International and National Commercial Security

What are the problems associated with the accretion use of all-embracing and civic bartering aegis companies and how can these problems be overcome? Abstract There has been an accretion use of civic and all-embracing aegis companies, decidedly in the deathwatch of the action of Iraq. Although these aegis companies can generally action adeptness and adeptness in areas that government aggressive cannot, they additionally present assertive difficulties, in acceding of adjustment and control. In particular, it is activate in this assay that there is a abridgement of accountability and a audible abridgement of transparency. Much of this is due to the inherent attributes of the activities which are actuality undertaken, but aback abounding of the affairs are with the governments themselves and are maintained in secrecy, this makes it alike harder to accomplish any constant amount of ascendancy and regulation. It is recommended in this address that the focus needs to be on ensuring that all-embracing rules and regulations are put in abode and afresh activated consistently, beyond all-embracing borders, afterwards alms any bartering advantage to any one jurisdiction. Afterwards all-embracing consensus, it is absurd to be accessible to action the all-important akin of bendability and accuracy to accord with this growing industry. Introduction National and all-embracing aegis companies or clandestine aggressive companies (PMCs) accept acquired accretion attention, in contempo years, the aggressive companies of this attributes generally actuality axial to the operation of the aggressive sector, rather than actuality an organisation which is somewhat on the ambit of all-embracing politics. The industry itself is fabricated up of hundreds of clandestine companies operating internationally and generally alive alongside governments, as able-bodied as all-embracing institutions and all-around corporations. Depending on the absolute aggregation itself it may be targeted with accouterment a advanced array of casework from absolute action operations to the accouterment of specific intelligence or cardinal planning and consultation, as able-bodied as ambidextrous with post-conflict about-face or accouterment aegis for specific contest (Walker and Whyte, 2000). PMCs accept developed appreciably aback the action of Iraq, with British clandestine aggressive companies accretion in anniversary acquirement from aloof ?320 actor in 2003 to ?1.8 billion in 2004 (Priest and Flaherty, 2004). The acceleration of PMCs can abundantly be explained by the alteration economic, political and amusing basement that has been accomplished beyond the globe, in the aftermost few decades. Despite the acceptance that these aegis companies accommodate casework which may not be accessible in alternative affairs and which will generally be advantageous additions to aggressive support, there are abundant difficulties which accept emerged as a aftereffect of the use of these clandestine companies. The purpose of this paper, therefore, is to analyze the assorted altered problems which may appear in affiliation to these civic and all-embracing aegis companies, from a legal, political and amusing point of view, afore afresh action on to attending at the accessible resolutions and approaching of these privatised companies. History of the PMC Before attractive in detail at the problems which appear as a aftereffect of the use of civic and all-embracing aegis companies, it is all-important at this point to accretion an compassionate of the history of the PMC and how it has accomplished its accustomed state, as this accomplishments advice will go a continued way appear answer how these problems accept emerged in the aboriginal place. When attractive accurately at the position in Iraq clandestine aegis companies absolutely accept the additional bigger attendance afterwards the US military; assuming aloof how important these clandestine companies accept become. However, the absolute cardinal of alive aegis cadre in Iraq is not known, due to the attributes of the industry, although estimates advance that there are at atomic 20,000 alive clandestine aggressive and aegis aggregation cadre alive on a approved abject in the arena (Myers, 2005). Although the clandestine aggressive companies accept appear to the beginning during the contempo action of Iraq, the absolute abstraction of clandestine aegis is not new. Historically, these types of clandestine aegis companies accept continued been circuitous in conflict, in abounding cases alive alongside the accustomed regimes or actuality circuitous in animal rights’ abuses. One of the bigger recognised celebrated uses of these clandestine companies is the attempted accomplishment in the Congo, during the aboriginal 1960s (Walker and Whyte, 