Intertestament Period

Exploring the Bible 3 October, 2011 Inter-Biblical Period: 400 Years The Old Testament focuses on God’s agreement with his bodies and the belief of men of abundant acceptance and additionally men of prophecy, anticipation Christ coming. The New Testament, however, focuses on the accretion side. The Accretion ancillary is Christ’s adventure actuality on Earth and his admiral to alternative people. Malachi, the aftermost book accounting in the Old Testament, was accounting about 424 B. C. Then 418 years after, the book of Matthew, the aboriginal book of the New Testament, was written. The Intertestamental Aeon is the aeon of history amid the two testaments. Back God did not allege to his bodies anon through prophets, this aeon is additionally accustomed as the 400 years of silence. Now, what happened in those four hundred years? The Intertestamental Aeon was a time breadth abounding empires came along, new religious groups formed, and breadth apostolic and abstract pieces were developed that molded Israel activity into the time of Christ. Backroom in a nation advice behest and run the people, in Israel’s case, they had to accord with abounding empires advancing in. During the Intertestamental Period, they had bristles key periods of leaders and kingdoms. The Persian Authority accustomed about 430 B. C. and they disqualified until 332 B. C. The Persian aphorism was recorded as actuality balmy and tolerant. (Scott, 1783) The Persians were taken over by the Greeks. The Greek aeon went from 331 B. C. to 167 B. C. (Scott, 1783) Alexander the Great, son of King Philip of Macedonia, was accustomed the ascendancy of the Greek army about the age of 20. (Halley, 402) With the ascendancy of the army, he was able to ambit over and booty over Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, and Persia. Alexander the Abundant was actual compassionate appear the Jews and he absolved the burghal of Jerusalem. He accustomed Greek cities in his baffled places and he did it with the plan to advance Greek ability and accent throughout the apple including Israel. Afterwards Alexander’s death, his authority was afar to his four generals. (Halley, 402) Egypt and Palestine was accustomed to Ptolemy and beneath him the altitude of the Jews were at a peaceful state. In Egypt, Alexandria was the affecting centermost of Judaism. In 167 B. C. was the alpha of the Aeon of Independence additionally accustomed as the Maccabean period. Mattathias was a priest and he was agitated at Antiochus action to abort the Jews, so he aggregate Jews and aloft a revolt. Mattathias had bristles sons, Judas, Jonathan, Simon, John, and Elezar. (Halley, 404) The Maccabean aeon lasted until 63 B. C. and the Romans followed after. Palestine was baffled by the Romans beneath Pompey. Idumean was the aboriginal to be appointed adjudicator of Judea. His son, Herod the Great, succeeded him. (Halley, 404) Herod was a acute baby-kisser who capital to get acceptable with the Jews. He was actual atrocious and barbarous appear his people. Politics and leaders are key roles in establishing a nation. In this case, these bristles empires helped advance rules and guidelines that led the bodies and that eventually grew and able Israel for the advancing of Christ. During the 400 years of silence, adoration was addition breadth that grew in Israel. During this time, the adoration was not set up was agnostic or monotheistic but instead it was groups of people. For archetype the four capital groups of the religions groups or parties are Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, and Herodians. These four groups followed what they believed and chose to do whatever they capital to do. The Pharisees is the accumulation best bodies apparently apperceive because of their role in the Gospels and the actuality Paul was one. They took the Law and believed it was their job to booty it and to put into new conditions. (Hester, 325-326) The accustomed both the Torah and tradition. The Pharisees alone anyone who didn’t alive by the standards they did. On the adverse ancillary were the Sadducees. They were the additional capital accumulation and they had added ability than the Pharisees until 70 A. D. back their temple was destroyed. (Hester, 325-326) The Sadducees consisted of the affluent priests. They were a bourgeois accumulation and they didn’t try to booty the Law and put into a new bearings but they instead took and bound themselves to the bristles books of Moses. Afterwards 70 A. D, the Pharisees were the leaders of the Jewish bodies by giving them a religious activity abreast from the temple. The alternative two parties were added political than religious groups. The Zealots were a nationalist accumulation that against the Romans. Simon, one of Jesus’ disciples, was a Zealot. The alternative group, the Herodians, basically accurate Herod and his absolutism and accurate what he did for the nation. These four groups are the religious groups that developed the capital article and guidelines bodies accept until Christ’s admiral began. Even admitting adoration and backroom are a big allotment of a civilization, addition key role is the abstract and autograph of a nation. Abstract and autograph in Israel or any nation is an affecting allotment because it is what the bodies chase and speak. In Israel, Hebrew was the accent of the Old Testament. This was the capital accent of religion. Latin was the accent of Roman and it was frequently announced amid the people. Greek was addition accent and it was the accent that angry the Roman Authority together. The best accepted accent of Palestine in Jesus’ day was Aramaic. (Halley, 410) Best writings are believed to accept been accounting in Aramaic and translated into Greek. (Halley, 410) The Old Testament was accounting in Hebrew but was announced in Greek. Septuagint is a adaptation of the Old Testament into Greek. The Torah was translated first. It was alleged the Septuagint because of the 70 translators and Septuagint agency 70 in Greek. (Halley, 409) Addition blazon of adaptation was Targums and they are translations of the Old Testament into Aramaic. They were aboriginal articulate translations, paraphrases, and interpretations these types of languages and autograph were affecting in the development of the amusing cachet during the Intertestamental Period. Even admitting autograph is important the catechism is what was the canon actuality accomplished during this period? Theology is important because it is what the bodies advised and how they beheld God. The Apocrypha, is writings which the biographer affected the name of a hero continued back dead, and rewrote history in agreement of prophecy. (Halley, 406) Some of this included, Books of Enoch, Assumption of Moses, Ascension of Isaiah, Book of Jubilees, Psalms of Solomon, and more. These books are the books that were accounting by bodies in the aeon of the 400 years of silence, and they preached about the prophecies that the prophets batten and additionally the bearing of Christ and the end times. This canon is the abutting abstract that the bodies had to affix to God and the prophecies that was spoken. All of these books batten of Christ advancing and his admiral that he will alive for and preach. The Intertestamental Aeon consisted of political admiral overtaking anniversary other, religious groups, and apostolic books and abstract that preached Christ advancing and that developed the nation of Israel. The political ancillary consisted of Persian, Greek, Egyptian, the Maccabees, and the Romans. The eligious ancillary had the Pharisees, Sadducees, Zealots, and Herodians and they all had altered angle and theories. And the accent allotment consisted of Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. The canon allotment was the Apocrypha, which re-emphasized the prophets foretelling. All these pieces and genitalia put calm fabricated up the Intertestamental Aeon and it formed Israel and it agitated over into the admiral of Jesus. The 400 years of blackout at aftermost was broken, and God beatific his son Jesus Christ to affirm the accuracy and affected the world. Work Cited Scott, J. Julius Jr. “Time Amid the Testaments. ” ESV Study Bible: English Standard Version. Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles. 2008. 1783-1789. Print. Halley, Dr. Henry H. Halley’s Bible Handbook: with New International Version. Grand Rapids, Michigan. Zondervan Publishing House. 2000. 402-412. Print. Hester, H. I. The Heart of Hebrew History: A Study of the Old Testestament. Liberty, Missouri, The Quality Press, Inc. 1962. 313-330. Print.

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