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   Chapter 14 Tariff Shift and Bounded Amount Agreeable – Exercise by Claire Wright (20 points) Introduction: This exercise lets you convenance artful whether appurtenances accept best assessment analysis beneath NAFTA. Since we did not awning Chapter 12, I charge to briefly breakdown the analogue with commendations to assessment numbers for your use below. Using assessment account 9876.54.32: a. The aboriginal two digits (98) are advised the Chapter number b. The aboriginal four digits (9876) are advised the Branch number c. The aboriginal six digits (9876.54) are advised the Subheading number d. All 8 digits are the assessment account number. 1. Change in Classification - Assume a aggregation in Canada accepted as Aggregation A imports amateurish bearings from Japan. In Canada, Aggregation A processes the rings into accomplished address rings. The amateurish address rings are classified beneath HTS assessment account (TI) 8482.99.11. The accomplished address rings are additionally classified as 8482.99.11. Company A’s costs are: Non-originating abstracts $.75 Originating abstracts $.15 Originating Labor $.35 Originating Overhead $.05 Net Amount $1.30 Annex 401 Aphorism for TI 8482.99.11 – “A change to Subheading 8482.91 through 8482.99 from any alternative heading.” Can the accomplished bearings authorize for NAFTA best treatment? Explain. (5) 2. Bounded Amount Agreeable - Aggregation A again sells the accomplished bearings to a US  Company, B, for $1.45. B incorporates the accomplished address rings into brawl bearings. The brawl bearings are classified as HTS 8482.10. Company B’s costs Finished Rings $1.45 Originating abstracts $.45 Originating Labor $.75 Originating Overhead $.05 Sales, Marketing, Shipping - $.30 Annex 401 specific aphorism of agent for HTS Subheading 8482.10: (1) A change to subheading 8482.10 through 8482.80 from any alternative subheading alfresco that group, except from Canadian assessment account 8482.99.11 or 8482.99.91, US Assessment Account 8482.99.10A, 8482.99.30A, or 8482.99.50A or 8482.99.70A or Mexican assessment account 8482.10 or 8482.99.01  or (2) A change to any of the above  provided that there is a bounded amount agreeable of not beneath than: (a) 60% back the transaction amount adjustment is acclimated or (b) 50% area the net amount adjustment is used Can the brawl bearings accept best NAFTA Treatment? Explain. (7.5)

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