2000). Interestingly, aback the Cold War ended, these clandestine companies acquired alike added strength. However, the contempo brand of clandestine aegis companies has taken on a somewhat altered approach, with the industry actuality added absorbed to accomplish in a accustomed way, bushing in gaps that are actuality authorised by the government military. Several specific projects accept been articular as undertaken by these civic aegis companies. For example, in Saudi Arabia, seven US abject clandestine aegis companies are circuitous in attention the absolution during periods of unrest, including accouterment acumen and intelligence for the Saudi Air Force to abutment them in alms assurance and by appliance technologies that would not be readily accessible to the Civic Air Force. In Afghanistan a clandestine aegis aggregation is affianced with the aegis of the admiral and alternative arch authoritative figures, afresh acknowledging the aliment of aegis in the arena in such a way that the bounded army could not accomplish (Schlesinger, 2004). The banking accent of these civic aegis companies charge additionally be considered, with clandestine aggressive companies experiencing a affecting access in turnover, in contempo years. Affirmation presented by ArmorGroup adapted that the all-embracing all-embracing bazaar for these casework was account about 900 US actor dollars in 2003, but had added to 1.7 US billion dollars by the end of August 2004. As able-bodied as accouterment specialist aegis services, such as those referred to above, there is a history of these clandestine companies adequate circuitous in action operations. Aback in 1995, the company, Executive Outcomes had its own infantry battalion, as able-bodied as action helicopters and artillery. Although the aggregation is no best in operation, it does announce that clandestine civic companies are accouterment a force to be reckoned with on addition akin and are not artlessly belted to alms specialist abstruse consultancy services. Despite this, absolute few civic and all-embracing aegis companies acquaint their adeptness to accommodate absolute action casework (Isenberg, 2006). However, in the avant-garde context, absolute action does not necessarily accredit to boot troops on the arena and could be including factors that would be beheld as actuality circuitous in absolute combat, afterwards the charge to accept a concrete presence. One of the arch companies aural this industry is DynCorp which has a arrangement with the US Accompaniment Department to accommodate casework in adjustment to eradicate biologic crops in Colombia, which involves accouterment pilots and trainers and alive aural action zones. Address this in mind, there is acutely affirmation to announce that these civic aegis companies are absolutely circuitous in action duties, alike if they are not anon affianced in a way that aggressive on the arena would advance (Peterson, 2003). The Problems with PMCs Although it is accustomed that there are abounding affidavit for the captivation of clandestine companies; decidedly aural the battle zones there are additionally abounding accessible apropos as to what the use of these companies is adequate to beggarly to civic and all-embracing aegis in general. Over the years, clandestine companies accept been affected in several aegis scandals in affiliation to animal rights’ abuses and this afresh raises questions as to how accustomed the accomplishments of the companies are; but, added importantly, what can be done to ensure that they are alms an able service, afterwards acting to the damage of the added aegis issues actuality aloft by the assorted jurisdictions. Several key apropos accept been raised: Firstly, from a political point of view, there are apropos that the accomplishments of the civic and all-embracing companies will corruption accompaniment sovereignty. Civic states accept a cartel on the use of force, yet by attractive at the operation of the aegis company, it could be argued that clandestine companies began to booty on lath their own adeptness to use force. As acclaimed by the German assembly aback in 2004, it was argued that the privatisation of the aggressive would actualize a axiological built-in about-face (Uesseler, 2008). As acclaimed by the German assembly that by accretion the use of the clandestine aggressive “the state’s cartel on force could be declared into catechism or alike accessible eradicated”. It was additionally acclaimed by Uesseler (2008) at p.24 that “A third accent of the avant-garde aggressive companies is the breadth of intelligence, which includes aggregate from advice accession to absolute spying. In the deathwatch of the electronics revolution, abounding firms accept developed techniques for advice acquisition and assay that alone they are able to adept and action as a service”. By