodate apostle addendum for anniversary accelerate and added slides for the appellation folio and references.

Include the following:

  1. Describe the action or analysis apparatus and the specific accommodating citizenry acclimated in the study.
  2. Summarize the capital abstraction of the analysis allegation for a specific accommodating population. The analysis presented charge accommodate analytic allegation that are current, thorough, and accordant to diabetes and nursing practice.
  3. Provide a anecdotic and cogitating altercation of how the new apparatus or action can be chip into nursing practice. Provide affirmation to abutment your discussion.
  4. Explain why psychological, cultural, and airy aspects are important to accede for a accommodating who has been diagnosed with diabetes. Describe how abutment can be offered in these corresponding areas as allotment of a plan of affliction for the patient. Provide examples.

you are adapted to adduce to a minimum of two sources to complete this assignment. Sources charge be appear aural the aftermost 5 years and adapted for the appointment belief and accordant to nursing practice.


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