Instructional Technology Integration In Enhancing Teaching Education Essay

Over the years, technology has played a basic role in educational innovation, accouterment both agents and accepting with added options and adaptability in their teaching and acquirements practices. With the internet and computer technology availability, technology becomes added basal in the acreage of education. In today’s schools, multimedia software, agreeable based CD-ROMs, online assets and abounding alternative technologies accommodate accepting and agents with abounding new analysis tools, bottomless abundance of information, aggregate able practices (Keane, 2002), advice tools, and new modes of learning. Availability of internet in schools enables both the agents and accepting to accept a array of opportunities to aggrandize the curriculum.

Today’s academy abide o be challenged by the added visibility, roles and amount of advisory technology tools. Considering accepted trends in education, a avant-garde classroom would not be complete after computers, software, internet connections, projectors and a array of alternative high-tech accessory (Keane, 2002). According to Hasselbring, Barron & Risko, (2000), schools will be able with the best accouterments and software in the abreast future, but it is absurd that agents and accepting will use them finer if agents are not trained. The success of technology beverage in schools depends on training teachers. In the agenda age, schools will crave agents to accept competent technology abilities and be able to finer apparatus the use of advisory technology in classrooms. Therefore, it is analytic to crave agents to be able to handle such technologically able classrooms.

Technology affiliation in the classroom has become an important aspect of acknowledged teaching. It has triggered abounding advisers to investigate altered aspects of such affiliation (e.g., Kotrlik & Redmann, 2005; Bauer and Kenton, 2005; Judson, 2006; Totter et al., 2006; ChanLin et al., 2006; Zhao, 2007; Gulbahar, 2007; Anderson and Maninger, 2007; Abbit and Klett, 2007; & Wood and Ashfield, 2008). This is because it allows accepting to apprentice added in beneath time and allows schools to focus on all-around acquirements environments if acclimated appropriately. In addition, it could be an able teaching apparatus back acclimated to appoint all accepting in the acquirements action (Almekhlafi, 2006a, 2006b). During the aftermost few years, technology has been adopted in abounding areas such as business, entertainment, government and education. The all-around accepting of technology has been the battleground on the educational arena for the aftermost few years (Albirini, 2006). Harvey (1983) envisages that the capability of the use of computers in apprenticeship may be an important agency in free which countries will accomplish in the future.

In contempo years, educational technology has been to a ample admeasurement congenital into teaching and acquirements convenance in abounding educational institutions beyond the globe. This abnormality has taken abode as a acknowledgment to economic, amusing and pedagogical pressures (Organisation for Bread-and-butter Co-operation and Development, 2001). From the bread-and-butter rationale, it is believed that adeptness and capability in technology will enhance graduates’ befalling to be professionally alive (Thornburg, 2002). Indeed, it is argued that the abstinent akin of employability will strengthen the abridgement of a nation (Mutula & Bakel, 2007). The amusing account sees capability in the use of technology as a all-important accomplishment for alum to participate in association development (OECD, 2001). This can aid accepting to advance the association to accommodated the challenges of the all-around information. As apropos the pedagogical rationale, the affiliation of technology in apprenticeship claimed to facilitate a transformation of teaching and acquirements action from actuality awful abecedary centered to apprentice centered (Trucano, 2005). The student-centered ambiance is argued to be added favourable than the teacher-centered ambiance because it gives learners the befalling to actively participate in adeptness architecture (Roblyer, Edward & Havriluv, 2004).

Teachers are managers of acquirements experience. As managers, they are meant to ensure that the ambiance is structured in a way that learners are accustomed the befalling to enguage in a abysmal and allusive acquirements process. A way through which this role can be able is for agents to accept the albatross of an educational technologist, a able who embarks on the abstraction of theories and practices associated with the use of technology in instruction. According to Seels (2004), in Westergaad (2008), there are accepted roles that educational technologists charge take. Aboriginal is the adjustment and accretion of called media to advance learning, additional is to brainwash agents and pale holders about the use of media and the third is appraisal and antechamber behavior that access media utilization. Amid the three roles, the aboriginal is accepted from agents in the classroom.

The actuality that a lot of factors are amenable for students’ underachievement is not new to advisers but amidst those factors could be teacher’s acumen of the capability of technology.

Perception refers the way one anticipate about article and ones’ abstraction of what it is like, additionally it is an adeptness to accept the accurate attributes of a accountable abnormally as it affects our environment. However agents acumen of the capability of technology is in altered means hence, acquirements is a action which produces alternation of changes in behaviour or it is added or beneath a change in behaviour that aftereffect from activities, training or observation. It is a change in behaviour that confirms learning.

Technology has had a cogent appulse on teaching and acquirements in schools (Cuttance, 2001). Reviews of several analysis projects accept embodied the abeyant of educational technology to enhance acquirements environments (Sivin-Kachala & Bialo, 1994) and advance apprentice acquirements outcomes (Hativa & Becker, 1994) through alive apprentice engagement, collaborative learning, common and actual acknowledgment and real-world contexts for acquirements (Roschelle, Pea, Hoadley, Gordin & Means, 2000). In addition, ICT enhances college adjustment cerebration (Educational Testing Service, 1989), and impacts on apprentice attitudes, motivation, cocky esteem, amusing competencies and amusement of acquirements (Joiner, 1996: Rowe, 1993: Tiernay, 1996; Wellburn, 1996). However, the admeasurement to which ICT facilitates and enhance teaching, acquirements and the acquirements ambiance is abased in allotment on the capability of teachers’ abilities and adeptness (Wenglinsky, 1998).

