Instructions for Capstone Project Assignment Part 2

  Instructions for Capstone Activity Appointment Allotment 2 Now that you accept your accustomed abstraction for the activity it is time to activate the additional allotment of the project, which builds on Activity Allotment 1. Application the aforementioned aggregation of best that is proposing an amplification befalling overseas, conduct analysis on the country. Specifically focus on the ability and cultural exchange. For the culture, analysis the web armpit to analyze the cultural differences amid the countries. Identify the cultural differences and accede the cultural exchange. In addition, analysis and accept the best distributions method: Product/Market, Pricing, and Positioning. Identify the following: Cultural differences Cultural exchange Distribution Methods Submission Requirements: Submit a two- to three-page Word certificate application 12-pt. chantry and APA format *** Please use absorbed cardboard to complete the assignment. This is a assiduity of the cardboard you completed for me on Nordsee. You will use the aforementioned aggregation for this assignment.

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