International marketing

Identify whether your called country is a low-context or high-context culture. Abutment your acknowledgment with examples. Choose a country that is the adverse ambience of your called country, and abutment your acumen with examples. classmate column (respond only) Norway is a low-context country aloof like the United States which agency that the words themselves are actual important in conversations of negotiations and contracts. For example, a arrangement absolutely agency article and can be taken for what it is worth. In alternative words, what the arrangement says is what it agency and is advised the final artefact of negotiations. Some examples of high-context countries may include: Japan, best Asian countries, Latin America, and best African countries. In this culture, the amusing ambiance agency added than the words themselves. Relationships are not admired as much,which agency it's a best action to abutting a accord or agreement because of the abridgement of claimed bonding. Actually, Americans attempt with this a lot in the business apple because they appetite to get beeline to the point after architecture accord first.

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