acceptance these civic companies to aggregate intelligence and recruit arch experts in this area, there is a affair that there is an aspect of academician cesspool actuality accomplished by governments, with abounding adolescent individuals examination the government as an accomplished training ground, but afresh attractive appear the privatised companies in adjustment to added their career (Schreier and Caparini, 2005). This can actualize a bearings whereby there is bereft adeptness aural the government to advance the akin of abstruse adeptness adapted to attempt with clandestine companies. Similar issues are actuality faced aural the acumen industry, breadth assorted individuals are adeptness training through government bodies and afresh attractive appear the privatised companies in adjustment to accretion greater opportunities to advance their salary. All this indicates how the clandestine companies accept become added able and this, afresh eradicates backbone and acquaintance aural the government. As these clandestine companies activate to accumulation added and added adeptness and articles to the government, they alpha to authority greater adeptness and can alpha to accept political amplitude at a government akin (Cook, 2002). Specific apropos accept been aloft about the amends of these clandestine companies and, in particular, how they accomplish aural the countries breadth they work. There accept been several antecedent letters of animal rights’ abuses, although ascertaining the size, cardinal and consequence of this botheration is artlessly absolute difficult. However, one cited archetype by Uessler indicates that in 2004 a cardinal of Blackwater advisers entered into an Iraqi burghal advertence that they were attractive for terrorists; but, during this time, allegations were fabricated that several of the cadre undertook night-time raids involving the abusage of women and children, as able-bodied as disturbing and killing several men and boyish boys. As a aftereffect of their actions, several Blackwater advisers were additionally dead and although there are some catechism marks over the absolute accomplishments of the employees, no acknowledged action was taken adjoin the aggregation or the advisers (Donald, 2006). Ascertaining the absolute acknowledged operations of these clandestine civic companies is difficult to acquaint due to the clandestineness that is provided to these companies aback entering into government contracts. Alike the affairs themselves are buried in secrecy, authoritative it difficult for outsiders to authorize aback these civic companies are acting aural the address of the arrangement and aback they are not. It is, however, argued actuality that the advisers of these companies are answerable for their actions, in accordance with all-embracing altruistic law. Despite this basal recognition, bringing a case adjoin them can prove acutely difficult, decidedly breadth the accomplishments accept taken abode in a accompaniment that has little or no acknowledged anatomy about it. Amnesty All-embracing USA declared in its 2006 anniversary address that the use of outsourcing by the US aggressive has created pockets of areas in Afghanistan that were about actuality advised as rule-free zones, yet are actuality accustomed by the American firepower (Amnesty All-embracing USA 2006). The affairs entered into amid these clandestine companies and government bodies are generally acutely vaguely written, so that the aggregation has a advanced acumen and this can actualize difficulties aback it comes to ensuring that these companies are behaving in a way that would be apparent as adequate by the government. From a applied point of view, this can additionally actualize difficulties, as these civic clandestine companies may be causing agitation in accurate regions, appropriately authoritative it harder for the aggressive armament to afresh appoint with the accessible and not be beheld as a threat. Moreover, breadth the bounded citizenry has developed anti-American or anti-UK sentiments as a aftereffect of the activities of clandestine aggressive companies, this can affectation a absolute blackmail to the abundance of soldiers and the military. A accurate archetype of this can be apparent in 2003, breadth there were several allegations of ache of prisoners in the Abu Gharib prison, based in Iraq. Several individuals were implicated, including those from the US military, badge and those from clandestine aggressive aegis companies (Singer, 2004). Although there were several allegations of animal rights’ abuses and torture, decidedly during the claiming of prisoners, no prosecutions ensued, with the clandestine aggregation adventure its own investigations and absolute that no instances of corruption had absolutely taken place. However, the accurate accomplishments which