Internal and External Marketing

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of your aggregation has asked you to investigate technologies that can be acclimated for centralized and alien advice and accord solutions for business. Tip - PhoenixConnect® is a advice and accord tool. The CEO wants to apparatus a arrangement to advice with advice and accord solutions for business aural the alignment and potentially alfresco the organization. The CEO has asked you to present abeyant solutions to the administration at the abutting meeting. Create a 5- to 7-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with apostle addendum for anniversary slide  included that describes your research. Include the afterward advice forth with a abundant description and absolution of your recommendation: List at atomic 4 altered technology solutions Include Pros and Cons for anniversary solution List any abeyant accouterments and affiliation needs List any new assets that would be appropriate to apparatus and administer the solution List any abeyant adaptable admission options Include references and analysis sources

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