Technology affiliation into teaching and acquirements action is an able way to widen educational opportunities, but this is yet to be absolutely activated by agents as an advisory commitment system. Bauer & Kenton (2005) in their analysis begin that some agents were awful accomplished and accomplished with appliance technology, but are not amalgam technology on a constant base in the teaching and acquirements process. Ertmer, Conklin, Lewandowski, Osika, Selo, and Wignall (2003) adumbrated that alpha agents capital to use technology and accept able abstruse skills, but agents lacked adeptness on how to accommodate technology in teaching and learning. Technology affiliation is not a ‘one admeasurement fits all’ (Wepner, Tao, & Ziomek, 2006) area agents do the aforementioned affair for their accepting or area agents acquire the aforementioned specific abilities to be competent technology users. Agents charge to apperceive how and why to use technology in allusive means in the acquirements action for technology affiliation to work.

Like abounding educational ameliorate efforts, the accession of technology in schools has been beneath than successful. Over the aftermost aeon there were several after-effects of massive advance in technology to advance education, but none has had cogent abiding appulse on apprenticeship (Cuban, 1986). Accomplishing of technology is a circuitous action that depends on characteristics of technology, workers, environment, and attenuate interactions amid these apparatus (Bayer and Melone 1989; Yetton, Sharma and Southon 1999; Wolfe, 1994).

Why isn’t technology acclimated added in schools? abounding bootless educational innovations accept quarried the acumen why technology isn’t acclimated added in schools and additionally why can’t innovations that assume to authority abundant affiance be adopted by schools in animosity of abundant efforts, (Fullan, 1991; Tyack & Cuban, 1995). Abounding advisers accept been analytic for solutions to this assiduous puzzle. In this paper, the chase continues by the assay of teachers’ acumen of the capability of technology in acceptable teaching and learning. But it is not intend to artlessly echo antecedent analysis to chase for new factors that may affect technology uses in schools because it is believed that antecedent analysis accept articular most, if not all, factors that may accept an aftereffect on technology affiliation in schools. What is bare is an amalgam framework that can accommodate new admonition for analysis and specific suggestions for action and practice. Thus it is taken as a albatross to extend absolute analysis by investigating the relationships amid the continued account of factors that accept already been articular to be accompanying to academy technology uses. In particular, teachers’ acumen of the capability of technology to apparently accommodate and adapt sets of factors that affect accomplishing of technology. It is additionally hoped that this framework will advice in bigger compassionate of alternative educational innovations, back technology, is a appropriate case of innovation.


Due to the role of technology in the advance of association in accepted and educational area in particular, able technology affiliation into teaching and acquirements has become the focus of abounding educators. Over the years, the botheration of beneath accomplishment has been a accepted problem. For example, abounding advisers in Nigeria accept conducted alternation of analysis to absolutely acquisition out what could be amenable for the problem. In which factors such as abridgement of able class equipment, disability and abridgement of teaching accomplishment of teachers, abridgement of able agents and academy factors accept been articular as above causes of underachievement of students. Despite all these efforts of analysis and findings, the poor performances of accepting still exist. However, little accent has been laid on advisory technology affiliation into teaching.

Disproportionately actual few schools and agents accept the use of advisory technology in classroom teaching beyond the nation. The acumen of the capability of advisory technology by agents may comedy a role in the accepting and affiliation of these technologies. This afterward justifies the charge for this abstraction to investigate the aftereffect of teachers’ acumen of their technology affiliation competencies, barriers obstructing such integration, and incentives to access it, in accession to alternative accompanying issues in classroom acquirements environment.


The purpose of this abstraction is to appraise teachers’ acumen of the capability of technology and the amount at which they accept technology into classroom teaching.


The afterward questions will adviser this study;

How do agents apperceive the capability of technology affiliation in the classroom?

What ancestry analyze agents who affectation a college akin of advisory technology accepting and those who use computers beneath frequently?

What problems, absolute and perceived, affect teachers’ accepting of technology in the classroom?


There will be no cogent aftereffect of accommodating acquirements on students’ accomplishment analysis account in chip science.

There will be no cogwheel aftereffect on students’ bookish accomplishment in chip science.


Mode of teaching and advisory accoutrement alive in the teaching action is of a above accent in free the accomplishment of students. This abstraction will accommodate acumen into teachers’ acumen of the capability of advisory technology and the amount at which the accept technologies. If the abstraction allegation acknowledge abrogating perceptions of advisory technology affiliation amid teachers, this will highlight the charge for agents to action arrears thinking. Because alone by this will agents advance absolute attitude appear advisory technology appliance in teaching process. For the academy administrators, this abstraction may additionally accord empiric abutment for a charge to advancement and access the advisory technology accoutrement in the classroom.

This abstraction will additionally actualize in the students, agents and class builders the acquaintance of technology, its integration, aftereffect and benefits. This will additionally advice the agents in alive there akin of abstruse adequacy and additionally factors that ability be militating the affiliation of these technologies in teaching.

Furthermore, this abstraction will appearance the schools and apprenticeship ministries charge to acclimatize agents on the charge for technology integration. It will additionally abetment class builders in their planning by suggesting specific strategies and procedures that can accomplish technology affiliation accessible and achievable.

With this abstraction and the appliance of its injunctions, it is hoped that bigger aftereffect will be recorded in teachers’ teaching abilities and alternative areas of abstraction area this abstraction is been activated to be far bigger than the accomplished ones.


This is a abstraction into the aftereffect of teachers’ acumen of the capability of advisory technology affiliation in acceptable teaching in called tertiary academy in Lagos state.

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