took abode in this bastille abide alien and there are apropos that there accept been absolute few instances breadth individuals accept been captivated answerable for declared activities of this nature, suggesting that there is a able abridgement of accountability amidst these organisations. Even added annoying was the instance in 2001 breadth a changeable agent of DynCorp blew the blare on her colleagues who were allegedly active a corruption arena in Bosnia with arrears females, as able-bodied as presenting artificial passports and purchasing actionable arms. It was additionally declared that there were videos taken of advisers raping changeable individuals in the area. Although all of the advisers active in these contest were dismissed, they did not face any bent prosecution. Best notably, the bigmouth was additionally dismissed. The affair of accountability becomes alike added accustomed aback attractive at a civic akin of accountability (Walker and Whyte, 2005). Aback these types of affairs are entered into amid individuals aural the government and clandestine civic aegis companies, those amenable for the ecology of the affairs are generally amid in the government building, which is far removed from the absolute breadth at which the affairs are actuality performed. Those circuitous in the accompaniment aggressive in these adopted locations are additionally absurd to be absorbed in the administration of clandestine companies, as they are not allotment of the alternation of command and there is no account provided for this blazon of supervision, authoritative it absolute low bottomward on the antecedence account for any aggressive accumulation aural a region. Bearing this in mind, accountability is not apparent appear the aggressive accomplishments and Congress or any alternative government anatomy is in no position to accept what is action on, on the ground. Furthermore, a accurate authoritative affair arises, in acceding of implementing accountability, with clandestine corporations alone accepting to accompaniment that they intend to ensure that their cadre will account any civic laws in the administration in which operating and will accede with all-embracing animal rights’ standards. Alike breadth there are suggestions of clandestine individuals breaching these rules, the individuals circuitous are accustomed cogent protection. The Coalition Conditional Authority Adjustment presented on 17 June 2003 meant that the Iraqi conditional government had accustomed complete absolution from abeyant case of any cadre who were circuitous in abandon in the arena on account of the Coalition and this was continued to accommodate clandestine individuals (Department for All-embracing Development 2000). The position is no easier aback attractive at the abeyant accountability of clandestine companies from an all-embracing point of view, breadth a acumen is fatigued by the Geneva Convention amid individuals who are armed combatants and civilians. The adversity anon emerges, as those circuitous in clandestine aegis companies cannot be beheld as civilians, as they are circuitous in the action of war. As authentic by the Geneva Convention, combatants are “people anon and actively circuitous in hostilities”. However, address in apperception the way in which warfare has developed, in contempo years, it can be difficult to actuate absolutely aback an alone would be advised to be a adversary by the Geneva Convention and aback they would be beheld as a civilian. It is arguable actuality that there is every possibility, aback an alone is amid in a safe administration such as the US or the UK and is finer acute the button on aggressive activities elsewhere, that chargeless whether or not they are accounted to be anon circuitous in aggressive action would become a abundant added blurred line. Another breadth of affair aback the admeasurement of these clandestine aegis companies is the appulse which they accept on the Third Apple aback it comes to destabilisation, as able-bodied as potentially acknowledging damaging weapons’ trade. Following the end of the Cold War, political ascendancy over the way in which war was undertaken was abundantly lost, with assorted stocks of accoutrements and assorted alternative food such as helicopters and alike tanks adequate accessible on the accessible market. For example, in Uganda, an AK-47 burglarize was awash for the aforementioned amount as a chicken, assuming aloof how readily the best damaging accessories in the apple could abatement into the amiss hands, breadth clandestine aegis companies are concerned. This presents both a claiming and an opportunity, if clandestine companies are able to access as abundant accoutrements firepower as they appetite (Krahmann, 2005). However, this in itself does not present a aloft threat, as these clandestine aegis companies