The ability of amusing media and the advice gleaned from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is prodigious. The use of amusing media can additionally change the advance of animal events. Can you anticipate of alternative examples—other than the Arab Spring as discussed in the readings—that ability account from Amusing Network intelligence employing cyber intelligence techniques? 2 pages 3 sources  turabian format Reading  Hodges, Jim “OSINT Goes Social,” Trajectory Magazine (Fall 2012). Accessed at: Omand, David, “Introducing Amusing Media Intelligence (SOCMINT),” Intelligence and National Security 27, No. 6, pp. 801–823. Click here. Waters, T.J., “Social Media and the Arab Spring,” Small Wars Journal (November 14, 2012) Accessed at: Moe, Wendy W. and David A. Schweidel. Amusing Media Intelligence. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2015. (Chapter 1, Chapter 9, Chapter 10). Found in the APUS Library. Zeng, David, Hsinchun Chen, Robert Lusch, and Shu-Hsing Li. "Social Media Analytics and Intelligence." IEEE Intelligent Systems 25, No.6, pp.13-16. Click here.

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