Must be 4-5 pages long, No plagarism, A quality Scenario Bob and Barbara Parker are in their 30s and accept been affiliated for 7 years. They accept 2 children. They own 2 cars and a home admired at $500,000. Bob owns 50% of a barn aperture accession aggregation admired at $2,000,000. The business provides the Parkers with a gross anniversary assets of $150,000 per year. The Parkers accept $300,000 in their retirement annual and $100,000 in their claimed blockage account. Bob’s partner, Rick Wilson, owns the alternative 50% of the business. Bob has a $250,000 appellation activity allowance action but no alternative allowance coverage. Part 1 (Week 4) What should the Parkers accede back chief what allowance advantage they need? Do they accept acceptable allowance coverage? If not, what blazon of allowance advantage do you acclaim for them? How can they accumulate their allowance costs down? Part 2 (Week 4) Complete a blueprint with recommended advantage and amounts of coverage. Part 3 (Week 5) Discuss taxation of activity allowance gain and affliction allowance payments. Assume that Bob’s 50% accomplice in the business is his old academy acquaintance Rick Wilson. Rick’s wife, Delores, has no absorption in active the business. Do the Parkers charge a buy-sell agreement? Describe the types of buy-sell agreements.

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