are nominally alive alongside the government to accomplish peace. Of conceivably greater affair is the actuality that clandestine aegis companies accept been active in accouterment accoutrements in battle situations. In the UK, a address was undertaken by the government in 2002 which looked at clandestine aggressive companies and the options for adjustment and adapted that the adeptness of these clandestine companies to accommodate accoutrements to groups of insurgents in absolute altered locations bare to be targeted as a priority. During this report, however, it was acclaimed that the activities of clandestine companies tended to go hand-in-hand with the industry of exporting arms, as those purchasing accoutrements generally capital a account amalgamation alongside the absolute accessories itself and accordingly bare a concrete attendance of aegis personnel. This affair leads on to addition breadth of affair in affiliation to these clandestine aegis companies. By their absolute definition, these companies are chargeless to arrangement with whomsoever they accept and, whilst this may generally be a government anatomy aural countries such as the US and UK, this is not necessarily the case. Moreover, there is no authoritative acumen why a clandestine aggregation could not appoint with insubordinate movements and may acquisition itself alive with organisations that are not necessarily accounted to be acknowledging all-embracing altruistic standards. A bartering organisation by its absolute attributes is accumulation driven, rather than actuality apprenticed primarily by altruistic standards and accordingly breadth a bartering organisation has an absorption in any anatomy of advancing conflict, difficulties are adequate to arise. Furthermore, abounding of the privatised civic aegis companies are heavily circuitous in the surveillance and aliment of all-around information, consistent in a bearings breadth it may able-bodied be the aggregation itself that is tasked with attractive into whether or not alternative aegis companies are behaving in an adapted manner. Controlling the PMC Given the issues aloft aloft and the axial accent now actuality placed on the blazon of clandestine civic company, it is unsurprising that abounding governments are attractive appear how they can potentially achieve ascendancy of the aegis companies and actualize a administration which is able and makes the best use of resources, but not in such a way that will arrest the basal cold of advancement accord (Cilliers and Douglas, 1998). When attractive at the position taken by the UK Adopted Office Minister, they are alive heavily appear a arrangement which will absorb acclimation companies alms aegis in a way that has civic bartering application. This will beggarly that at a civic akin all companies aural the industry will eventually accommodated with the aforementioned standard. While this blazon of administration is acutely necessary, the absolute way in which this will be managed and how it will be accessible to advance the all-important akin of independence, accustomed the able acknowledged ties that generally exist, amid the aegis aggregation and the government (Almond, 2005). Despite the actuality that the applied way in which the rules and regulations will be implemented has not been discussed in any detail, the options in the industry for autonomous self-regulation are acutely not acceptable as civic aegis companies has circuitous bartering operations, and will attending appear accretion their pocket, wherever possible. Self-regulation, decidedly accustomed the abridgement of accuracy aural the industry, is accordingly awful absurd to booty place. One of the key difficulties associated with aegis companies, is the actuality that they generally accomplish beyond civic borders. However, it would assume that accepting some anatomy of all-embracing framework of rules would be the best adapted way of authoritative the operation of these companies and of preventing difficulties from emerging, due to the actuality that the acknowledged accord is generally geographically broadly spread. Despite this, it is still recognised that accepting a abounding all-embracing acceding in acceding of how the aegis aggregation should be managed, is absurd to be accessible and, as such, the administration of the aegis companies is adequate to blow initially with the civic legislators. To accede the action of this blazon of legislation, the access taken by the UK will be looked at, although it is recognised that there are agnate issues adequate to appear in abounding alternative jurisdictions, including the US. The action of mercenaries in the UK is controlled and adapted by the Adopted Enlistment Act 1870; however, there is no specific legislation ambidextrous with this new brand of clandestine aggressive and aegis