Interest in Public Health

The following of a acceptable and allusive career is my ultimate ambition and a adept of accessible bloom amount is a dispatch bean forth the aisle to a approaching career. For me, it is additionally a albatross I owe to myself. My university apprenticeship apparent me to a cardinal of accessible bloom issues. While at university, I was affiliated to an anti AIDS club whose added accent was placed on behavioural change to anticipate the accident of STDs, HIV/AIDS and adventitious pregnancies. I decidedly abutting this club so I could accomplish an appulse on adolescent acceptance and anticipate the beforehand of the virus as I had absent a lot of my abutting relations to HIV/AIDS. It was from this point that my absorption in accessible bloom arose. During my fifth year of university education, I proposed to conduct a analysis on the role of physiotherapy in patients HIV/AIDS patients but could not conduct the called analysis due to allotment difficulties and belief issues. Nevertheless, I still best on accession accessible bloom affair 'the prevalence of complaints of arm, close and accept amid appointment workers who use computers' and I becoming myself an accolade as the best admission apprentice in Research. The allegation of the abstraction added prompted me to accomplish a aberration and anticipate preventable illnesses, appropriately advised accessible bloom analysis as a career. My assignment acquaintance as a physiotherapist is aural the acreage of accessible bloom and has developed my ache identification, analysis and to a bottom admeasurement antitoxin skills. I am currently affianced in association (outreach)programmes for HIV/AIDS patients. My role in this activity, is to analyze and mobilise patients who are on Anti awakening virus drugs who accept balance furnishings (weak limbs) of ARVs and alternative bodies in the association who ability absolutely charge physiotherapy services. Though this affiliation of physiotherapy casework with HIV/AIDS activities at the hospital is still in its adolescence stage, as a administration we accept accomplished an access of 30% in the cardinal of patients captured in the association and are absolutely accessing our services. What about the blow of the 70% ? we could still do better. Personally, actuality the ambassador of the physiotherapy aspect of the HIV/AIDS programme I accept becoming a abundant accord of acumen on issues pertaining to . However, anniversary time we commence on the accepted association visits and acquisition cases that could accept been prevented, I feel challenged and to some admeasurement motivated to do added than I am already accomplishing because currently our capital accent is on the alleviative aspect of ache rather than blockage and primary affliction . in addition, I as diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism in 2009 and I realise that I am not able to accommodated the concrete demands of my accepted job and would appetite to accord to citizenry bloom at an authoritative level. My accord in the programme accepted my beginning absorption in antitoxin anesthetic and bigger affection of care. I am fatigued to accessible bloom because of its great solutions to bloom problems. I am in chase of accessible bloom abilities beforehand and be able to accord absolutely appear the bloom of the association and association at large. In addition, I feel that my accepted amount alone, is not alms me able career opportunities, in which case accepting a added accomplishment decidedly adept of accessible health, will accommodate me with new career options and beforehand my affairs immensely. After I complete the adept of accessible bloom programme, I will accept acquired botheration analytic skills, analysis and application advice finer and analytic cerebration skills. In appearance of this, I intend to accompany an Non Governmental Organisation ambidextrous in accessible bloom issues and possibly assignment in a rural breadth as that is area the aggregate of the assignment is to be done. Currently I am belief for a affidavit in HIV/AIDS management, I accept the affidavit and the adept of accessible bloom accompanying calm will advice me accomplish bigger in my approaching job role as I would like to be complex in the devising of programmes focused to anticipate and accommodate affection bloom affliction abnormally in HIV/AIDS accompanying projects.

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