Integrative Literature Review

Integrative Abstract ReviewPathbuilder is actuality acclimated for this assignment. Amuse be assertive to complete the “Survey Acknowledgement Quiz” this anniversary in adjustment to abide the Commutual Abstract Review. You will not be accustomed to abide your Final Cardboard until you accept completed the quiz this week.The primary ambition of this abstract assay is to accommodate concepts from four altered agreeable domains aural the beyond acreage of psychology. The four agreeable domains should be called from antecedent coursework in this program. In this paper, acceptance will assay the allegation in the alone empiric articles, adapt the assay in a allusive way, appraise the reliability, validity, and generalizability of the assay findings, and present an chip amalgam of the assay that sheds new ablaze on the capacity aural and beyond the four domains.The aftereffect of a acknowledged commutual abstract assay may be a cogent addition to a accurate anatomy of ability and, consequently, to assay and practice. Therefore, afore autograph this abstract review, absolute new assay charge be conducted via the Internet and aural the UAGC Library for anniversary of the four called domains. A minimum of six sources charge be included for anniversary of the four domains. Although agreeable from abstract reviews completed in above-mentioned courses aural this affairs may be included, it may not aggregate the absolute assay for the alone domains addressed aural this assignment. No added than four sources from antecedent abstract reviews completed in this affairs may be activated for this commutual review.The headings listed beneath charge be acclimated aural the cardboard to abut the sections of content. These sections accommodate the following: a bright addition that provides a accepted assay and organizes the assay in a allusive way; a altercation in which the affirmation is presented through analysis, critique, and synthesis; and a cessation in which the altercation is fatigued calm in a allusive way, the claims of the addition are brought to a analytic closure, and new assay is proposed.IntroductionProvide a conceptual framework for the review.Describe how the assay will be organized. The questions beneath may be acclimated to adviser this section.What are the allegorical theories aural the domains?How are the domains connected?Are there aggressive credibility of appearance beyond the domains?Why is the affiliation of these domains important?What is the history of these domains?What are the accompanying theories or findings?Describe how the abstract was identified, analyzed, and synthesized.How and why was the abstract chosen?What is your affirmation or apriorism statement?DiscussionProvide the analysis, critique, and amalgam for the review.AnalysisExamine the capital annual and relationships presented in the abstract beyond the four domains.Integrate concepts from the four altered agreeable domains aural the beyond acreage of psychology.What claim(s) can be fabricated in the introduction?What affirmation supports the claim(s) fabricated in the introduction?CritiqueEvaluate the reliability, validity, and generalizability of the called assay findings.How able-bodied does the abstract represent the issues beyond the four domains?Identify the strengths and the key contributions of the literature.What, if any, deficiencies abide aural the literature?Have the authors bare any key credibility and/or arguments?What, if any, inaccuracies accept been articular in the literature?What affirmation runs adverse to the claims proposed in the introduction, and how ability these be accommodated with the claims presented?Explain how the APA’s Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct ability access the believability and/or generalizability of the called findings.Did the ethical issues access the outcomes of the research?Were ethical considerations altered beyond the domains?SynthesisIntegrate absolute annual with new annual to actualize new ability and new perspectives.Describe the assay that has ahead been done beyond these domains, as able-bodied as any controversies or alternating opinions that currently exist.Relate the affirmation presented to the above abstracts actuality made.Construct bright and abridged arguments application evidence-based cerebral concepts and theories to apriorism new relationships and perspectives on the capacity aural the domains.ConclusionProvide a cessation and present abeyant approaching considerations.State your final conclusion(s).Synthesize the allegation declared in the altercation into a blunt summary.What questions remain?What are the accessible implications of your altercation for absolute theories and for accustomed life?Are there atypical theories and/or testable hypothesizes for approaching research?What do the overarching implications of the studies show?Where should the assay go from this point to added the compassionate of these domains and the greater abstraction of psychology?Attention Students: The Masters of Arts in Attitude affairs is utilizing the Folio portfolio apparatus as a athenaeum for apprentice bookish assignment in the anatomy of signature assignments completed aural the program. Afterwards accepting acknowledgment for this Commutual Abstract Review, amuse apparatus any changes recommended by the instructor, go to your Folio annual and upload the revised Commutual Abstract Assay as a activity in your portfolio. (Use the Setting Up and Application Folio (Links to an alien site.) adviser to actualize an annual if you do not already accept one.) The upload of signature assignments will booty abode afterwards commutual anniversary course. Be assertive to upload revised signature assignments throughout the affairs as the portfolio and its capacity will be acclimated in alternative courses and may be acclimated by alone acceptance as a able ability tool.The Commutual Abstract ReviewMust be 20 to 30 double-spaced pages in breadth (not including appellation and references pages) and formatted according to APA appearance as categorical in the UAGC Autograph Center. (Links to an alien site.)Must accommodate a abstracted appellation folio with the following:Title of paperStudent’s nameCourse name and numberInstructor’s nameDate submittedMust activate with an anterior branch that has a blunt apriorism statement.Must abode the affair of the cardboard with analytical thought.Must end with a cessation that reaffirms your thesis.Must use at atomic 24 peer-reviewed sources, including a minimum of 20 from the UAGC University Library.Must certificate all sources in APA appearance as categorical in the UAGC Autograph Center.Must accommodate a abstracted advertence account that is formatted according to APA appearance as categorical in the UAGC Autograph Center.

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