company. As a absolute aftereffect of the accoutrements to Africa aspersion that took abode in 1998, the Adopted Affairs Committee fabricated a appeal for a Green Paper, in adjustment to appraise the way in which these types of clandestine aggressive and aegis companies could be regulated, in the UK. The Green Cardboard itself was appear in 2002 and offered six key options for the ascendancy of this blazon of aegis company. These options were as follows: firstly, the advantage to ban aggressive action away in its entirety; secondly, to ban application with the accurate ambition of adventure aggressive action abroad; thirdly, accepting some anatomy of licensing administration in abode for the aggressive casework actuality provided; fourthly accepting a allotment or notification administration that could be acclimated by those affianced in aggressive services; fifthly, specific licenes which would animate clandestine aegis companies to accretion an all-embracing licence their activities; and finally, a administration of self-regulation. As discussed ahead in this report, it was acclaimed by those amenable for the Green Cardboard that it would be accessible to accept a altered akin of regulation, depending on the casework actuality provided (Select Committee on Adopted Affairs Sixth Address 2005). For example, a college akin of adjustment would be all-important breadth absolute battle is actuality entered into, admitting it may be adapted to accept a lower akin of adjustment for organisations that are circuitous in beneath absolute areas of security, such as accouterment clandestine bodyguards or those circuitous in training and development. Following assorted discussions in affiliation to the allegation of the Green Paper, it was agreed by the Committee on Adopted Affairs that it would acclaim that clandestine aegis companies should be especially banned from demography allotment in any absolute armed action operations. Also, individuals should alone backpack accoutrements in adjustment to avert themselves or to train, but not actively appoint in action situations. Alternative activities should be accountable to licence, although the discussions were almost detailed, it was accustomed by the Adopted Affairs Committee that nine of the recommendations had yet been fabricated into legislation. However, although the agitation continues in this area, as it currently stands, these types of companies abide absolutely afterwards accountability. Self-regulation has been broadly accustomed as abortive in this blazon of industry which has become more difficult to control. Therefore, assured clandestine companies aback faced with a difficult bearings to afresh become circuitous in self-regulation is artlessly unreasonable. Despite the apropos apropos to the abridgement of accountability and the assorted altered problems which accept amidst the affair of civic and all-embracing aegis companies, the UK government has been absolute afraid to put in abode rules that would ultimately outlaw the use of these types of aegis companies. Arguably, in abounding cases, these aegis companies action a abundant accord of cardinal account and are able to abutment the casework actuality provided by the military. At times, clandestine companies can accommodate abilities and acquaintance that are not readily accessible aural the military; therefore, to absolutely prohibit their operation would potentially actualize the bearings whereby the UK is clumsy to compete, internationally. As ahead noted, issues apropos to civic aegis companies are generally all-embracing in attributes and, as such, in reality, all-embracing rules and regulations charge to be put in abode in adjustment to administer the operations of these companies, behindhand of their basal nationality. As has been acutely apparent in Iraq, abounding altered aegis companies from altered countries become involved; therefore, in adjustment to action any amount of consistency, it will be all-important to accept all-embracing rules and regulations that administer to all such civic companies (Bearpark and Schulz, 2007). There are several all-embracing conventions and rules apropos to the activities of mercenaries, with suggestions actuality fabricated that they should be continued in adjustment to absorb clandestine aggressive and aegis companies. However, no accord has been accomplished on this amount and accordingly the bearings charcoal absolute abundant up in the air, with no specific all-embracing rules and regulations actuality put in place, in adjustment to ascendancy the activities of these clandestine aggressive and aegis companies (Millard, 2003). Interestingly, accustomed the actuality that a ample cardinal of South Africans are circuitous in these clandestine aegis companies, it is in actuality the South African government that has artificial the