Internation Business Management

            ASSIGNMENT BRIEF You are a affiliate of the Board of an Australian Company. Your appointment is accretion across and you charge to adapt one of your advisers to booty up the role of Accepted Manager for that country. One accessible anatomy or alertness for an across job is acquirements about the bounded ability of your new location. This is absolutely what we will do: The letters will be in a business presentation blazon format. Typically such letters focus on countries and may accommodate any specific cultural amplitude (country, region, city, etc.)  The address architecture and accordant issues to altercate accommodate the following:  I. Title Page – Your aggregation and ambition country II. The Company– Brief description of your aggregation and the key articles it sells III. Formal Institution Analysis - Specifics of the political, economic, technological, and acknowledged ambiance of the ambition country, as accordant including bribery and how to accord with government interference.  IV. Breezy Institutions Analysis – A accepted description of the ambition country and ability in the country (e.g., cultural dimensions, adoration and beliefs, language, etc.)  A. How breezy norms in association will affect your day to day role.  B. Management practices accustomed in this ability (e.g., how are advisers hired? promoted? motivated?)  C. Any alternative absorbing and specific capacity that accommodate a acceptable compassionate of “how things work”  V. The Expatriate - Skills and abilities that abeyant expatriates charge in adjustment to be acknowledged in this culture  VI. Recommendation – Should we or should we not accessible up here? Summarise your justification. No country will be assigned to added than 1 person.  This way we will awning a advanced ambit of cultures – ability from assorted cultures contributes to the development of cultural intelligence.           MARKING CRITERIA A Marking Rubric is accessible online. Individual Weightings for the final cardboard are as follows: · Compassionate of Country(30%) · Quality of Research (20%) · Quality of the Analysis and Recommendations (25%) · Referencing, Structure, Grammar, (15%)

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