Interest Groups and State Government Presentation

  Consider this scenario: You are alive as an abettor for a adumbrative in your accompaniment (Maryland) legislature, and he or she has asked you for a arbitrary of advice on a accurate absorption group. Use the afterward instructions to adapt your 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® or Prezi presentation to the adumbrative (enough for a 10-15 minute articulate presentation) Identify and accommodate a description of one absorption group. Discuss its affiliation or accord to anniversary of the two above political parties in your accompaniment (Maryland) Analyze the absorption group's accord with the two above political parties by acclamation these questions: How does the accumulation access the accompaniment government? What techniques does the accumulation use? How important is the absorption accumulation to your representative? Summarize the advice you begin apropos this absorption accumulation and accommodate a advocacy to the adumbrative for responding to the affair with which the absorption accumulation is best concerned. Include apostle notes.

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