way advanced aback it comes to legislation to ascendancy and adapt these aegis companies. In South Africa, the Adjustment of Adopted Aggressive Abetment Bill was anesthetized in 1998, which bans all bartering action and regulates any aggressive assistance. This includes all of the accessory abutment issues such as accouterment finance, logistics, or intelligence to the aggressive through these clandestine aegis companies. Alike admitting South Africa has accustomed rules and regulations, there accept been almost bush penalties, as able-bodied as assorted loopholes which ultimately beggarly that the legislation is abortive (Caparini, 2005). In alternative jurisdictions, apropos accept been aloft that there is acutely a revolving door, with government admiral adequate circuitous in clandestine aggressive and aegis companies and carnality versa, as allotment of their career development, appropriately authoritative it absolute difficult for governments to actively appoint in the adjustment of the industry with which it is so carefully intertwined (Beyani and Lilly, 2001). Conclusions The accretion accent of civic and all-embracing aegis companies has created a abundant accord of authoritative difficulty, both nationally and internationally. Fundamentally, however, there is a able abridgement of accountability and a abridgement of accuracy which makes it absolute difficult for any government anatomy to be amenable for the administration of these types of clandestine aegis companies. Added ambiguous is the actuality that the government is generally fundamentally intertwined with the aggregation and is artlessly not accommodating to agitated the able accord which has congenital up, over the years. In practice, it will be all-important for an agreed all-embracing accustomed to be put in abode that applies globally and requires a abundant college akin of accuracy and accountability, behindhand of breadth the aegis aggregation is amid and behindhand of breadth it is operating. Bibliography Almond, P (2005) Conflicts such as the one in Iraq action big opportunities for clandestine aegis firms. Now there are moves to adapt a advancing industry , Sunday Times, 30 October 2005 Amnesty All-embracing USA (2006), Anniversary Address 2006 Bearpark, A and Schulz, S (2007) The Adjustment of the Clandestine Aegis Industry and the Approaching of the Market, From Mercenaries to Market: The Acceleration and Adjustment of Clandestine Aggressive Companies, Oxford University Press Beyani, C and Lilly, D (2001) Acclimation clandestine aggressive companies.Options for the UK Government , All-embracing Alert, August 2001 Caparini, M (2005) Clandestine Aggressive Companies , in Dr. TH Winkler (ed.) et al, Combating Terrorism and its Implications for the Aegis Sector, Geneva Centre for the Democratic Ascendancy of Armed Armament and Swedish Civic Defence College. Cilliers, J and Douglas, I (1998) The aggressive as business — Aggressive Professional Resources, Incorporated in J Cilliers and P Mason (eds) Peace, Accumulation Or Plunder?: The Privatisation of Aegis in War-torn African Societies, Institute for Aegis Studies. Cook, T (2002) Dogs of War or Tomorrow s Peacekeepers?: The Role of Mercenaries in the Approaching Administration of Battle , in Culture Mandala. Department for All-embracing Development (2000), Aegis Breadth Reform and the Administration of Aggressive Expenditure , Address on an All-embracing Symposium Sponsored by the UK, June 2000 Donald, D (2006) Afterwards the Bubble: British Clandestine Aegis Companies Afterwards Iraq, Whitehall Cardboard 66, Royal United Casework Institute Isenberg, D (2006) The Good, the Bad, and the Unknown: PMCs in Iraq , presentation at Guns ‘n gates: The role of clandestine aegis actors in armed violence, Bonn All-embracing Center for Conversion, Alive Accumulation 3, 9-10 February 2006 Krahmann, E (2005) Clandestine Aggressive Casework in the UK and Germany: Amid Partnership and Adjustment in European Security,Vol. 14, No. 2 Millard, TS (2003) Overcoming Post-Colonial Myopia: A Call to Recognize and Adapt Clandestine Aggressive Companies , in Aggressive Law Review, Vol. 176 Myers, L (2005) U.S. contractors in Iraq adduce abuses; Four men say they witnessed brutality, on NBC, 17 February 2005 Peterson, S (2003) Next claiming in Iraq: Sabotage Christian Science Monitor, 3 July 2003 Priest, D and Flaherty, M (2004). 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Jefferson Chase, Brooklyn, New York: Soft Skull Press p.146 Walker C and Whyte, D (2000) Contracting Out War; and Animal Rights Watch, Stockpiling of Antipersonnel Mines Walker, C and Whyte, D (2005) Contracting Out War?: Clandestine Aggressive Companies, Law and Adjustment in the United Kingdom , All-embracing and Comparative Law Quarterly, Vol 54

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