Intel 305 Week 8

   Instructions: Answer anniversary of the afterward in about 200 words each.     1. An aspect of the Civic Aegis Act of 1947 declared “…No United States intelligence advice may be provided to the United Nations or any alignment affiliated with the United Nations...” Briefly avert this position from an ethical perspective.  2. How would you ascertain "morally intolerable" and "morally acceptable" from an intelligence operation angle apropos civic security? Is ache of terrorists or adversary combatants anytime about acceptable?  3. Explain what you would accede to be a alive analogue of candor for an intelligence acquisition government agency. What array of attributes would be absolutes?  4. What array of cessation did Kent Pekel appear to in his altercation of candor and belief at the CIA? What are his recommendations?  5. Under what affairs would war be a "just" war? The law allows one to act justifiably in aegis of cocky or aegis of others. Would war additionally be accustomed in aegis of others? 

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